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  1. Yep, it was that nasty slider hair. But...all the sliders were set at 0. Now, set at 0 and invisible/transparent. And I have never thought of my head as tiny..just normal. Until last night and this morning when shrapnel became a problem. I'm going to dance my posterior off tonight and hope NO odd things come poking out. Thanks again!
  2. I think I fixed it, thanks to Marianne Little! The word "transparent" got me thinking and fiddling around. I had a big black blob inside my head..I love trying to explain this to people outside SL..and later it was grayish. Not sure how I did it, but managed to make both textures transparent..and voila! No more blobs in my head and no more spikes coming out when I dance! Yay! Maybe spikes was a bit dramatic, as words go, but they sure looked pointy and sometimes horribly obvious. Gone now, though, and I am a very happy camper. Thanks to all who responded..helped! Oh, and I do have the latest Firestorm viewer. Thanks again!
  3. I wear a classic head and a Maitreya mesh body. Last night, when dancing, I noticed dark spikes coming out the back of my head and right through my mesh hair as I moved. .Looking at the texture of my head, I see a black "baked" area..something to do with classic hair choices, I think. Why is this think sticking out when I move? Why now? How do I get rid of it?
  4. Thanks, giggling person. :smileywink: My parcel is on Sansara..and clearly I'm not the only one having problems. I guess that means no more big parties..bummer! Thanks again!
  5. I own a parcel on a Mainland sim. Had a party there last night...we couldn't get more than 30 people in at a time. If the rule is "40", why weren't we able to have 40 people there?
  6. Ahoy, back, Orcadoodles! And thank you all for the advice. Will get on it shortly. :matte-motes-smile:
  7. Adjacent to my land is a 512 parcel that I'd like to purchase. The land info lists a group as owner but when I click on the group name, NO info is shown. I think the land has been abandoned and the group disbanded. How do I find out for sure, and how can I purchase the property?
  8. At 12:37 pm slt...I've spent last three hours or so periodically trying to purchase Lindens and can't do it. A friend in Scotland is having no problem, so maybe it's that I am on East Coast USA. I dunno..but it's a pain in the butt! I resent LL posting a situation Resolved when it is clearly NOT resolved!
  9. Go to Starboards Yacht Club, Hollywood sim, and pick up a free Om's box of rez zones. It's outdated, but has enough active zones to keep you busy while you learn. The Blake Sea is huge and connects the United Sailing Sims in the east and the Nautilus sims in the west. Plenty of Yacht clubs and marinas..things to do. Hours, days, weeks of sailing .. it's all yours to explore. Look at your World Map, find Nautilus continent and explore the whole area. And contact me inworld and I will give you a bundle of LM's.
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