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  1. Hey, I use firestorm and really want to remove the "wear" option. I already have add, and use it. Every time I turn around, if I accidentally click wear when unpacking an object, whether clothes or otherwise, it always knocks my head off. I am really tired of going in and re adding head, eyes, jaw, etc.
  2. Hi, I am having a slight issue with firestorm viewer and hoping for help resolving it. When I right click my avatar, and go to edit my shape, it only comes up with the sliders. No body part pictures. In SL viewer, it shows the body parts in boxes above the sliders. What am I doing wrong? On my work computer which has a matching video card (8gb) it pulls up the pictures just fine. Not on my home pc though. Can someone tell me what to check or where to see what may be unchecked in settings, or what the issue may be? thank you.
  3. I told the seller 2 days ago about the ticket, and the cef update coming, and to expect a lot of complaints about games not working. that's when they told me that most of the games they sell are ready for html5. Just not mine at the moment.
  4. your input is appreciated, the game seller told me that most of their games are already html5 ready and once swf goes defunct, they will release updated versions using html5 as replacements to their customers. now its just a waiting game to see how long until they update mine to html5.
  5. on a side note, flash game archivists have already created a system to archive old flash games and keep them alive indefinitely. With this knowledge especially of Ruffle as listed above, I hope someone can fix some of the content in sl that is going to be affected, or I hope they update content to html5
  6. I sent the original creator a message yesterday, he has not replied. I was asking him when the eod comes if there would be an update for this very issue.
  7. I updated as you suggested, and well, I can 100% confirm what you said, the newest sl update definitely stopped my game from working. the screen stayed white on the arcade game. As for the game? It is tron, and its only available in the 5,000L pack at this url: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/AMG-Arcade-Exchange-Mega-Pack/12561094 The seller does not offer it separately anymore, but I would assume his other games also will no longer work if you choose to test one I contacted the seller earlier and he responded by saying he hopes for an update, but had no idea
  8. I am using firestorm, and my arcade game worked as of an hour ago. interesting that I brought this up just as it starts going wonky for people. if you have any links to any other discussions on this I would appreciate it if you could post them for me to watch and follow?
  9. interesting, I was just playing the arcade game about an hour ago, so hopefully it is not as dependant on flash, and may continue to work then. Thank you Whirly. I just hope this does not have a substantial impact on any more of sl.
  10. right, thanks for replying. I just hope devs can manage a workaround or fix between now and then, whether by standalone player support through sl browsers or otherwise.
  11. Hi, was not sure where to place this whether in developer forums or where but decided to place it here. I have a question regarding content in sl and the impending demise of adobe flash. Let me explain, I have an arcade game that I love in sl, and it requires adobe flash for opera or chrome for it to play. I realize that most browsers are pushing into html5 for flash to play, but my question is this: does anyone know when this push will happen or is that something that's on the devs shoulders? I mean, once my game quits working by the end of this year, (when adobe flash quits working) will it
  12. actually I rather liked the look of the bed. Yes I know full well it is old, but to each their own on its looks. Its the functionality and RLV that drew me to it. as for seeing it inworld, I already stated I had as well as tried them there. Thats why I wanted one of them.
  13. I have tried group tag, I own the land and have full rez rights with over 200 object space open for rezzing ability so I think that's a non issue.There is an issue with the scripts in the bed with pose 5 and 6 and it stops the initialization from completing. That is why I tried to do a redelivery in hopes I had a glitched delivery the first time. As such, the menu absolutely refuses to come up.The redelivery is also glitched, it must be on the sellers end. The original being delivered must be glitched is all I can think of. The seller should have received a message in email about having im mes
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