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  1. Noir is cool. It's... well, the new orange, I suppose. (At which point, I just know someone's going to jump up and say -- "Look.. he said 'orange' -- it's a clue that means such-and-such, because Halloween, or something. It doesn't, and if it did, you'd still be wrong. Trust me).
  2. Unfortunately, one of my three riding buddies made off with my lunch. Funny chap -- seems to have a mania about weighing stuff -- I've never seen him without a pair of scales, anyway. There we were and suddenly he shot off on his black horse, shouting something about the price of wheat and how we mustn't forget the olive oil or let the wine get corked or something. Maybe he wanted to make a vinaigrette?
  3. I enjoy just hanging out, riding round keeping an eye on things.
  4. No, for once I'm pretty sure that wasn't me forgetting to turn my mike off.
  5. This is the first time I had tried the sea crossing -- I'd seen the weather reports and thought I'd better take out our rescue boat in case anyone was swept overboard. I don't normally get much time to explore in SL but I'm really enjoying exploring these new regions on the winding little waterways, taking in the subtly varied landscaping, vegetation and soundscapes, which never seem to get monotonous or repetitious, no matter how far I sail -- and I cannot believe how the waterways just seem to wind on forever! I really would suggest that people try crossing over from Rigamarole by sea to the new Fantasy regions and then slipping into the waterways in a small boat and just cruise around, taking in the scenery and sounds. It's great fun.
  6. Thanks! I'm not really sure what the significance is of that, but I've passed it on to the Moles who will know if it's something we need to worry about. Not mine, but I think if you take a closer look inside you may soon see some clues that suggest to which famous member of LDPW (whom I haven't seen in a while, now I come to think of it) it probably does belong.
  7. That's me when I'm working and I've forgotten to turn my microphone off.
  8. Point of information: we have a tool that can clear all the houses on a region or repopulate an empty region with houses within a minute or so. The landscaping and decorating teams use it a lot -- they need the houses there so they know what the region looks like but they need to be able to remove and replace them to keep track of the various different LI budgets. So at any random point between now and the heat death of the universe (i.e. soon™) someone can press the button and make it start raining houses.
  9. In the context of SL, heads-up displays (HUDs) are objects that attach to your screen, either because you've attached it from your inventory or it's been rezzed and temp-attached to you by script. They are described in this Knowledge Base article. A floater is, in the words of the Wiki, A dialog or window appearing in the user interface. Implemented in classes titled “LLFloater*”'. Examples would include the inworld web browser or in-world search, as well as the Guidebook that we're discussing, and they're created by the viewer. HUDs are objects of some kind. Floaters are, well, floaters, and in this particular case, the Guidebook floater is opened by llOpenFloater().
  10. I scripted the Learning and Social Island HUDs, and also worked on Welcome Island. The LISI HUDs are HUDs that attach to you, and the floater on Welcome Island is a floater, opened using the new llOpenFloater function, which written for that particular use case, though it may, of course, be used in the future for other projects. There were practical and technical considerations behind the decision to use a floater, not a HUD, for Welcome Island. They may look similar but they're two completely different things. ETA: I see I mentioned this before in the thread, though not in reply to you directly.
  11. Except it's not a HUD like the ones we're used to. It's a floater, similar to the viewer's internal web browser. You can't detach it, but you can use the "Guidebook" button in the Official Viewer to open and close it.
  12. What bug? If new users find it difficult to use the Guidebook button (the use of which is explained in the Guidebook), then LL will presumably change it, but things are working as intended. Even if they don't read that far, I would imagine most of them will have a play with the Guidebook button at some point, if only to see what it does (maybe LL should make sure they do, by labelling it "Do not touch" in bright red capital letters).
  13. You get rid of the guidebook by toggling the Guidebook button on the button bar at the bottom of the main viewer window, as shown below. If you log out with the Guidebook turned off, then you won't see it again until the next time you visit Welcome Back Island (not Social Island, I think).
  14. What happens in SSP83X stays in SSP83X, so I fear I can't comment either way.
  15. The little platforms at <2,2,1345> are meant to be there. They hold some essential components and relays, and it's easier for me to work on those if I've got a small platform on which to stand and rez things than if I'm flying.
  16. It's on by default in the Official Viewer, so no hoops required there to make it work.
  17. What problems were those? I've been round using both the Official Viewer and, with my alt, both Firestorm and Catznip, and shared media/media on a prim seemed to be working as expected each time.
  18. The best way, to my mind, is to create a group for your friends, and then follow the instructions in the wiki http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:New_Linden_Homes_2019#Sharing_your_Home
  19. If it's any help, the parcel centre should always have x and y coordinates that are whole multiples of 4.0.
  20. As Rowan says, first you need to abandon your original Linden Home, and then apply for a new one. Full details here http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:New_Linden_Homes_2019#Abandoning_or_changing_your_Linden_Home
  21. Not blue (nor a parrot, come to that, and certainly visible) but
  22. You add (wear) the bicycles, I think.
  23. No, if they're at home in their native fjords they'll have ceased pining and will be bouncing up and down, singing away happily to themselves.
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