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  1. Might I venture to point out.... this could be considered a Gross Understatement !!! ?
  2. OP are you using a private internet connection? If different viewers are having same issue on same connection, than is most likely the connection is not working for you. (Viewers are fine) are you on a public connection, wireless or dorm room, library connection? SL may be blocked from getting thru these types and you have no control of changing that condition. SL requires both a viewer AND an open, unrestricted internet connection to work. If you don’t have both, SL will not function for you
  3. This is NOT SL... but search google for SimOAStick ( sim on a stick) It’s a virtual ‘region’ that runs from a thumb drive. There was addons available to open it internet to allow visitors, but otherwise it will just be you in there
  4. Nothing ‘serious’ will happen, play it thru via the prompts. you could also seek an inworld MA clinic to assist you, all work for tips alone. Or see the link provided above, there is MUCH more info available from there. Enjoy, the experience! Is primary points here. (Even tho desolved relationship could be a negative, but all so common as I understand)
  5. IT’s all about that ROI !! Worlds don’t rotate without that.
  6. It’s just ALL those unsolicited propositions and opportunities ladies receive endlessly. Overall I’m certainly sure all the SL Women are sweet little innocent beings... and it’s ALL them damn Men that are to blame for everything!
  7. Checkout the education forum section to stat, but there are several active groups too (if you try the Search) one is VWBPE Virtual world best practices in Education, they have an annual conference here inworld. For other reference do a google on Jvwr Journal of virtual world research With published educational journals of various topics.
  8. Bletaverse, or something close to being spelled like that... was a ‘run/TP around collecting token’ activity. Basically to draw avi’s to different sims in form of traffic and advertising. Think they had a mobile app for it even. Don’t know if they’re still operating, may be out there in SL land. There was another ‘frieght hauling/delivery’ game for points or tokens too. Don’t recall name if it at all
  9. Btw... on second thought... do you think I might, just maybe, possibly, have an outside chance... (better than those lottery odds) of getting a Date! With one of those Linden girls? ? (that is after they completely finish checking my profiles, of course!)
  10. ? OH NO!!! They wouldn’t peek at that inworld one TOO?!!
  11. They’re speaking of forum’s profile, not our inworld profile... these are different things
  12. There’s a beach sim I like with playing/jumping whales in bay.. well more like orca’s. Adult sim tho, but luv it for all ambient sounds too and voice enabled no less. The whale pair is momma and her lil one. The Demo Derby thing... there was a freebie starter kit offered at sl15b
  13. My avmatch acquaintances general wants to ‘open connection’ to say HI. If things do progress to sharing inworld names.. and FINALLY being inworld at same moment.. will only IM chat from a distance. NEVER (well almost) agree to actually ‘go out’ anywhere or be on same sim! Then it’s (on average) 2 weeks before seeing them inworld the NEXT time. Hell that a LONG damn time in SL... and i’ve mostly had to move on, ya know?
  14. RL has had me captured and away from my viewer.... and still for another 5 to 6 hours! Oh Gawd! Help me!!! Can’t get inworld, how will I ever survive this torturous spell!?
  15. I’m only introvert IRL.... SL can bring out that beastly extrovert!! (Just ask anyone i’ve Captured in a never ending IM session... whether on same sim or not!)
  16. What are you asking for it? Just out of curiosity.
  17. What are you asking for it, just out of curiosity?
  18. Standards?!? Are those available on MP.... or only from inworld shops? ?
  19. I seen a post (elsewhere) about this upcoming event. I’ve not been to one. If someone else has, Is it worth a visit ? i guess it opens July 20th, so just over a week away. Didn’t see any other mentions here in forums.
  20. I found, that when doing updates, the Copy of huge chat logs can take a bit of time. Recently I found it’s better to just rename the folder instead. BUT this can keep old settings too so you don’t have that totally Clean update any longer. (Unless getting in folder and working with individual files). Further with my method, I will not let New install start until i’ve Organized names/logs/files/etc the way I want them. The new install creates a new folder upon first , freash start with default settings.
  21. No gloves.... next step is to bait your hook!!!! Ewwwwee!!
  22. Cast Iron here.... (zipping lips from here out!)
  23. RL working... stuck on iPhone that can't do nothing but this!!
  24. I don't believe that you can 'see' inworld online status from here (in forums). Tho you can 'go back' to your web 'Dashboard' (for your account information) and see it there. Is just a few clicks.. to http://Secondlife.com . As for "Friending" someone... you need to be inworld for that. Here, you can't even see when someone is active in the Forum, when you're in Forums... other than checking timestamps on recent posts. There is a way to sort for 'Unread Content', which usually brings up newest Forum posted messages. Then a different thing.. you can FOLLOW someone here, but is not the same as Friending, it just informs you of their recent posts. But, when I'm in here (Forums) I'm usually on my cellphone (and at RL work)… so there's no way for me to be inworld. Clear as MUD!?
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