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  1. Hi, I became pregnant with the mama allpa a little while ago. right now i am in MONTH 10 and its really worrying me. My boyfriend wont talk to me and has ignored me and left me for other people and friends so i dont have much support, and he was the one who always knew how this all worked. what would happen if i just pressed delivery without a doctor?
  2. ok so i have worked that out im in month 10 of pregnancy thanks for all your help but i have a new problem, how do you make a dumb boyfriend feel pain just kidding but not really, thanks for all your help!
  3. NupNup360

    Mama Allpa

    Hello i am new to sl me and my boyfriend have been trying to get pregnant for a while now using the mama allpa, but its not registering us. for him it isnt registering him as a user but it did before, and for me its saying the day cycle and showing the things its meant to but in the group it says im not a user of the mama allpa and the things arent working properly. i need exact instructions on how to work this because we have spent a whole 3 months trying to work it out. thank you
  4. Ok i have been trying for two weeks and a half to have a baby, me and my best friend both want to have a baby in SL and are together in it. we both have the mama allpa/alpha thing he has male i have female, yet it still dosent work. do i need to get a milti pose passion bed? do you just use the poser? how do you 'do it' and when you have the baby does it cry? does it poop? does it grow up? does it talk? do i need to go to a hospital for it to be born? does the pregnancy test know for sure? i need some answers and any walk through would be great.
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