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  1. On two separate occasions, I have tried to send items as gifts to people via Market Place - I have added a massage and it shows as if they are going to be sent to the recipient but they are coming to me!! Please help - I am losing a fortune and can't send any of my friends gifts!
  2. Because I had just referred to him as "he" in my comment!
  3. LittleMe Jewell and Cindy Evanier. I put 'obviously male' because I had just referred to him as "he" in my comment! He tends to mean male! ?
  4. My SL friend and I want to be roughly the same height. I am female and he is, obviously, male. IF we both set our height sliders to 80, he is much taller than I am. Are the heights different for male and female avatars different too?
  5. Thank you, everyone! I have created a new folder! You've been a great help. x
  6. I had a feeling this might be the case! Thanks, guys! x
  7. Hi All, I have been keeping my chat logs for a long time. I recently accessed them, only to find that lots are missing. I have read that updates can wipe out chat logs. In there any way I can retrieve my lost chat logs? Hopefully!
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