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  1. i try hard to leave this sh... life which is the modern hell of addiction by bastards like Philip GOAT DOLL we will we will ROCK U every 1 will leave here to fell real FREEDOM just C the below VIDEOS to understand how i addicted
  2. i am NOT slave of Micro Sh... & Bill GOAT is not my BOSS MICRO will be thrown away 10 years later AOK will rule hooooo hoooo
  3. REALLY Y THEY DO NOT DELETE ANY RESIDENT 'S ACCOUNT AND PROFILE ?( just as same as other social medias) MAYBE THEY WANT TO DESTROY OUR 1ST LIFE ? MAYBE WANT TO SHOW OFF BY THE ACCOUNT'S NUMERICAL POPULATION IN DIRTY LIFE (!) MAYBE SOME ONE IS A WARE OF THOSE Irrecoverable , PSYCHOLOGICAL , harmfull effects IN SL AS SAME AS NEO IN MATRIX MOVIE who was the only one in that movie who could distinguish the differance between real life and virtuall one. i hope people became free from this slavery life(SL) I HOPE ......................
  4. "Big projects R at 1st stuff but then people will have to obey those stuffs." Bill Gates
  5. yes sir , i tried FireStorm but the result was as same as SL viewer. 10 q a lot.
  6. Just tell me how to fix the error which you can see that in my attached- image. thanks 4 every one who wanna to help MASTERINSOFTWARE.
  7. viewer at the end shows me this massege : go to https://status.secondlifegrid.net/ and if problems continue : check your FIREWALL SETUP and your NET but my Net coonection.is ok , so help me to set Firewall options withOUT ESET's seciurity password. 10 Q EVERY ONE who will help me
  8. To dear Fionalein i can NOT log in to SL by it's viewer after UNcompleted loging process and at theEND i see THIS massage : go to https://status.secondlifegrid.net/ and if problems continue : check your firewall setup and your network connection. i wish you to help me
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