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  1. Thanks for a useful reply. I should have made clear that I need the full graphical experience.
  2. Thanks for taking the time to point that out. That is pretty close to what I need to do. I would prefer to run Firestorm. Just need to find a way to download the executable. Using command line parameters and good settings file, I think I can get it look to the USB for settings and cache. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Client_parameters
  3. @Nalates Urriah I am more than happy to use a viewer other than the SL Viewer. I saw that the Black Dragon Viewer is distributed as a RAR archive. Does anyone know anything about that viewer? Know how to directly download the executable for other third party viewers.
  4. I am searching for an SL viewer that is portable and will run under windows. A viewer that can be unpacked or installed from a normal account. In other words, without using an admin account. I don't mind if it run slower. I will need to install without admin privileges. ideally the viewers can be config'ed to keep cache and settings on the jump drive. TIA
  5. I use Firestorm on an older computer. There are several sims that have many objects that I want to see when I first arrive and then derender those object to reduce the lag. This is a manual process at the moment. I have a couple question ... * Is it possible to script this? Feed the script a set of object ids? * How do I get the object ids for that matter? * Is there an easy way to rerender an object that is derendered but not blacklisted? This is that I don't have to start over if the tenth object I derender is in error. * Where, how does Firestorm keep track of the objects that are rerender
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