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  1. i see people put that rl and sl are separate but at the same time they discuss rl stuff. it's confusing to me.
  2. have you ever been in a rl relationship and been left for a sl relationship?
  3. it's funny sort of...i have a real dislike of an avatar from the personality to looks....i'm like "damn she's so fake" <--- that's the funny part.
  4. you ever just find yourself not liking someone elses avatar?
  5. nursing homes, assisted living, hospitals, daycare, etc in sl?
  6. thanks peeps. there's some strange stuff on the marketplace.
  7. Do I need special stuffs for intimate relations?
  8. Do I need special stuffs for intimate relations?
  9. Does your SL character have their own FB ? Why or why not?
  10. How do you keep your SL & RL relationships separate and balanced? Would you quit playing SL if your RL partner was upset about the SL relationship? Does SL become addictive?
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