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  1. yes. I want add the Belisseria Train Channel Service Between Sansara and Belisseria and Belisseria and Jeogeot that behaves like the Channel Tunnel Between France and United Kingdom in Real Life. It's Transport Passengers as well with Cars,Truck and others. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Channel_Tunnel
  2. aka. Transport System Efficiency requires the designing of this system for the High Speed Rail and The Ferry Dock. to use With on The SL Mainland Infrastructure in terms of the LDPW's Constuction work take place at the Construction Site.
  3. yes. High Speed Rail will be possible if you want to have an public private partnership Investment with LDPW by SL Residents. to use the land. for example GTFO Land Holdings by Syler and Cinn. It had large GTFO Projects scattered around SL Mainland. It's would be perfect for Transportation efficiency
  4. I hope There's Upcoming High Speed Train by LDPW Moles in the Satori Region,Nautilus,Corsica that I wished very well with Electrified Rail constructed by LDPW Moles. runs from West to East in Satori and Corsica and the South to North in Nautilus. connecting point to point. the LDPW railcar speed is 160 km/h. and no need driver to control the train. like YavaScript Pods. and There's LDPW Road Accessible Ferry Port constructed near water. you can teleport the car from ferry to Ferry (ETS2 Ferry Style) like Teleportable Satori Tunnel. with Parking and LDPW Road Access are build in the Waterfront. Especially Jeogeot,Nautilus,Nautlius City,Corsica,Gaeta V and the Satori. These Things are used for the December-January SL Town Hall Meeting. very good idea by me. to Second Life Employees and Moles!.
  5. SSP? more like Super-Scalar Place to move on in SL. Soon It will have the new GTFO! Capable Continent in SL.
  6. I hope SSP will have an High speed Train reaching 200 km/h. by LDPW. with 4-lane Autobahn Like Expressway. by LDPW. referring the one of war thunder map https://wiki.warthunder.com/index.php?title=Fulda_Gap
  7. I'm looking for the Anime Friends that using Fitted Kemono Torso. Especially Busty One. that Includes the Fitted Kemono T-Shirt and Pajama Pants on their Inventory. ready to wear. anyone can reply me? I'm making a peaceful friending purpose!
  8. What Hair Name? for Ayashi? and Marketplace Link Please?
  9. asked and waiting for saya reply. currently she's not online at this time. i hope she will be online soon.
  10. Could Anyone can find the Greenwood Anime Hair? Presumably Ayashi and Magika?
  11. We should Strongly Encourage LL to do the region adding from the Heterocera. as well with Azure Islands,Fairchang. to connect from Sansara to Satori or Heteocera to Satori. to support aircraft flights and large ship to the ferry port/marina.
  12. Maybe. I'm looking for the Asset Related Error on the Older Viewer and OpenMetaverse-Based Viewer as well. After Series of maintenance until Tuesday Next Week. The Grid Status are Referred from the https://status.secondlifegrid.net/incidents/hcjp7p3nh0z6.
  13. 1.Presumably It will break the OpenMetaverse-based bot like Radegast and MetaBolt if They started the Deprecating the old UDP Protocol for good. if Happens. 2.For the viewer that Didn't support the AssetHTTP. "Unable to Load Gestures" "Unable to Load Landmark" Message will appear.
  14. Series of the Scheduled SL Maintenance on the Grid Status that Linden will be shut off the UDP Asset Fetching on the Server. causing the user that doesn't use AssetHTTP Server cannot load the Gestures,Animations,Landmark,Wearables and Sounds.
  15. But Now. It's Thousands of SL Vehicles. It's will be Increasing in the Near Future of SL. And It's very Great for economic/roleplay purposes. in SL
  16. and I'm wrote my Feature Request is https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-216194?page=com.atlassian.jira.plugin.system.issuetabpanels:all-tabpanel. To benefit GetTheFreightOut! Operations and Improving road transport for the Motorist in Second Life. for Intercontinental Transport between SL Continents. with LDPW's 4-lane Controlled Access Motorway. It's Good Idea to Lindens/LDPW to build the intercontinental bridge in the SL!
  17. It's happen Since April 16th 2018. It's happens on the LL's Provider Again. I have tested the SL Function on the ISP and VPN (Having 499/502 error on my Viewer Log) and It's Happen over and over Again. also. LL Should looking the DDOs Issues to The Upstream Provider. for the user that continuing using SL forever.
  18. It's just caused by The Phoenix's Level 3 Host Provider. Down since yesterday. Level3 is looking for the fixing the network. that causing an pathetic outages in this area. I'll wait for another day though. Better find the SL-Virtual World Alternative that includes Explorable Area and Open World. besides Activeworlds,There.com and Onverse. that we know it. lots are on the steam from 15$-100$. for Example Grand Theft Auto V,ARMA III,Flight Simulator X Steam Edition and X-Plane 11 Global. It's worth of Money.
  19. Yes. Bay City with 4 Lane Highway? It's should be great for current SL Era.
  20. yes. I got it! The Outfit will be Zii Minotaur. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/AP-Laced-Back-Dress-Gothic-Set-for-Kemono-Maitreya-Slink-DSDRaawr/10361200. and Mary Janes Shoes. I don't know. It's will be SLINK Compatible?
  21. Anyone Can Figured to you find an Outfit that Included in Flickr. for =ASR= Philosophia Body? Also. If anyone Found the outfit set. so. would you like to Replies to My Topic. Please? I can't find the Mary Janes T Strap Flat Shoes on The Image? Thank You
  22. Can you find an Outfit that Included in Flickr. for =ASR= Philosophia Body? Also. If anyone Found the outfit so. Replies to My Topic. Please? I can't find the Mary Janes T Strap Flat Shoes on The Image? Thank You.
  23. "Everyone can Fly with the Kousara's Charters! The Airline that have 3-5 star flight safety rating! in second Life!" This Airline is Started an Service Operations Since March 3rd 2016. We hope to everyone can enjoy this Airliner. -Kousara Virginia Kirino. Founder of The Kousara's Regent/Charters The Kousara's Charters Regional is Just Introduced in June 28th 2016. We hope everyone can fly this Airliner. -Kousara Virginia Kirino. Founder of The Kousara's Regent/Charters The Air Charter Group that Covers all The Second Life Area. Main HQ is on Westbury Flying Burritos Brothers Airport We Have an Ground Vehicles,Watercraft if They Requested. I'm Sharing an Alliance with Nihon Air and Air Korea. This Airline are now Hiring! in Limited Positions. staff will put in The Kousara's Regent Group here. in Right Place. Bipedal Beings only. (Human,Furry,Neko,Anime) Second Life Roleplay/Simulated Age Must be 12 Year old or Later (Male and Female) We Don't Accept an Child Pilot for This Business. that age is lower than 12. Available Roles -Senior Captain (up to 10 Positions) -Airline Officer (up to 20 Positions) -Pilot (up to 50 Positions) -Stewardness (up to 75 Positions) -Engineer (up to 25 Positions) -Security Guard (up to 40 Positions) -Ground Staff (up to 15 Positions) -Accounting (up to 5 Positions) Aircraft Training You Can employing the Pilot via IM me or Notecard me. I've catching the Message and IM to Me. Here. If You employed to The Kousara's Charter Pilot. We have an Training for New Pilots. If I'm online in Second Life. NBS Phone (Briggs County) (788)-485-1290 IM,Notecard AnukManeewong1260.Resident Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/130171127@N06/ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/AnukManeewongSocialistRepublic Google+ https://plus.google.com/107049225210090506193
  24. Hello I'm Kousara. Kousara's Charters/Regent Founder. I Live in Thailand. I'm looking This Person. This will be great person ever you meet. in Second Life. I live Briggs County Roleplay. I got banned Utilizator Group. and Also. MayoiAlice is Disliked me temporally at this time. anyone looking for my Friend. And Anyone being anime avatar to meet,greet and explore with me. I'm Kousara Nice to meet you. I'm female for my appearance. Can anyone gave advice of any that? Name:Kousara Virginia Kirino Nickname:She Kougnara,Kousara Race:Nordic-Alien Human Anime (Based on M3 Anime Head by Utilizator) Gender:Female Religion:Buddhism Nationality:Britain-Sansaran Maritial Status:Single Simulated Age:20 Hair:Blonde Breast Size:Medium (look like 15-16 year old anime character) Weight:44 kg based on anime measurement. Height:158 cm based on anime measurement. Birthplace:Blade Runner RP Likes:Shopping, Exploring, Making friends, Having fun, Dancing,Flying,Racing,Anime Dislikes:Trolls, Griefers, Hackers Employed:Yes, Former Virtual Coast Guard,Sletta,Second Norway a Blonde Hair Adventurer that Drove Car,Boating,Flying a Aircraft around Second Life. Works in Virtual Coast Guard. and Former Merczateers Soldier. And Second Life Experience over 6 years. Close Friends:Rion,Nagisa,Rhona,Ananda,Keko,Anders,Elissu https://www.flickr.com/photos/130171127@N06/ https://www.facebook.com/AnukManeewongSocialistRepublic https://plus.google.com/10704922521009050619 Also. I have my F-List too. https://www.f-list.net/c/kousara/
  25. Yes. Me Kousara. I'm looking This Person. This will be great person ever you meet. in Second Life. I live Briggs County Roleplay. I got banned Utilizator Group. and Also. MayoiAlice is Disliked too.
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