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  1. Hallo everybody xD! Welp I havnt posted here in awhile again my gosh I need to start posting my photos 🙄 anywho! I did a blogpost th either day and I just love how my photo came out!! All I did was mess with the contrast a lil and did a pose * & yes I did do a different color of my skin I kind of like it but I like my lighter tones! *
  2. Did some minor edit to this blog I did.. I think I did okayish on it! I added some mini sparkles & made the detailing on the overall picture to be sharpen more! And that's it I don't edit in Photoshop so 🤷
  3. I love the shadow in this what settings are you using to get that? On another note picture time for me!
  4. Omg this is pretty!! Where did you take this photo at? Oh my gosh 😍.. anyways..
  5. So.. I haven't posted here fir awhile dang lol.. anyway I been blogging & taking pictures!! Anyways here are two of my pictures i had took! If yuh want to give feedback its welcome! XD
  6. I love mermaifs i have a tail myself that I'm trying to fix up for an outfit I have to do this to.. i have so much stuff in my inventory and it has a mind of it's own I promise you that one lool I have organized what I wear more now though by store brand and it seems to work lol Wow oh my ... These are amazing! I may have to go check this out later! 😍 It looks so subtle and elegant ..
  7. Lower end computers do great too indeed! I don't have a gaming computer and mine are somewhat okay I guess anyway! Here is another picture of me using high graohics, no editing and default windlight! Ps: the profile picture for forums is high graphics with default windlight as well
  8. The head looks good! If I had the extra 150Ls I'd join the group and get it I so want a new head!! Is the head omega? Though.. being bento and all it should have omega too lol.. I didn't know that to be honest LOL I use firestorm all the time i thought about using BD viewer ( blackdragon ) but ugh it's complicated! But I'm so going to look for that tonight because it was heck trying to get the picture done in the right angle
  9. Went to do another blog tonight and gaw it wasn't fun trying to get this shot done LOL dang dances haha... Anyways! I'm using high graphics!
  10. So true! I tend to give likes to what I find Interesting, or what catches my eye! Or of what I find pretty! Or I just end up showing my support to them, I honestly don't post all that much atm but I be anti social like heck lol... but no one should be afraid to post there pictures 😍 I enjoy everyone's lol
  11. Omg omg omg I'm going to need it LOL I wish I could create cool stuff
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