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  1. So today a house in Bellisseria in the Venber sim caught fire! As you can see, this was quite a big fire. I was around so I tried to respond as well as possible. I went to Dog Bone Airstrip in Coral Waters region. I rezzed my CH-47 helicopter. Dropped the bucket into the sea. Filled up with water and headed off! I managed to dump water on the house. Fortunately the airdrop did not collapse the entire house. But it did put out the fire. And it also refilled the swimming pool. Unfortunately I couldn't take off, fill up with water, locate the inferno, and get there before serious damage occurred. You can see some of the debris and blackened areas in this photo of our survey of the home afterword. Plainly Bellisseria has a serious need here for a proper fire department that could respond more quickly, provide a response that is less likely to knock down buildings, and both call in and direct the heavy duty aerial response when needed. And this brings me to a serious suggestion for the Lindens and Moles. Any real world community needs institutions like fire stations, police stations, and hospitals. Bellisseria, for its part, needs inland rez zones, as has been discussed before. Places to rez a car that gets lost in a sim crossing Adding fire stations, police stations, and hospitals would add to the imersiveness of the community. And they would need to be rez zones for residents to be able to rez vehicles to go fight a fire, so they would also meet that need for inland rez zones. It wouldn't take many, but could some fire stations/police stations/hospitals be scattered around here and there? Perhaps as part of the effort to build community destination spots like parks, squishy pickle stands, and others? Thank you to Snowlord and Bebe Crannock for the photos they took, which I use in this post with their permission.
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