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  1. Its exiting, as these look to be a future connection. HOW they would connect it to a 20m water is anyone's say, however I think a logical choice would be up the E side of the coastline there to connect to the end of the East River. That would be quite the route! Effectively connecting all of Heterocera to Jeogeot!
  2. We DO have a group. Please do your homework. Also, please read through the forum here itself before you troll. Please read the first post in this forum as well; It asks for constructive conversation.
  3. No, I see that, I read the submission. I'm not trying to come down on you, It just does indirectly affect what the cc group is trying to do, and thus does indirectly connect to the group. Its not wrong, what you did, not wrong at all, I'm just "Awwwww, whadya doin?... I wish... you.... eh... ugh.... oh well..." That's all.
  4. There was a post somewhere i read that the LL folks are sort of against the straight line approach; something about no autopilot routes, put in some excitement for the travelers. Not a disruptive zigzag for the sake or purpose, per-say, but I can understand that theory.... I could go either way, as there are valid benefits to either approach. It does make some sense to tack a-lot of 'around the continents' connections to adjacent sims, and/or extend the existing waters around the path with a sim here and there... There are alot of waterways with only a few sims to connect them logistically.
  5. That she does, absolutely right. But, why then come into the forum here at all, and tell everyone who has been discussing and collectively strategizing several routes, that you just, on your own, submitted your route to LL. Again, I like the initiative, but IMO, and I may be wrong, as for what we are as a group trying to achieve, is a bit premature and reckless. That's all I'm trying to say, (see below)... I equate it to this... a group of fishermen gather together and join efforts to fish. They circle the boats to corral the fish. Then, before the group decides on how to b
  6. Although initiative is always a good thing, this is one of SEVERAL proposals we have been going over in the group, and I am sure I am not alone in feeling that one lone proposal not agreed upon by the group as a whole is a little premature that it was sent in to LL. I was hoping that we would send in an official proposal that was agreed upon by the group as a majority, and one that included SEVERAL options. I think we appreciate you trying to keep then ball moving forward, but, before anyone makes a proposal to LL regarding this group, can you at least FIRST consult the group, and as a gr
  7. interesting... may not even be sail-able or even comfortably flyable, and with banlines, even worse.... this is a start though, in the right direction... if its successful, it may help grease the lines for a connected mindset :)
  8. Is anyone else having a window opened up by slplugin.exe stating java alert / that flash needs to be updated? Firestorm 5.1.7 new install, all old files deleted Flash updated and auto update set still comes up stating flash needs updating EVERY time I log into SL using Firestorm. searching this issue NOTHING seems to come up. Am I the ONLY person with this window warning? Started about 2 weeks ago. Thank You in advance Julia
  9. Thank you for pointing this out for us Oh, so we actually DON'T need you to point this out for us..... I'm always extremely reluctant to respond to post with this and previous flavors, because in the world of online forums, and message boards, etc, this only fuels your fire. Nothing I say will do anything except invite your pointed retort. In it's internet form, this has been going on since the late 80's/early 90's. You are not pioneers. I will say this. To those that feel it necessary to come and adamantly educate us 'couple dozen' dreamers on what LL will or will not do.
  10. Unfortunately, I think the majority of new signons are alts... Maybe that's why you don't really see that many new residents.... I'm sure its alt least a large number of them.
  11. So much for constructive comments in this thread. Please, name-calling is unnecessary. I'm also biting my tongue and keeping my thoughts and comments on the whole banline/orb argument for another thread... This thread is about the connection for the continents, if you have no use for it, don't use it... Its that simple.... Julia
  12. MeesterP gets it! Its about the journey! Lets do something wonderful! yes, that or isolated islands, rez zones, points of interest, things to see, for sure.... For the folks that say that the sims need to be payed for, sure, rent-able parcels.... There is a TON of sims in between continents that connect them, all around the large group of continents, PLENTY of sims that are LL and NOT rent-able sims, THEY are there.. for sailing, flying, diving, etc. Not EVERY new sim needs to be a profit load for LL. Towns all over make parks and recreation areas for recreation. I'm not saying t
  13. I would support inhabited sims as well as completely open sims, BUT... I think for funding, and for interest, and for enjoyment, scattered rent-able islands throughout would be great not only for people that live there, but of-course, navigation, and some funding... BUT one thing we definitely don't want is sims that are so over crowded they do not allow for bi directional traffic, space for larger craft, or even space for easy navigation. FOUR islands per sims should be PLENTY to generate revenue, provide a nice landscape, and also allow for plenty of space for bi-directional naviga
  14. Outside of the East river itself, perhaps the only logical place to grab it would be to put a sim in the 'L' created by Bleaberry Tarn and Harter Fell. This would be on the end of the East river.... BUT, its VERY south if departing Atanua. BUT maybe an ATOL has two exits, one going south and one continuing west and hitting Heterocera. But I'm ahead of myself, but if you are going to dream, dream BIG! Now, if the route was opened a little more, then a Satori departure from Stromburg is doable, but is still pretty far north (as far as Sansara is concerned) Including ANY of the sims tha
  15. Hehehe, yea, right? I guess the owners would have to enact similar sailing sims covenants banning banlines and orbs. Rules to keep the channel what it was designed for... open travel.
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