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    I quit custom work because it was too hard to please ppl. Once made five red ribbons for a customer and it wasn't *her* red. Even though she gave me an original swatch!!! Limit what you're willing to do.
  2. When you're fully ready to give up your social life in SL. That's when.
  3. Ugh no. I wouldn't want my design in some horrible color walking around.
  4. Great comments. Thanks to all
  5. Had second Phizer Vax 3 weeks ago and most of the family is vaxed. Still wearing masks around town but not so anxious. My younger brother died of Covid in July. Two friends also. Second Life has been a real comfort during these times.
  6. Does anyone want to use BOM for clothing again? I've many gowns and women clothes made prior to mesh. Some look great on BOM, as I've tested and created new clothes as well as updated a few gowns. But it's unclear to me if the population is interested. The bom looks way better than on a standard body and offers natural drop shadows. The main issue is clean matching lines for various bodies, similar to mesh sizing. Clean shoulder lines on body A, skewed lines on body B. AND BOM bodies look perfect on some bodies, while other bodies have irregularities that can't be fixed by the designer. A new
  7. My brother died of Covid and two high school friends. It's been a rough year. Thank God for Second Life.
  8. I'll try another sim. Geez hope I don't have to move. TY
  9. Is anyone having problems with prims moving back to original location "after" moving them? And is anyone having issues editing prims, specifically "getting hold of it?" I'm having trouble getting into hold of prims in edit. Especially linking items, grab one, second one, no way will it link without stopping and trying again. Is this an issue on my land or is Second Life having issues? I'm an experienced builder but drifting prims, and uncooperative edits is making me nuts. Been this way for a few weeks. Any suggestions are appreciated.
  10. I picked one up a few days ago. Huge new area still not fully released. The whole sim is empty and script messages on every house with area info. Stay tuned for those.
  11. My house was abandoned and scooped up within moments. See other threads for the mystery behind my missing house.
  12. No nothing. I was on, too, but no indication of return items or nothing.
  13. Linden Labs insists I abandoned it. As a ten year steady member and content developer, I'm not buying it. I would have gathered my items, not just abandoned my home with such recklessness. But they have all the power. I got another house but I'll mise my ocean view and wonderful neighbors.
  14. THANK you. At least I'm not going crazy.
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