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  1. They are using BoM for their bodies, you need to update your viewer , DL the the lasted version from firestorms website and install.
  2. 14 next Saturday https://my.secondlife.com/dcope.dapto, thos did play that much at the start but made up for it
  3. Hope you had fun dancing on the beach, i know i did xxx
  4. Dont do any serious RP but and in the UK but feel free to msg me if you like, i do a lot of dancing and DJ trance and EDM.
  5. Hey there, on euro time and usually something going on in the evening, dancing shopping chatting etc, feel free to IM me x
  6. We had a little chat, but if you need any advice im only an IM away x
  7. http://gyazo.com/d416191e5f957383e241422026edc4d9 Your skin & Your shape , yovone with freckles, this is tone 2
  8. the hair is Ayashi Akina pink set. For the boots you can get a Skink high mod that works very well. see below.
  9. I recently decided to get one myself:) All good advice above, most of all have fun with it:)
  10. Sort of look like the lelutka head lips, but not sure my eyes just keep looking at the BROWS, good god!
  11. Im sure they will work it out when your voice start comming over the parcel music stream and the brain washing starts:) lol
  12. Not sure if this is "Safe" or if your trying to start a cult/personal army:)
  13. Im actually learning blender so i can start doing just this didnt know there was a demand, lol , im starting with Fate /Kaleid Prisma Illya for reference.
  14. Feel free to add me, just returned from a break myself, i have various avis but love my petite fairy:) I have a friend and we are thinking of trying a petite club, so any one interested please message or add me, Ariella.
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