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  1. hmmm i solved it by completely rebuilding my avi, no idea what it was.....
  2. ah yes... right.... im talking about mouselook. it can also be a LeLutka Head issue.... right.... damn.... need to think about that....
  3. Hello folks, using maitreya and loving it. but im having a problem and im not sure how to solve it. when im zooming into first-person-view i can see my teeth and eyes. looks like the camera is from my forehead, a little bit too high. can anybody help me with that ? can i change the angle or position ? thank you !
  4. hmmm this defenitely doesn't look like described..... you think ?
  5. thanks for your replies. To make it clear: i already have the PF Alabaster Sora Pack with Lelutka Applier BUT the face does not look like on the picture. And the freckles option is for the body only - not the face ! i already wrote with the author withour a solution. Using Glam Affair for Lelutka doesnt help too, the face-freckles usually bring new face-textures, that will overwrite the alabaster Sora Skin. New to me is deetalez and Skin Addiction group - i will try that. thank you so far
  6. Hi all, im very new to this SL, Mesh-thing..... So i builded my avatar with maitreya lara body, lelutka karin, and a lot of additional things. then i saw this skin pack here: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/PF-Sora-Alabaster-Special-Edition/6198942 and fell in love with those brows and face-skin. My Problem is now - with lelutka face, i cannot reproduce this face, especially not the brows. in addition im missing some freckles-options. My question so far: - how can i get some face-freckles on this skin ? - how can i get those black-bar-brows on my lelutka face ? all alternative skin-packages didnt' hel me out (like leage, ys&ys, ...) because i love the shape of lelutka. maybe you can help me with a hint, a somewhat-applier, or somebody wants to help me out, creating an individual skin/applier ? thank you so much ! Skylar
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