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  1. Hola Freya. I tested both WIFI and Ethernet so nobody would ask whether I tried either, I am only using Ethernet at the moment I am gonna check out the troubleshooting link, I do thank you kindly for linking it.
  2. Hello. I'm having problems out the ass. I got online today and purchase a bunch of stuff from a Gacha for a rare. Got the rare and tp'd home, set it down, and it disappeared. I've been having trouble rezzing things the last few days and relogging pretty much fixed the problem, but this time it did not. My viewers always run at a Million KBS and are now running at 600kb, which is weird. Someone told me it was my drivers, so I ran updates, reinstalled stuff, and all that great jazz. What else could be the problem? I have full bars on WIFI and Ethernet connectivity. When I log in, I have the cute cloud that lets me know I'm not rezzed in yet. TPing elsewhere fixes this except for my head, as all the things I have on my avatar are mesh (Mesh head, body, hands, feet, hair, etc.) so I don't know where to fix that either, or what the hell the problem even is. Stats? (I don't know anything about this stuff so i'm just taking screenshots..) Avatar: here Properties?: I don't know what else to offer for insight, maybe my preferences? I am currently logged into the original Secondlife viewer, but problem persist on Firestorm AND Alchemy. Preferences (note:nothing has been altered as I do not use the SL viewer, but thought it'd help anyway?)
  3. Still looking to know if Barbie World is around in a mysterious location
  4. Thanks babe, I sure did use that search tool, what a thing!
  5. Does the Barbie World region still exist somewhere?
  6. Alrighty. Been here 916 days but this is coming up. Never purchased lindens from SL because I have purchased from Anshex for the longest time. Does this mean I cannot resell to SL period?
  7. Don't give away my plans! :smileyvery-happy:
  8. Okay so I'm creating a Free Residence "Safe Place" on my sim where I will be allowing either 8 - 16 people stay for free. Option 1: 8 buildings, two people per build. Within the build, a new player and an experienced player will live, thus forcing interaction so there is always a reason to meet and greet. Experienced player will have to spend at least 2 hrs (per week MINIMUM) with their room-mate in exchange for their stay for free (since most people who have been around CAN afford cheapy rent). New player will have to be around the sim at least twice a week in order to keep their spot (i.e. weekends if they have a job or schooling) and will have to be willing to learn about SL and explore. Option 2: Stick 16 new players (2 per building) and they will have to do team exercises where it will be mandatory to explore and learn about SL with a partner (does not ness. have to be their roomy) in order to keep their spot. _______ Other stuffs: Builds are not very big, it's not meant to be stuck inside of all the time while the players are online. I am considering doing small skyboxes for unpacking and dressing for each player (16 in total). *will add more as the brutal opinions come in. Shown below is the actual building. There will be a main building for TV and all together-ness type stuff.
  9. Hey there! Ive just come back from being on hiatus and I've realized that i'm flat broke! I really enjoy decorating and was wondering if anybody could give me pointers :) I'd really like to rent out some furnished homes, how do I get started there? Things I can decorate: Clubs, Homes, Apartments, Offices
  10. Lol. Igged is ignored. And events such as Fi Fridays.
  11. Lately i noticed that events for fashion price reductions are becoming dull. (I particpate in two that are fabulous but thats beside the point) Is there anything I should know before I try to take on this task? I already have a building, etc etc what id need. But is there some things I cant control that I need to know about? Should I already be known for something? Am I going to be igged cause im not known by the entire sl world. What would my difficulties be..what challenges do you think id come across?
  12. Hello my dears. I'm having a very difficult time with getting my preferences correct to view the thebodyco mesh head! Before I decide to IM the creator with my problem, I wanted to run it by you guys to see if there's something I've blindly missed. Attached to the mesh demo, comes with a notecard explaining things. Exerpt: BASIC REQUIREMENTS - Official Second Life Viewer (or the latest version of select third-party viewers, if you are experiencing problems with a third party view, please read continue below.) REQUIRED SETTINGS > Basic Shaders >Hardware Skinning RECOMMENDED SETTINGS Bumpmap and Shiny* (If you activate any of the following settings, this is REQUIRED.) Basic Shaders Atmospheric Shaders Advanced Lighting Model Graphics > Hardware > Anti-Aliasing 16x TROUBLESHOOTING I'm having issues seeing my head properly, most of the head is gone. - Please first enable 'Basic Shaders' and 'Hardware Skinning' in your Second Life graphics settings. This may also occur when using an outdated third-party viewer or other unofficial viewer. Please make sure you update to the latest viewer of your choice, or use the latest official Second Life viewer to ensure compatibility. - Anywho. So that's that. I am using Firestorm Beta - Viewer 3. I've toyed with all the instructions given to me. Doing this. http://gyazo.com/e196bb01c0ccf088e3a8ce3f45772c7d and also altering to 16 anti-alias, blah de da. Here's the other screens incase it's needed, don't wanna waste any extra time you know!? Hardware Settings : http://gyazo.com/afd984aa81e9c281e3da29f74447f086 Rendering : http://gyazo.com/eb46b476e4d66c9f5da6afa64a508c84 Depth of field: http://gyazo.com/23e46706bfd72bf813a4b18bf63eefa9 Is there just something wrong with me or nah? lol. I went from firestorm to the Singularity viewer (Beautiful for photos, not ideal for interface </3) Even back to the regular SL viewer, updated my graphics card as much as I could with intels **bleep**ty updater :( LP Details: http://gyazo.com/78c4d166e763dfe809429bb68b8cde4f Intel Driver Update Utility. : http://gyazo.com/baf215c1cbab4826fe58dcc63bafa6c8 Now, I know (from reading) that 4000, it's a miracle SL is working? That's through the vine though, who knows, I sure don't! If there's a resolution out there for me, please sent help my way! * Also, have a view of my pretty lil avatar. http://gyazo.com/0781770701a7537e2078b5a00102f795 http://gyazo.com/1d4729392a9e1199dbea3192ff1373c7
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