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  1. Yes I have a Mac. I use the Firestorm - Pheonix Viewer.. do you know if anything has changed to help it?
  2.  My friends say they dont see this.. but all i see it parts missing of my hair and my head. I tried to change my graphics.. went all the way up to ultra and no change ... help please! ty in advance!
  3. Shout out to Pepe Hair for making this kylie hair (i bought it on my alt). But now im looking for these lips! They are amazing and I need them in my life! Can anyone help me.. I looked on her store and she doesnt sell them.
  4. Is there anyway I can get a mesh full body without having to loose my head? And if not does anyone know any custom mesh body/face desginers? I love my avi as right now .. but shes a bit i guess you would say "old school" as mesh is becoming more popular. I would like to keep her updated but I hate that all mesh avis look the same in the face! I want to be different.
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