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  1. Thank you! I'll look for you 💗
  2. Thanks Cat! That's very sweet of you, I appreciate it ^w^
  3. ~Awe, okie! That's fine ^x^ let me know when you want to meet up! I'm always happy to make new friends!
  4. Hi all~ little/babygirl here looking for my new family or anyone who is willing to take me under their wing! I'm 18, brand new to the world of SL, and would love someone who could guide me. I want to explore my regression sometimes through child avis safely. I love all things cute, I'm very shy but very polite, sweet, but yes maybe a little needy. I have a big tender heart and nothing makes me happier than showing my adoration to those I love 🥰😇 so please~! Adopt me~!
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