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  1. Carefull with inventory. Lots of inventory faults now.
  2. Picasa Vella has a special offer. A copy/mod Erbarcher bike for only 300 L$. A real bargain ! Don't know for how long this offer will last.
  3. For me the best SL motorcycle in SL are the bikes of Brummy Guyot Slurl : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Surya/81/214/37 Or Picasa Vella Slurl : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hoolie%20Bay/86/161/28 or CC custom choppers Slurl : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Route%2066/191/93/45 On all locations there are demo's.
  4. Yes, same here. What helps for me is open the shape edit window but as soon as I close it I am grey again. Server issues again ( and again...lol )
  5. Marketplace seems to be offline or deadslow...:matte-motes-crying:
  6. Yes, same thing here in the Netherlands. It started yesterday after the last restarts. Today I crashed twice because of lost connection, Yesterday just after the restarts is was worse and could not even sail, Today was a bit better but had a lot of script errors. I have a fast 100 MB glassfibre connection but the connection with the LL servers can be very bad at times.
  7. Syo Emerald wrote: Yeah...and now, go and grab a group of people to show how they see your facelight. From my experiance everyone with a facelight thinks they have a soft and subtile light and then they are shocked when you present them a snapshot, where they enlighten the whole room... As long as your facelight is subtle when you have ALM on, it will be subtle for everyone
  8. Perrie Juran wrote: My Favorite Facelight, The Megatron. Coby Foden wrote: Dresden Ceriano wrote: Ren Toxx wrote: Dresden Ceriano wrote: [...] I used directional lighting so that it would only cast light on my face [...] That's interesting, Dres... I thought directional lighting was only available with ALM on? Gotta try it, anyway; thanks for the idea :smileywink: Your thought was correct... it is a feature of advanced lighting. ...Dres Yes. And everybody who hasn't got ALM on will see that directional light as an ordinary one - light emitting to all directions. I made two directional lights for my boat - to see better at night in narrow waterways were I'm going to. With ALM on they look superb - casting light only forward where I'm going to. WIth ALM off they look absolutely terrible - bright light shining all over the place. Here lays part of the problem. LL introduced a feature that only works with a specific setting enabled. If you don't have ALM enabled the "shared experience" becomes a "ruined experience." And as far as I know, ALM is not enabled by default until you set to "ultra." So we wind up with a possible Catch 22. Should the viewer default to not render attached lights when ALM is disabled? Or are we using a feature in ways that LL never intended or considered, i.e., Facelights? Because the feature was never designed with Facelights in mind, I still maintain the best option if you are concerned about how you look to yourself is to use the windlight settings. You just can not control how others see you and by using attached lights in ways they were never intended for there is too much potential to negatively impact other user's experience. One thing for sure and I agree with Dres on this, if you are going to use one, keep it subtle. Yes, sure keep it subtle... But not only facelights ! After all a facelight is nothing else than a lightprim. The same lightprim you will find in a lamp or a spotlight. My graphics are always on ultra and ALM and shadows enabled. Today I was at a marina. On the decks there were lamps that made me look like a ghost. Worse than any facelight I ever saw.
  9. Marianne Little wrote: i I say no to facelights. Change your WL setting to enhance the 'look' you are seeking for your avatar. PS If you feel you must stand-out in a crowd, then I recommend Lola's. You will be happy, and others around you will be happy. It's all win. PPS I think there may be a market for Lola Lights.... just sayin. Strange you should mention that, there is a facelight included with the Lolas. :matte-motes-big-grin-wink: I think facelights are acceptable, only if you find a very soft basic one. You can experiment with them and enviroment set to midnight. If you only see a faint light on your face and chest, that should not annoy one. If your whole body is lighted up, delete the rubbish. You can also click ctrl+alt+T to turn the facelights transparent red and count them. One is enough. I use facelights when I take pictures, sometimes I want a dark windlight setting to make skies more interesting, or a windlight setting that turns my skin too red or too dark. I just have to remember to take it off later. But I admit that I forget that sometimes. The worse is if I forget to take off the projected light I sometimes use to get hard shadows! Ugh, that is spotlight.... I use facelights also for taking pictures and use my own facelights. it is so easy to build a facelight . And selfmade is full perm so you can change intensity and colour. Ava's that spread a light like a lighthouse usually can't see their own light because of low graphic settings. If they could see it, it would be detached at once. When I am standing next to a lighthouse-ava I derender the facelight or disable attached lights in preferences.
  10. I drove thousands of miles in SL while exploring Mainland. There are a lot of roads with rezz zones. It can be great fun but always keep an eye on the minimap and slow down at simcrossings. I own some bikes and you are welcome to try them. Just IM me in world.
  11. Ik heb je in IM al gezegd dat het de drivers zijn die dit probleem veroorzaken. Zolang je daar niets aan doet blijf je deze narigheid houden. Er is overigens wel degelijk een Nederlands SL forum...
  12. Hmm I don't use Singularity but in Firestorm you find the physics slider in graphics/ tab general. Hope this helps
  13. Just use the camera to look inside the wall and take the object. If you don't know how to do that send me an IM and I will do it for you.
  14. Randall Ahren wrote: What you need to be a neko: 1) Cat ears, preferably the twitchy kind; 2) Giant cat feet; 3) A large swishy tail; and 4) A lack of dignity and common sense. One of items one through four above is in short supply, thereby causing a neko shortage. Very insulting. Even for an advisor....and typical for the behaviour of a lot of residents nowadays.
  15. I have seen crazy pricing too. A waterside parcel of 1024 SQM on Nautilus/ Blake Sea ...400.000 L$... That is about 1600 USD !!! Even a lunatic with to much money won't pay that I lived on Blake about a year ago and I rented a nice waterside parcel close to the airport of 2048 sqm with 800 prims for 1600 L$ a week. So why pay 400.000 for 1024 sqm...????? And I don't understand why Blake is so popular. It is as laggy as hell. There are much better places for boating and flying.
  16. My avatar rezzes fine and fast. Changing clothes and wear or detach attachments goes smoothly. It has been bad a few weeks ago but it is fine now. But simcrossings are not good now. Very laggy and full of bugs it seems. Very often my camera becomes a mess or I get unseated. And I have often script errors and groupchat lag is back again. SL has never been stable in all those years that I am here, 7 years now and it will never change, we have to live with that...:matte-motes-nerdy:
  17. You should do something to lower those temperatures. They are much to high. I play SL on a I5 quadcore 3 GHZ, 8 GB ram and ASUS 7750 1 GB My grahics are always on ultra and advance lightning and shadows enabled. Draw distance is 256 FPS varies from 15 to 40 depending on where I am. CPU temperature is 45 C and GPU 50 C
  18. This is an old bug. it all started months ago with pathfinding. In the begin you got unseated as well. It is all part of a very old SL tradition......fix a new bug and have an old one in return....hehe
  19. Same here. I am in the Netherlands and have a 60 MB down and a 6 MB up cable connection. Everything used to be fine until some weeks ago Textures rezz very slow Regions show offline on the map for days after restarts many inventory faults, clothing wont detach etc many scripts errors chat lag can't rezz objects on my own land Flying a plane is nearly impossible because of constant loose of control and many crashes I don't care very much because I am at the point of leaving SL but things are not going well in SL.
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