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  1. The oldest build as far as I know is the Governor Linden's mansion build by the very first SL resident Stellar Sunshine http://slurl.com/secondlife/Clementina/188/122/61/
  2. Exploring old mainland can be so much fun. I am doing that for many years now . By train, horse or just walking. Did you ever go here ? : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sandeulbaram/217/228/22
  3. A very late reply , sorry for that. An advice for the topicstarter. Forget Blake Sea. You will never find a reasonable priced lot there. There are moorings and land to lease for decent prices but buying mainland at Blake is far too expensive. I live at Corsica and bought a 2048 parcel with direct access to hundreds of sailable sims for 25.000 L$. Not very cheap but you will never find a lot like this at Blake. Sansara is good too and there are more continents with good and affordable parcels and lots of sailing. Be patient, and dont focus on Blake.
  4. I might be interested but the slurl does not work...
  5. Coby Foden wrote: Vulpinus wrote: Maybe I just need to try some more flying demos, for more than ten minutes... It won't get any better. For anybody who has used proper flight simulator programs, flying in SL looks like a bad joke - for the reasons you so clearly described. However, sailing in SL is quite fun. One can see lots of good looking interesting places by exploring the SL waterways with slowly moving sailboat. I agree. I played MIcrosoft FS for almost 20 years and have some minor RL experience. I prefer the planes in SL that give me at least some realism. And yes, sailing is fun but also with sailing I prefer the boats that behave like a RL boat as far as that is possible in SL.
  6. My largest expense was buying a parcel at mainland. 18.000 L$ And most expensive item was a sailing boat 4.000 L$
  7. I love my helicopters of Animate Works. I go for realism and dont like the S&W choppers that fly like a car in the air. I will check out the Brantly B2B ! One can never have enough realism when flying in SL :womanwink:
  8. I dont suspect this friend of foul play. In fact I trust him completely. The strange thing is that his profile does not show an offline status but does not show an online status either. I know how you can hide your online status but this is different. Anyway, I will wait untill I see him online and when that never happens he is gone and probably not thrustworthy after all. Time will learn.
  9. When you check someone's profile you will see online in green or offline in red. But what when you dont see that at all ? not online but also not offline.... And on my dashboard I dont see this friend at all in the list ?? Anyone with an explanation for that ?
  10. Hmm yes, buying something in SL is extremely difficult. I often wonder why they made it so complicated...:womanlol:
  11. Well, it did not work out. Every time when I try to explain her something things go wrong, She does not read carefully what I IM her, pushes the wrong buttons, cant find an object in her inv etc etc. We had a fight this evening and I think this was it. Maybe I am not good in explaining and teaching. Anyway I give up. It makes me sad and it is soooo frustrating :womanfrustrated:
  12. Thanks for the helpfull replies. I now realize that I was just too eager to tell and teach her everything I know about SL after 81/2 years. It will just takes time
  13. A friend of mine is 8 months in SL and stll knows so little about SL. She does not know how to look around, has no idea how to manage her inventory, makes a mess of her outfits and has no idea about all the options in the viewer etc etc. I have tried to help her but it seems to be a mission impossible...we are getting both frustrated. She never seems to understand me when I try to help and the mess is just getting bigger. Are there any tutorials for noobs I wonder. Tutorials where step by step the basic things of SL will be explained in a very simple and clear way ?
  14. I can recommend you the Physique body and a Pink Fuel skin applier. PF has athletic and ripped versions with small chest. But don't expect an A cup kind of look. Smaller than breast size 38 will look deformed.
  15. Yes, it was BUG-772. There has been a restart and all is fine now. Hope it stays this way because I bought land at old mainland few days ago....:womanhappy:
  16. I have some weird problems too. When I log in at my land all scripted attachments and mesh parts of my avatar won't rezz and I get a flood of script errors. I can't use any scripted object while scripts are allowed on my land. When I log in at a different region everything will rezz just fine and after tp home all stays fine but I can't change outfits cause then I get all the errors again.
  17. I do a lot in SL. Sailing ( every day ) Surfing Play golf Explore mainland by foot, bike, horse and train ( have my own trains ) Go to concerts Do hunts Visit and explore new sims Shopping 8 years in SL and still not bored :womanvery-happy:
  18. irihapeti wrote: live music events where is not folk singers getting meaningful (: is whole bunches of people who go to live events where they chat your head off. Is trucks of gestures as well but you just filter that out is whoever on the stage that sets the tone. if the performer chats to people on the stream then it will go off. The party. Two performers who are really good at cranking it up chat-wise are Rico Dee and Down Under. When they sing they will quite often change the lyrics to say people in the crowd also if want to hang with a fun crowd then get in with the Flash Dancers. Flash Dancers have own beach club but they spend most their time flash mobbing events. Share dance HUD and that. Party up. Is some really fun people in that group. From all over the world in all time zones Well, i was curious about Flash Dancers. Could not join the group as it is private. I saw a pick in the profile of the founder of the group. Tp-ed to Flash Dance beach and was TP-ed home within 5 seconds by a security orb...
  19. I know exactly what you mean. People don't socialize anymore in clubs. I hardly visit any clubs nowadays. What has worked for me is finding some activities in SL. Go sailing, surfing, horse riding, play golf or whatever and join groups for that. I am sure you will make new friends there.
  20. Months ago I heard rumours about a Belleza mesh body. But when I go to their shop I end up in a temporary shop with retirement sales. Anyone knows what is going on ?
  21. i can imagine how you feel. I had exactly the same 8 years ago. Not so long ago I made a new account, just to know how it is to be new in this world. And now I admire the new residents who don't walk away just after first log in. SL is not easy for a newbee but I assure you its all worthwhile.
  22. I see a very minor difference in the shape of your eyes. And the light is a tiny bit different as if the windlight settings are not exactly the same. But that's all
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