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  1. Ik heb je in IM al gezegd dat het de drivers zijn die dit probleem veroorzaken. Zolang je daar niets aan doet blijf je deze narigheid houden. Er is overigens wel degelijk een Nederlands SL forum...
  2. Hmm I don't use Singularity but in Firestorm you find the physics slider in graphics/ tab general. Hope this helps
  3. Just use the camera to look inside the wall and take the object. If you don't know how to do that send me an IM and I will do it for you.
  4. Randall Ahren wrote: What you need to be a neko: 1) Cat ears, preferably the twitchy kind; 2) Giant cat feet; 3) A large swishy tail; and 4) A lack of dignity and common sense. One of items one through four above is in short supply, thereby causing a neko shortage. Very insulting. Even for an advisor....and typical for the behaviour of a lot of residents nowadays.
  5. I have seen crazy pricing too. A waterside parcel of 1024 SQM on Nautilus/ Blake Sea ...400.000 L$... That is about 1600 USD !!! Even a lunatic with to much money won't pay that I lived on Blake about a year ago and I rented a nice waterside parcel close to the airport of 2048 sqm with 800 prims for 1600 L$ a week. So why pay 400.000 for 1024 sqm...????? And I don't understand why Blake is so popular. It is as laggy as hell. There are much better places for boating and flying.
  6. My avatar rezzes fine and fast. Changing clothes and wear or detach attachments goes smoothly. It has been bad a few weeks ago but it is fine now. But simcrossings are not good now. Very laggy and full of bugs it seems. Very often my camera becomes a mess or I get unseated. And I have often script errors and groupchat lag is back again. SL has never been stable in all those years that I am here, 7 years now and it will never change, we have to live with that...:matte-motes-nerdy:
  7. You should do something to lower those temperatures. They are much to high. I play SL on a I5 quadcore 3 GHZ, 8 GB ram and ASUS 7750 1 GB My grahics are always on ultra and advance lightning and shadows enabled. Draw distance is 256 FPS varies from 15 to 40 depending on where I am. CPU temperature is 45 C and GPU 50 C
  8. This is an old bug. it all started months ago with pathfinding. In the begin you got unseated as well. It is all part of a very old SL tradition......fix a new bug and have an old one in return....hehe
  9. Same here. I am in the Netherlands and have a 60 MB down and a 6 MB up cable connection. Everything used to be fine until some weeks ago Textures rezz very slow Regions show offline on the map for days after restarts many inventory faults, clothing wont detach etc many scripts errors chat lag can't rezz objects on my own land Flying a plane is nearly impossible because of constant loose of control and many crashes I don't care very much because I am at the point of leaving SL but things are not going well in SL.
  10. :smileylol: Waaaahahahahah.....LOL....thanks.... ROFL
  11. I was one of the first avatars there. Must have been more than 3 years ago. In the begin there was a massive lag and I crashed all the time. I bought land there, much much cheaper than in SL and much more prims.. But I did not stay long. There are hardly any residents online. Never more than 150. And there were no physics for vehicles or boats so no sailing, no horseriding, no surfing. Maybe it is a nice place for builders or roleplayers who never leave their land or sim. I logged in last week.The place has not changed very much. Still 150 residents online and no sailing.... For me it is a boring place.
  12. Something very wrong today. Driving a motorbike is almost impossible because of a flood of script errors and nearly every simcrossing causes a crash no matter how low scripted I am ( only 1 script from the bridge of firestorm ) or how slowly I drive. Texture rezzing is pretty good now for me but it has been very bad the last weeks. and the camera bug is back again. With every crossing the camera view gets messed up...
  13. I don't like it either but what's the use telling that on this forum.Do like me, just don't buy it..
  14. There is only a small problem when wearing a vehicle like a horse. The camera height does not move along with the position of the avatar. When I ride my horse I look at the horse's rear end..
  15. I am looking for a friend ( female or shemale) to share my activities in SL and maybe more. I am almost 7 years in SL. Old friends left SL and somehow I just don't meet the right people anymore. Please take a look at my profile in world and don't hesistate to IM me when you like my profile. Reactions on this topic please only in my IM box.
  16. I know how confusing this all can be. Send me an IM and I will help you inworld.
  17. Porky Gorky wrote: The most urguent improvement that SL requires is a complete overhaul of the new user experience. Without the ability to retain an ongoing volume of new users in their first few days of playing, then all other improvements are irrelevant. New user are vital if SL is to remain sustainable. Yes, totally agree with that. Most new residents log in once or twice and they don't come back. And why ? because they don't know what to do here. They have no idea what SL is all about. And just take a look at places like help island and the info hubs...The Korea sims still look the same as 6 years ago !! Nothing to do there than hangout with all the other noobs and dull grey buildings all over the place.
  18. I saw a topic about games in SL but what about sports in SL ? I started playing golf in SL some weeks ago and it is really fun to do. And I found other sports in SL like volleyball, tennis, basketball But....most of the sportsims are competely empty, not one avatar there Does nobody like sport in SL ??
  19. I sail in SL for 5 years now and region crossing has always been a problem. Sometimes it gets better but a few weeks later on its horrible again. I get the idea that LL can't resolve this problem or simply don't want to resolve it. And when they say this is their highest priority I don't believe it anymore. I quit flying in SL because of the simcrossing problem. Flying in SL has become a silly game because of all the crashes. And did you ever try to explore the old roads of mainland by car or motorbike ?? That is absolutely no fun at all..( I know mainland roads where even a slow horsride trip is an hazardous adventure. I stick to sailing and prefer the private estates and blake sea. Sailing on mainland is most of the time horrible...
  20. Oh man, its crazy... I own a small mesh sailboat, really small one. When it was sculpted it would be not more then 24 prims. Now it is mesh and the land impact is 88 !! can't rezz it anymore on my land...:womansurprised:
  21. As far as I know there is only one 'threesome dance' shake nasty from creator Digital Kaos. The trick with an Akeyo AO won't work for a couple dance I am afraid. Akeyo has an invitation button but all dancers are on the same animation. It works the same as a chimera.
  22. The side effect that the boat stops momentarily before going on after clicking is very easy to avoid. Press the control and alt key at the same time and hold them, then click on your boat, the boat will rerender without stopping.
  23. Are you sure you did a character test ? I never heard about a failure with that... Or log in at an empty sea sim, sometimes helps.
  24. I am afraid this is definitely a new bug. My mesh boats are rideable vehicles, so no attachments ! At some crossings the boat just vanishes and it are always the same sims where this happens. Besides that, it started to happen after a major update some weeks ago. Clicking the boat will resolve it but clicking a vehicle is not very handy when sailing or flying, sailors and pilots know what I mean. Edit : Just talked to some sailors. it is not a bug, it are your graphics so I was told. Clicking the vehicle will help but then the vehicle stops. First press control/alt and then click the vehicle, it will rezz again without a stop.
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