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  1. The debut episode of the new web series, "Game of Groans" is out now on Vimeo. A Second Life Game of Thrones parody with all the sex, violence and death that you'd expect, so watch Evie, Zoe and Bunky disgrace themselves in predictable Cinema Minima fashion. Not suitable for minors, the elderly and people with high standards in general. Now with voice! Game of Groans - Episode 1
  2. My fifth film, "You Only Rez Twice" is now out on YouTube. It's been getting good feedback so if you feel like a laugh, have a look. Click the link or watch below :) You Only Rez Twice My Last film "Dead Road" tried to appeal to a broader audience, but this one is definately made for the SL community. It's starts a bit slow but picks up the pace as it moves along. The last few scenes are my favourites with plenty of action and gags. The film premiered at London City last night to a good crowd. It's a relief to have it out there after a year of filming and post product
  3. A year in the making, my latest film "You Only Rez Twice" will have its premiere at The Crown Pub, London City in Second Life on Saturday 17th January, 7am SLT. A second screening will be held at The Crown on Sunday the 18th at 4am SLT. Frock up, front the paparazzi and come and join the fun :) A big thanks to my friends and stars of the film, Muse Ze-Bank and Evie Falconer (as always). Without their dedication and patience this film would not have been made. The official trailer is below... "You Only Rez Twice" is the followup to my first James Bond spoof "Dr. Noob
  4. 1. Sure, a few musos testified against the advisory stickers. Doesn't mean they were the licence holders of their recordings with any rights. And yes, some musicians have gone into bat for the record companies that own their music. Depends on the contract and influence they have with their company. Arguably, killing Napster didn't do wonders for Metallica. The few pulling their music from Spotify now are those that record under their own labels. Yes, some established musos have total control over their music and it's an increasing trend. The majority still don't. 2. Again, I don't make money
  5. Firstly, musicians rarely have control over the use of their music. It's the multi-national corporations that own the music, not the artist that created it. The artist often has opposing views on how their work should be shared. Secondly, yes the website hosting the video may profit, but only if a video receives a substantial amount of views. Mine might get a few hundred views, not millions. The webiste might make a cent or two from my films. YouTube's model of paying copyright holders a percentage of advertising profits from views is a good thing, a win-win if you like, but not all copyright
  6. Thanks for all your replies. The subject certainly generates some passionate responses. I never assumed my video would qualify as fair use, but I was wondering if anyone has any experience making such a claim with Vimeo. I found the EFF guide very good. Despite my intentions, the best I can do is post my videos where I can and hope that they're not rejected. And if they make it but are later taken down, so be it. I just want my overseas SL buddies to be able to see them and make them laugh. I have had some very mixed experiences in the past. I split my last film into three parts for YouTube.
  7. They're back! Heidi D'Sausage and Agent 008 fight to save the world from certain destruction, one martini at a time. Now in glorious 720p with 82% more gratuitous arse shots and 66% moar splosions! A fan's tribute film made for love, not money. Release scheduled for December 2014...if everything goes well :/
  8. Would you be happy if someone used your music in a movie without permission? I wouldn't be. I would be happy. I'd be flattered, as long as they weren't profiting from it. An obscure machinima video made for a small online community that attracted a few hundred views would hardly be a threat. Better to have the music out there being listened to than fading into obscurity IMO. Some copyright holders are lenient on not for profit fan films as they help keep the original product alive. That is why many copyright holders allow some of their music to be uploaded onto YouTube without permission.
  9. Try this. These are the considerations for fair use... The purpose and character of the use, including whether such use is of a commercial nature or is for nonprofit educational purposes. The nature of the copyrighted work. The amount and substantiality of the portion used in relation to the copyrighted work as a whole. The effect of the use upon the potential market for or value of the copyrighted work. Shades of grey there.
  10. Ok, it's contentious and I respect people's different opinions, but has anyone had any experience trying to claim fair use for a machinima video they uploaded on Vimeo or YouTube? I've noticed that I'm not the only one using well known songs in my SL videos. Vimeo have recently become quite strict with their Content ID policy, which is disappointing for me because I make fan films, tributes that celebrate classic films. Vimeo have let me post such films in recent time but it looks like I won't be able to post the one I've spent the last year making :( Has anyone sought permission to use copyr
  11. The makers of Griefbusters and Dead Road are in the final stages of filming the follow up to the original James Bond Second Life tribute/spoof, "Dr Noob". Agent 008 (Bunky Snowbear) and Heidi D'Sausage (Evie Falconer) return in "You Only Rez Twice", a roller coaster ride of action, gratuitous nudity and trademark silliness. In this preview, Heidi and 008 take a groovy trip into space to thwart Admiral Arsewipe's evil plan for virtual world domination. Full release scheduled for December 2014. Enjoy!
  12. I'm a fly-by-night, maverick kind of machinamist. I love it, but I'm skeptic about the prospects of machinima ever becoming a sustainable business proposition because it has a very limited audience. It's a labour of love, and it's hard enough to make a good film without having to deal with a lot of extra people. That's just my opinion, but I wish you the very best and look forward to seeing what comes of it.
  13. Ctrl+Alt+F1 doesn't work on my new computer, but it works on the old one so I don't think its a FS bug. New computer is a Dell XPS15 running Windows 7 Home Premium. If anyone knows anything about it, please help! I make machinima and I neeeed to toggle my UI a lot. It's driving me crazy!!!
  14. DEAD ROAD is the story of a terminally-ill woman and her doctor seeking salvation in an apocalyptic world. Filmed opportunistically over 19 months on a budget of 5000L, the film was only made possible with the dedication and enthusiansm of a few good SL friends and the blessings of the owners of the sims that form the backdrops to the film. DEAD ROAD is inspired by recent grindhouse revivalist films such as Planet Terror, Deathproof, Dusk till Dawn (Quentin Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez), classic exploitation cinema such as Mad Max (George Miller) and gritty road/apocalypse movies such as Wild
  15. London City in Second Life presents the World Premiere of Dead Road, filmed entirely in Second Life. Dead Road is the story of a terminally ill woman (Zarah Minx) and her doctor (Felix Bunkenstein) desperately seeking salvation in a crumbling, apocalyptic world. Pursued by a deadly assassin and hunted by a ruthless vampire clan, Zarah and Felix fight their way to a better place in a sexy, action packed roller coaster of gratuitous violence and intrigue, a tribute to the grindhouse/exploitation genre and its revivalist film makers. Written and Directed by Bunky Snowbear (Dr. Noob, G
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