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    How to remove an applier?

    Lol such an old post
  2. Ina Fairport

    So many lonely people

    There are a lot of lonely people in SL and I am one of them. Almost 12 years in SL . In the early years of SL people were all socializing, lively chat in crowded clubs and in no time you had 30 names on your list. It were not all true friends but at least you knew a lot of people. I find it very difficult to make new friends. SL has changed from a virtual world into a roleplay game.
  3. Ina Fairport

    Your Biggest SL Disappointment

    Two things... First the Transgender scene that has become a sex related roleplay community without any style and class Second the ever lasting problems with vehicles and simcrossings.
  4. Ina Fairport

    What to do in SL??

    Yes, Golf..there are several Golf courses in SL. Great fun
  5. Ina Fairport

    What to do in SL??

    Buy a sailboat, learn to sail and explore the waterways and oceans Or buy a bicycle and explore the roads of mainland Or buy a train and discover that SL has a huge railway network Play golf Go horseriding and jumping Make lots of friends during those activities and receive tp's for parties Just have fun !
  6. Ina Fairport

    Why a guy would play as a girl in SL

    I know the Lesbian Teahouse. I used to dance there Long time ago Just went there. I was curious to see how it is there now. Did not change much. Still the same old fashioned look with vintage lesbian pictures on the wall
  7. Ina Fairport

    Why a guy would play as a girl in SL

    Interesting thread and a pleasure to read ! I already told in this forum who and what I am in SL & RL so I won't repeat that but I would like to share my lesbian adventures in my early SL years My first ava was a guy. I soon found out that I could easily switch from male to female in appearance. My avatar's name could be a girl as well as a boy so I decided to live as a girl in SL. It was an exciting idea ! I became a lesbian.. I knew the lesbian scene in my RL town quite well and what I saw in the lesbian places in SL made me very clear that the majority of all lesbians in SL were guys in RL. At least 80% were no RL lesbians. I dont know how it is now but in 2007/8/9 being a lesbian was a roleplay in SL for many. I visited places like Mysteria, Lesperado and Isle of Lesbos. All gone now as far as I know. A friend took me to a les bar. A place so totally different from all the well known Lesbian clubs I saw before. Here were the RL lesbians. Butch, Boi and Femme just like RL... I met a Boi there. We danced and talked. She was lovely and I felt she was real... After two weeks we became closer. Even an occasional cuddle. One day she asked : Do you genderplay ? I could not go on like this and the next time we were dancing and chatting I told here that I was a guy in RL. Of course that was the end or our little romance. But we stayed friends. We even became RL friends and we still are. Two years later I deleted my account and Ina Ladyboy rezzed
  8. Ina Fairport

    Starting Avatars

    i am not sure if she is still there but my favourite starter avatar was or is the groupie kind of rock girl And the cute and innocent looking redhaired guy..but he is no longer around I guess...lol
  9. Ina Fairport

    How long have you been here?

    I did not spend much time at orientation island. The first two months in SL I was often at the Korea sims. Hanging out with friends, flying around lol, talking about SL and learn a lot I went there this morning. The sims were deserted and nothing had changed there. Still the same builds as 11 years ago. It looked now as a very boring and uninteresting place to be..haha
  10. Ina Fairport

    How long have you been here?

    My first avatar rezzed in September 2006. I loved SL from the very first beginning. That first account did not stay long. I was playing with the avatars in the library of my inventory and I did not know how to get back to my original ava..nobody could help me. So after three months in SL I already had my second account and deleted the first one In March 2010 I left SL and deleted my account. I was too busy in RL. Half a year later, September 2010 I was back with Ina I still love SL but I agree with Jeny that the fun of the good old times is gone Instead of a virtual world SL has become a RP game. Well, that is how I feel it. But that is life. Nothing stays the same. Everything is always changing.
  11. Ina Fairport

    What's your favorite food?

    Alikruiken met krentenbrood
  12. Ina Fairport

    What's your favorite food?

    Thai, Indonesian and sometimes Chinese
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    Don't visit sansar(yet)

    I logged in 10 or 12 times now. Saw a lot of experiences. Some look awesome and interesting. My interest in Sansar is fading now. Only thing you can do there is walk around and look around. It is the same as many places and sims you will find in the destinations folder of SL. Beautyfull places but after 2 or 3 visits you dont go there anymore.There is no interaction and things get boring soon.
  14. Ina Fairport

    Looking for help with Belleza Venus Skins

    Pink Fuel has skin appliers with freckles. I have them for my Maitreya body. I am not sure if they are also for Belleza. You could check that in the store.
  15. Ina Fairport

    Girl be a gay guy on SL

    This topic is two months old and I dont know if you are still reading it DaisHex. I am a Bi guy in RL and play a ladyboy and sometimes a girl in SL for a very long time now. Be who you want to be. You don't have to tell anyone who or what you are in RL. But be carefull when you get close to someone. Don't hurt people when feelings become serious. Years ago I choose to be completely honest and straight forward to anyone about my RL gender. That turned out very good. I don't have to play Ina anymore. In SL I am Ina. All my friends know it and they all accept me. I had several long term relationships in SL with "straight" women and men. For you it will be the other way around but I am pretty sure you will love your Second Life as a guy. Gay or not, that is not important. Be yourself !
  16. Ina Fairport

    Where's best to discuss Sailing?

    There are SL sailors on this forum I guess. At least one...(me) lol
  17. Ina Fairport

    I don't even know

    I guess they were too busy with Sansar....
  18. Ina Fairport

    Visit Sansar and See What's Up

    Yes, definitely !
  19. Ina Fairport


    i visited some more experiences and I become more and more disappointed about Sansar. The experiences look like installations and sims you find in the destinations of SL. Nice to see and to make some pics but after one or two visits you don't go back because you can't do there anything. I saw an experience with a beach and sea. The sea looked like SL in 2007 without windlight and the palms looked like Eric Linden trees. No preferences, no daylight to change. no inventory, There is a long way to go before Sansar will be interesting for a SL resident.
  20. Ina Fairport

    Don't visit sansar(yet)

    Been there with a non VR desktop. no problems. no crashes and fast rezzing experiences. I am very curious how Sansar will develope. For now I found it disappointing but that can change.
  21. Ina Fairport

    Sansar Vs Second Life - Discussion

    Just been there...it was the same kind of experience as 11 years ago when I logged in for the first time in SL.. Ugly avatars, No clue what to do here Do I have an inventory ? Lot of questions Ok, its a new world. I will come back often to see how things develope here. There is a long way to go...
  22. Ina Fairport

    Streaming music

    Thanks a lot for your usefull tips !
  23. Ina Fairport

    Streaming music

    I would love to stream my own music in SL. Not only on my land but maybe in the future also as a DJ. I have been busy with Winamp, Shoutcast servers, Virtual DJ and never got it working. I searched for help on several forums but never could find the help I was looking for.. A simple, step by step tutorial, like "stream your own music in SL for dummies" would be great....if anyone knows where I can find it I would be very gratefull.
  24. Ina Fairport


    I don´t think SL is dying. The hype of 2007/2008/2009 with 90.000 residents online at USA prime time is long gone but I still see often 50.000 residents online Mainland is dying. That's for sure. And clubs are dying. Most clubs are empty. People socialize less and less. In early years there was a lively local chat in most clubs. Nowadays nobody says a word in local. SL has become more and more a game instead of a virtual world.