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  1. I am glad I am not the only one. I have the same issue. I need 4 or 5 attemps before I am online.
  2. I would love this ! And a start at my favourite airport ! But I am Bi male in RL. Not a woman
  3. I often fly from SNO to Aerodrome Amelia Earhart. A very nice flight with my Piper Tomahawk PA-38 at low altitude. And no lag issues Or sailing from the Trudeau yard to Fairchang resort. Also very nice.
  4. Sounds interesting but I am very weird and much older 🤡
  5. You are right about Siren's Isle and Barbarossa but why should you go there ? Blake is much more than that. I dont have many problems at Blake
  6. When I zoom out I can't see any land on the map. Long distance sailing and flying is no fun now. I hope it will be better soon otherwise I am afraid I wont log in anymore. Sailing and flying are the only reason I am still in SL
  7. Blake Sea is pretty good for me. For sailing as well as for flying. You could try this rezzzone : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nautilus - Symacom/28/46/23 From there sail to the west. Keep an eye on the map and you will find hundreds of good sailsims.
  8. I am 14 years in SL. I used to have many friends here. In the early years of SL it was very easy to make friends. The clubs were crowded and there was a lively chat. All my old friends left SL. I really tried to make new friends but the only ones I could find are the ones that are mainly here for sex. Times have changed. I don't go to clubs anymore. I sail and fly, ride my horses and my bikes and explore mainland and new sims. I became a loner and have my friends in RL.
  9. I use the autoresponse in Firestorm. Simple and effective
  10. I would love to meet you. In RL I am a bisexual male. In SL I have two appearances. A ladyboy and a femboy Check my profile in world.
  11. Same here, need to login each time I am used to it now....lol
  12. Same here, old friends are gone. Only one friend left from the old days. I have given up making new friends. Sometimes I stay away from SL for months.
  13. My first account in September 2006 at the info hub Korea sim. Full of noobs in those years The sim still looks exactly the same nowadays.
  14. I know what you mean. I am 13 years in SL and this world has changed so much. People dont socialize anymore. The last time I went to a club there were 52 ! avatars. 8 of them were dancing. All the others were just standing or sitting. I have been there half an hour. Nobody said a word in local. The only one who spoke was the DJ.
  15. Look for a sim called : " Miriam Orange" 496 sqm, 227 prims 140 L$ a week. Bring your own skybox More vacansies in the neighbour sims.
  16. Als je alleen Nederlands spreekt en geen andere taal dan wordt het lastig op SL denk ik. Er zijn ooit twee Nederlandse forums geweest die druk werden bezocht en een Nederlands SL prikbord op startpagina.nl Er is inworld nog een klein strand wat het restant is van het vroegere Nederlandse Mambo beach. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sakai/46/142/23
  17. I miss the early years of SL. Crowded clubs, lots of people dancing and a very lively local chat. Dancing till dawn, chatting for hours. Being happy with my SL partner. It seems all gone. The last two years I was most of the time alone in SL. I am not often online anymore. I don't like SL anymore. And that makes me sad. When my premium account expires in september I will delete my account and leave this world forever.
  18. History of SL Lindenworld in 2001 Forgive me to go offtopic
  19. Yeah, downtime at wednesday...and when the grid was finally online thousands of residents tried to log in all together at the same time so it took at least half an hour of continious login to get online. And then you crashed on first TP 😎
  20. I just went sailing. On the third simcrossings I got unseated and crashed. After relog I crashed during teleport. I am done with all these problems. Time to stay away from SL for the time being. My interest in SL was already fading lately so a good moment to have a long break.
  21. In my early SL years, 2006 and later, I had many friends. All friends of the past are gone and I find it very difficult to make new friends so most of the time I am alone in SL. I sail a lot and i fly a lot. SL is still fun but the good old days are gone....
  22. There are a lot of lonely people in SL and I am one of them. Almost 12 years in SL . In the early years of SL people were all socializing, lively chat in crowded clubs and in no time you had 30 names on your list. It were not all true friends but at least you knew a lot of people. I find it very difficult to make new friends. SL has changed from a virtual world into a roleplay game.
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