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  1. Thank you for the warning. I can't delete the post with replies I don't think...not option available but I've changed the title and contents.
  2. I'm still a little confused. But I'll look into it thanks.
  3. The house is one mesh when I upload it. Also I don't know the difference between triangle-based (no Analyze) or hull-based (Analyzed) physics. As I stated I'm still new to meshing and don't know a whole lot. However I'm a fast learner.
  4. Ok I am very sorry I didn't give enough information. I am still new to Meshing and don't know a lot of the lingo or what everything means. The building I had initially made from prims was like a little house...had a bay window...open concept kitchen/living and 1 bedroom. I made everything you weren't going to see invisible and generated that (I call that my main view, as that is what you will see and what is textured)...then I removed the roof and tops of doorways and made only the parts you collide with visible while everything else invisible to make the physics file (named physics file) and I exported that out too...Now when it came to uploading I selected my main view Mesh file...I didn't have to change any of the numbers on high/medium/low/lowest and they were fine as they were. I didn't remember the exact numbers, but I just checked and it says download 4.3 Then I went to the physics tab and chose physics from file and selected my second file named Physics file and I'm pretty sure I hit analyse and I thought I always had too. Plus it shows after analysing if there was any problems in the physic file like for example with the doorways etc. physic shows 1.1 and server 0.5 That is all the information I know right now. I didn't keep the original mesh files on my computer (dumb) and I don't have the original prim version in my inventory (dumb again!) lol I rebuilt it once and that when it went to 9 Prims...what makes me so sad is the fact I had it at 5! FIVE 5! Why I can't do it again I don't know =\
  5. Oh ok Rolig Loon...Thank you I will look into this. Like I said I didn't write the script so I didn't know exactly where to change it then I got confused as particle(); was listed several times in the script. EDIT: It worked thank you!
  6. Thank you Rolig Loon, actually I didn't write the script it was a free script off of the MP. I will change this and let you know. EDIT: This didn't work, I'm not sure I'm changing it in the right spot...also I already see a stopParticle(); in here.
  7. In the article is says the beta will be in 2015 with the release of the game in 2016. I don't understand what you are meaning a new platform?
  8. This is SL...they can cheat just by opening an IM. They can cheat while standing right in front of thier partner. (seen it before) That's the main thing with this game and relationships. There will always be jealousy because frankly you'll never really know what they are doing on their side of the monitor. If your in it for the roleplay enjoy it while it last and when the novelty wears off it's time to move on. If you think you are going to be with the person in RL it NEVER WORKS OUT! You want a real relationship get off the computer and go out into the real world and fine one. This is a game not a dating service. And if people want to hate on what I've said here. Sorry that the truth hurts. Maybe there are a couple decent people in SL but they are to busy with the wrong people getting cheated on.
  9. I rewrote the whole script and it works...I had a little boo boo but I think I fixed it...seems to be working. Thanks!
  10. Ok thanks! I'll probably work more on it later. I took a couple scripting classes a long time ago and forgot 99% of the stuff I learned lol. I'll figure it out though.
  11. Ok it had touch_start and I changed llDetectedKey(0) to llGetOwner Currently now when anyone touches it the owner gets the dialog. I just want to fix it now so that only the owner gets the dialog on the owners touch and whenever someone else touches it nothing happens. Should I change touch_start to just touch?
  12. seems silly after all these years, this is the first time I've ever seen an advertisement. Is SL really hurting that bad? Should I be concerned?
  13. Thank you for the tip SinfulPrince. Do you know off hand any roleplay sims that I could try? I've visited a couple but not sure exactly where to start... EDIT: I've tried being adopted and joining a family first, but everyone wants little kids...or they are kid collectors...hehe
  14. I didn't misspell it I even copy pasted what you wrote and still got the error. I understand it wasn't a full script but I will still trying to see if I could get that at least saved and working to see if it was going to work the way I was expecting.
  15. Thank You Rolig Loon, I tried putting together a sample of what you gave me and got a syntax error at llSetTimerEven(1.2); The error is after the opening ( and before the 1...