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  1. I think I've temporarily solved the issue, I added a third piece lined up where I needed it to be and made it invis. It works but maybe I'll figure something out later for a more long term fix. Also as someone had suggested using this script for windows would be a terrific idea but how would that work with multiple windows linked? Thank you for your reply and I'll look forward to talking with you on your return in July =)
  2. Hello Rolig Loon, I'm having an issue. I made a sliding glass door (mesh) with the sliding portion or the door named "DOOR" and the frame (non moving part) being named Frame set as the root prim on linking. However my issue is on first click of the door the door oriented itself to the frame part which isn't the position I wanted the door to start/finish if that makes sense. Would you know an easy fix or way to correct the issue? I've got the mesh sliding door uploaded to the beta server where I have been working. Thank you
  3. I only have the one property and don't plan on getting anymore so I really need something inexpensive. I'm actually trying to sell my property but was considering renting it out if I couldn't sell it. Thank you for your suggestion though.
  4. Hello, I'm looking for a somewhat inexpensive (bug free) Rental Box system that will automatically send a group invite to the person who pays the rental box.
  5. Price Reduced! Low Lag, Moderate, Still Taking Offers
  6. Commercial, Residential, Skybox Friendly, Protected Water Sim, Sailable, Taking Reasonable Offers! Send an IM to summer.logan For Any Question or Offers. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Stone Pike/56/12/21
  7. Priced to sell, reasonable offers accepted. Property is still available.
  8. Still Available and taking offers. I've updated the Land Page https://places.secondlife.com/parcels/115958/1024m-351-prims
  9. Land priced to sell, Also accepting reasonable offers! 1024m and 351 prims. Free Land Tier if you have premium membership and this is the only property you hold. Moderate Land with Protected views, no one can build in front. Will leave sand/waves/trees/floral on request or return if you want. Must See! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Stone Pike/56/12/21
  10. Just lowered the price. Flat Land, Not misshaped!
  11. 1024m No land fees with membership if this is the only land you hold. This parcel is on the edge of a protected Linden sailing sim. Moderate Land, must see! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Stone Pike/55/11/21
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