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  1. I have never thought about this because I was fustrated with the erected wall. Your point of view stunted me completely. Next time I have to be really careful before getting involed in this kind of acting. Your reply is a precious advice for me.
  2. Those are so beautiful and what you posted make me feel that there are tons of thing for me to learn. By the way very welcome to my shipyard. Sorry if my topic bother some. This is my 2nd house now is the beachfront bungalow.
  3. I have to in order to protect my right. Nevertheless, it is coincident, I learn a lot.
  4. I decided to add landmark.
  5. Now I merged both land already and start building a house Credit: the girl who sold me the first house helps me everything
  6. Thanks for everyone. Finally he sold the land to me. How can I merge both land together?
  7. Three years!!!! This ismy first house. I did click return but not work at all.
  8. Since I do belive that I couldnot sell it ATM, I decided to rent it very cheap L$99 per week. Too bad I want to live there.
  9. This day just my 3rd day in SL. Too bad that I have to deal with this early
  10. I just recieved the reply letter from Linden said that they will investigate the case
  11. Sory but I did buy it for 3488 not 2488 as it was at the corner at that time
  12. How can I mute it?
  13. This is located on the Main Land and thanks for suggestion I did edit the post already.