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  1. As some of you may know, I spent a couple of months unable to actually "live" SL because the official SL viewer (and others I tried) always left me in a green cloud and gave me tons of errors saying it could not find my clothing and body parts :( Well, we have finally figured out what the problem was! or so we think... A few months ago my half brother replaced our Wireless router for something "newer and better". Our old DLink was replaced by a brand new Belkin N300 (so says the underside). As it turns out there seems to be something with that "better" router that
  2. I can find no other explanation than that the SL server has probably corrupted my avatar. For more than a month now I have been unable to play SL. I can login via the web and via the official SL browser but after login (with the viewe) my avi remains showing a green cloud forever asking to wait for the download but it never downloads my avatar. After a (long) while it logs me out. What I do see is a lot of notifications in the viewer saying it could not FIND (not download) many (most, or all?) of my body parts and clothing!!! so it is not a matter of downloading but apparently it cannot find t
  3. I don't have problems connecting to any site. What I see is a lot of messages like "Failed to find body part in database"
  4. For weeks already I have been unable to use SL (official viewer). I can login but then I seem to be in a vapor cloud forever until it logs me out. If it does not log me out -or while I am logged in- I can turn the view 360 degrees but actual movement (left, right, foward, backward, flying) is disabled. My avi remains motionless other than being able to turn.
  5. I tried all sorts of regions, nothing helped. However the problem resolved by itself a couple of days later. Only some of my inventory (appearances) seemed to have become corrupted after the issue was "resolved". I regenerated the appearances and was able to come back to normal operation.
  6. It worked fine with the active tag I had, I haven't changed it in several weeks. Now my new temporary test avi also doesn't work. It is all screwed up. I have tried with the official viewer, Exodus and Kokua. It does login because as I mentioned it goes past login and then decoding images, etc. but something happening at the region handshake that is preventing it from getting any further to the final stage. The temporary new avi had a default avatar and now it doesn't work anymore either. If I use invalid credentials it simply breaks immediately after "Logging in" and tells me the user
  7. I suppose I should login as "robin23.dagostino" with the dot in between, right? or should it be without the dot? I am not from the "Resident" era (which if you ask me was a bad idea). I ran the PingTest.net test again and got these results: Ping 101ms Jitter 3ms or 1ms when tested against a server in California where SL servers are located. Packet Loss 0% Line Quality: B Anyway, it simply defies all logical reasoning that a connection that worked absolutely fine for SL for all this time suddenly is "not appropriate". The problem is in that "region handshake" but I guess that's som
  8. the pc is connected directly to the router. And simply put my internet connection may not be the best around but it hasbeen running Second Life for nearly a year. How comes "suddenly" is not up to speed? no, the problem is not there. If we continue this way you guys are going to suggest reinstalling the operating system :-) I did create a temporary account and with it I could get into the grid and move without glitch with this "unsuitable internet connection" as you suggest. NO lag, no other problem but as soon as I logged out then I couldn't get into the grid again.
  9. Here are the results you requested. I have been using this same PC and this same connection for about a year and never had this problem with SL. I have used that speed test in the past for the cable company support requests and there hasn't been a change there. 1. About Second Life 3.5.3 (276452) May 24 2013 02:06:23 (Second Life Release) Release Notes CPU: Intel® Core i7-3770 CPU @ 3.40GHz (3400.13 MHz) Memory: 3992 MB OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit Service Pack 1 (Build 7601) Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 285/PCIe/SSE2 Windows Graphics Driver
  10. In this past week I have been unable to enter the grid. I can login on the website but with the viewer it seems to login but always fail later on during the region handshake. I don't know what is a region handshake but I know it is failing and as a result my avi can no longer enter the grid. 1. I enter the same username/password as the SL website, press LOGIN and I see these messages 2. Logging in ... 3. Requesting Region Capabilities ... 4. Decoding Images .... 5. Waiting for Region Handshake .... and after that it always fails and gives me an error message saying there is a connection erro
  11. I have done that with the router, the cable modem, the PC but the problem is still there. It is not a connection problem but something internal to SL. When I look at the messages I see that it actually logs in because if I enter wrong login information it simply says "Login failed" but no, this goes further into doing something and always fails at the region handshake. I have no problems connecting anywhere except getting into SL grid. I don't want to start all over, I won't but out of curiousity I created a new account. I managed to get in though it said my region (first login ever with tha
  12. this is horrible. If I have to start all over again then I will simply leave SL forever.
  13. I have more or less the same problem. After a few weeks out I can no longer login. I had to go through a forced viewer update and even after that not able to fully connect. It apparently logins but the region handshake hangs and fails.
  14. On Exodus Viewer the same problem. I don't see why it is a connection problem if I can connect to anything on the internet, even the SL website (my.secondlife.com). I tried with my Home location, my Last Location and one of my favourite places "Davinci gardens/128/128/0" but the outcome is always the same. It also seems to login, otherwise it wouldn't give me the other progress messages. If I on purpose enter a wrong password then I get "Login failed". It is something else happening there... Is my avatar in limbo? lost forever in SL?
  15. After pressing the LOGIN button I see the SL Viewer going thorugh the process. It displays a window with some messages in this order: 1. Loggin in .... 2. Requesting region capabilities 3. Decoding images... 4. Waiting for Region Handshake ... and after that it displays the error message "We are having trouble connecting. There may be a problem with your internet connection or the SEcond Life Grid. You can either check your internet connection and try again in a few minutes, click Help to view the Second Life Support Portal or click Teleport to attempt to teleport home." and
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