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  1. I would love to stream my own music in SL. Not only on my land but maybe in the future also as a DJ. I have been busy with Winamp, Shoutcast servers, Virtual DJ and never got it working. I searched for help on several forums but never could find the help I was looking for.. A simple, step by step tutorial, like "stream your own music in SL for dummies" would be great....if anyone knows where I can find it I would be very gratefull.
  2. I totally agree with you Asadora. I feel the same after almost 11 years in SL
  3. Same problem here. And yes, you are lucky with 60 seconds...:( Last week it was so bad that I dont shop anymore on the Marketplace.
  4. IM me if you want. But please read my profile carefully before you do.
  5. I live in the Netherlands and have the same problem. Textures rezz very slowly and mesh takes forever.
  6. It is still going on. Almost for a year now. Lots of failed delivery and no refund. LL does nothing despite the AR's. Creators of dance animations have banned him from their shop and dont support him anymore. In the meanwhile he keeps gettin people's money without delivering the goods.
  7. The actual benefits of my mesh body are that I like it more than the system body...:womanvery-happy:
  8. All my outfits have their own hud and body. The only thing I need to do is change outfit with one mouseclick and I wear different shoes and feet...it is that easy
  9. Phil Deakins wrote: Ina Fairport wrote: I love my Maitreya body. It looks great on a (nude)beach and with swimwear. Clothes have never been a problem. I have about 60 Maitreya outfits and I can change outfits with just one mouseclick. For system layers, prim skirts and other mesh clothes I wear the system body and then again I change outfits with one mouseclick. And I never jump through hoops....:womanlol: Maybe you don't have to jump through hoops because you're buying all the clothes for it from the same vendor that made the body. If that's so, you're extremely limited - stuck with one manufacturer. And, of course, it's a perfect reason to ask, why? Especially since the body doesn't look any better. Alright, I did wander through some beaches and tried to spot the difference. Clearly there are some. I saw grotesquely muscled guys that couldn't have looked like that with the system body. And I can understand things like protruding nipples being part of the body instead of stick-ons lol. But it seems such a lot problems for so little benefit. Certainly there are no facial benefits in terms of 'good looking'. No, I am not extremely limited in choosing my clothes and no I dont buy my clothes from the same vendor that made the body...I dont even like them. There are many creators who make perfect clothes for mesh bodies. I love my mesh body and you dont...np
  10. I love my Maitreya body. It looks great on a (nude)beach and with swimwear. Clothes have never been a problem. I have about 60 Maitreya outfits and I can change outfits with just one mouseclick. For system layers, prim skirts and other mesh clothes I wear the system body and then again I change outfits with one mouseclick. And I never jump through hoops....:womanlol:
  11. As I told before I talked with two of the of the original creators. Craig and Cecilia. The reseller buys their products which are no copy/ transfer. The reseller runs out of stock often and the buyer who buys a preloaded danceball does not receive their purchase. Reseller does not react on support ticket and does not pay a refund. On the marketplace was an adv with reviews and 23 comments about failed deliveries. The adv has been removed. That is what is happening here.
  12. Perrie Juran wrote: Perrie Juran wrote: If you think through the permission system there are only two ways the reseller could resell the dance. The dances would have to be either copy/transfer or no copy/transfer from the creator. Once a permission is restricted the next owner (in this case the reseller) can not change it. The creator is NOT selling them full perm to the reseller. In that case there would never be a delivery problem (shortage). The reseller must be buying then no copy/transfer and runs out of stock. That is exactly what happens Perrie
  13. I talked with two of the original creators. They are aware of what is happening and they told me they cant do anything to stop it. I got the impression that they protect the reseller. As long as LL wont take any action this fraud will continue
  14. Just for the record, the seller is not a creator but a reseller. When I bought a preloaded danceball I got a message from the vendor saying that the goods were not in stock. I made a ticket and never got an answer nor a refund. I was told that the reseller has RL issues. Ok, that can happen but the least he could do is to take care of a refund in case of a non-delivery.
  15. This is the answer ot Second Life support : Thank you for contacting Second Life Support. I am sorry to hear that you've had an issue with a transaction with another Second Life user. The Second Life economy functions on connections between creators and customers such as yourself. Much as the Internet allows customers to find the products they want, Second Life exists to allow individuals to share their creations and services with those who wish to purchase and enjoy them. As a result, the transaction between residents is a personal one -- direct and without a middle man. When purchasing content or making other transactions such as land rentals within Second Life, you as a customer create an agreement with the person from whom you've purchased. As such, the only person who can assist with the product or service that you've purchased is the other party in your agreement -- the seller. Contacting the merchant directly is the best and only way to resolve a problem with a purchased item or service. Please contact us again if you need assistance with any new issues. Enjoy your Second Life. It is just going on. The list of people who spend L$ 10.000 or more and did not receive their purchase is getting longer and longer.
  16. I have 5 mesh bodies, Maitreya, Belleza, Tonic, Slink en E-body and they all respond to system sliders. As long as you dont wear a mesh head you can have your own personal look and you wont be a clone
  17. Maitreya body gets attached at avatar centre by defauilt... The problem with crashing body at TP and simcrossing is a connection problem Not your own connection but the connection between servers of your Internet provider and LL servers. When you are in Europe sometimes helps to change DNS server.
  18. There is no way to solve this as far as I know. Only a relog will help. After each TP or simcrossing I click the hud and check if all is still ok. When I sail or fly I dont wear any mesh body at all..
  19. You could try Old Lars : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lars%20Naughty%20Twinz/112/26/28 I dont like it there but maybe you do and it is often crowded.
  20. This is going on for 3 months now. I know that AR's has been send to LL about this fraud and nothing happens. And still people buy preloaded danceballs, they spend a lot of money and they receive nothing and no refund. I switched to a different dance system and I advice everyone to do the same.
  21. I used to explore mainland. Mostly by bike or horse along the roads of mainland. Mainland has become very quiet and full of abandoned land. If we can go exploring together with others I would love that.
  22. If you want I have a folder for you with selfmade physics from low to high bounce. IM me inworld. Ok, I am not a merchant,, its free and I just try to help....
  23. This is still going on in the same store. People buy preloaded danceballs for 10.000 L$ or more and no delivery. no refund, no answer on tickets.
  24. I know Blake Sea and surroundings very well but I dont think you will ever find there what you are looking for. The best I could find is this : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Honah%20Lee%20Shoal/117/81/35 6.000 sqm 1372 prims 2895 L$ weekly There is a very strict covenant and the region is homestead. Buying mainland near Nautilus could be an option but that is very expensive
  25. I checked the creation date of the Mansion and the Man. The Man was build on 07-19-2002 and the Mansion on 07-11-2002 Just a week difference...hehe
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