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  1. Mazidox I feel I need to point something out to you. This post just WILL NOT DO. It tells us exactly what we need to know and tells us precisely what information you have. This sort of thing, were it to become regular, could result in us actually believing you!! :smileytongue: All praise and kudos, Mazidox PLEASE keep it up! :smileyvery-happy:
  2. Coo Linden techs are now time travellers! They completed tomorrow's "Maintenance" today! Of course that could just be a ham-fisted way of saying that the "Maintenance" that was due to be done tomorrow was either done today or is no longer needed. Is plain English no longer used here? As an aside, Wirtz, also on LeTigre seems a bit rough too after the restart, so perhaps things are not as they should be. I'm nothing like the authority that Dari is, so I defer there, but it looks like we have a problem, Houston.
  3. Just my two pennorth. I recently blocked and muted a Security Orb on the parcel where I am an admin because I found 15IMs an hour disruptive. While that stopped the IMs inworld, I found I was having my IMs capped every time I was offline for a few hours. Then on Sunday the damn Orb started sending me IMs offline. In 12 hours I received over 200!! Now they should have capped at 50, so something is wrong! Turns out that there is something wrong with Object IM blocking offline, and in my case the cap is also on wonky. So as far as I am concerned this is a glitch that LL need to fix, and fix ASAP.
  4. sigh So today's restarts without roll evaporated. As apparently did today's tranche of "Maintenance". If this wasn't so pathetic it would be funny. Do you guys EVER sing off the same hymn sheet? The more thoughtful of us wondered at the wisdom of restarts, worse still rolls during periods of "Maintenance". It would seem that both the "Maintenance" and the Main Server restarts were cancelled today. I wonder what confusion tomorrow will bring? I just don't trust SL announcements any more.
  5. ...and as if by magic, Caleb posted them. Deploy plans for the week of 2017-01-16 [ New ] ‎01-17-2017 11:35 AM Second Life Server (Just Restarts) https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Release_Notes/Second_Life_Server/16# Scheduled Tuesday 2017-01-17 03:00-09:00 PST 2 minutes later...he must've been typing as you posted! :smileyvery-happy:
  6. ah Monty If only that sense of humour were more widely shown! Mind you, you have to admit the responses and the GSP have been rather SNAFU so far this year. Never mind, a good laugh is most therapeutic! :smileyvery-happy: I'm imagining Caleb's first comment on being re-rezzed: "That's aonther fine mesh you've gotten me into."
  7. Firstly Happy New Year, Caleb Secondly would you please kick whichever of your collegues who is responsible for the Grid Status Page and get them to post sensibly, please? The restarts without roll to Main Server went without so much as a whisper on the GSP, resulting in some very confused questions being asked in a group within which I officiate. I note that today's RC Channel roll was announced and retracted swiftly, none of us were expecting any roll, going by your thread post. When this new-style GSP was announced last month it was supposed to give us more reliable info on the state of our virtual world. So far as far as reporting Rolls and restarts it has been singularly inept and I am inclined to say SNAFU. Now I know it's been the Holiday Season, but PLEASE...digitus extractus, Linden Lab.
  8. Yes My Homestead was also restarted this UK afternoon and as of a few minutes ago a series of major spikes suggested that it was still ongoing. No notification of any sort on the GSP or server thread, so since the holidays are over so there's no excuse for not warning us. Getting the restart gong in the midst of an RP is just unnecessary and annoying.
  9. Alwin You want to know the Status of the Grid Status Page? It's easy - "Lights On, Nobody Home". It's still holiday time and I very much doubt if anyone with posting permissions is around at Battery Street. Sorry, I know that is negative-sounding, but it is also very likely to be correct.
  10. Hi and thanks, Whirly Happy New Year However....if, as you say, the servers are restarted whether or not there is new code to roll (and we now know there is good reason to do this), why was there no Main Server restart on Tuesday? I suppose given that metric, next Tuesday will see Main Server restarts without a code change? It just seems to me that there is neither rhyme nor reason to the Lindens' actions on restarts/rolls, whatever the common-sense procedure might be! Maybe, reading what You write, there have been changes to the Linux update code, hence their arrival on RC channels first. Maybe that is the sense of it. :smileyfrustrated:
  11. Nal Thanks for the clarification. This just leaves me with one question. If the Linux updates were important, why were only the RC channels updated, why not Main Server as well? And a Happy New Year to All. :smileyhappy:
  12. Yes, since there was no apparent server version change the restart must have been to tweak some other aspect of the servers. That may have been security-related and LL are always (for good reason) tight-lipped about such things. It was just a surprise and had one or two of my contacts complaining about sims being down, hence my original comment. :smileysurprised:
  13. Alwin Firstly, I speak as I find, and I find LL wanting in this case. Second, I have complimented LL on some of their successes this year, if you did not see them , that is not my error. And a Happy New Year, when it comes to you too. (I have a supply of Humbugs, if you want some!) :smileytongue:
  14. Luminye This is a case for SL support, either as a trouble ticket or, if your account is Premium, in a live Chat. It might also be that the region you are attempting to log in at is for some reason offline. In that case a login at some other location, either from favourites or at a "Safe Hub" might be advisable.
  15. Ethan Your post suggests that you would be much wiser and have more chance of a response if you were to submit this issue to Linden Lab Support as a JIRA entry. For advice on how to file a JIRA see the SecondLife website