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  1. Modern Sim Lag Times

    Willow, Qie Thanks for the clarification, Willow, I clearly do not understand Lindenese! The fact that no further information can be submitted is my chief gripe, after the simple fact that absolutely NOTHING has been done about this issue. I am surprised, Qie, that you do not see this issue since I experience it daily in the sims that I visit, not all of which are over-stuffed either with scripted items or vendors. All one needs to see is that way the simulator nearly stalls in some locations when a teleport in occurs. Teleports out do not have much effect, unsurprisingly, until sims are so overladen that they are on the point of collapse!
  2. Modern Sim Lag Times

    Sadly this JIRA has been running for over 3 years, pretty much since the introduction of fitted mesh, I think and despite the JIRA being "resolved and closed to further comment" according to LL, the issue is very much ongoing. I can only assume that LL cannot fix this since there has been so much clear data submitted after Caleb's request. We (I) see its effect at almost every heavily loaded ( and on some I would call lightly laden) region whenever an avatar wearing mesh arrives (and that , today, means essentially EVERY avatar. The server load generated by the need to resolve a mesh item is clearly taxing the simulator and the operation interferes with all other functions on the region. WHY there has been such a deafening silence from LL has me wondering just HOW much they understand their own processes.
  3. Voice broken with latest Win10 update

    Geona I am no geek but I believe the Windoze update will have messed up your audio settings, specifically the settings for your microphone. You need to check them and return them to how you had them set before. Win 10 makes a habit of breaking carefully set up system configurations with their major updates. Remember THEY (think they) know best!! They do rather force the point!
  4. plane disappears and avatar gets dumped on ocean floor

    Nikita While I am most sympathetic to your issue this is NOT the place to go to get Linden Lab to assist you. You must speak directly to support, either by Live Chat, if your account is Premium, or by raining a ticket otherwise. Lindens are unlikely to respond to issues raised here and I suspect that few ever even look in here. Your issue with regard to sim crossings is one which occupies the minds of many in SL, whether they are sailors or aviators ( though I suspect the slower speeds of sailors at sim crossings seem to cause fewer of these "hand-off" issues.
  5. So, this is new

    I must admit that I think that is wrong, the attachment state should surely be saved on logout? What looks to have happened here is a glitching of the communication between the asset server and the simulator server cluster...or at least that is what I would assume. Whatever this occurrence is it is hopefully NOT "normal behaviour". While I heartily agree that scripting inside attachments while worn is not to be recommended, the disappearance of the attachment itself is anomalous. I suppose this could occur if the logout included a "silent crash" while this might result in the local disappearance of the item from the local inventory, an inventory-cache clearance should reveal it to be still stored on the asset-server.
  6. Plans for the Week of 2018-05-21

    Arabella Sorry if you took this comment to be a slur, it certainly wasn't meant that way, just that those of us that have been around SL for some time are all too aware of LL's tendency to overlook what they see as minor matters that put a real crimp in our SLs. It was to them just another glitch, to us a SNAFU with which we are all too familiar. Perhaps you understood Anuk..I didn't.
  7. Plans for the Week of 2018-05-21

    Anuk I am with Willow here in that I cannot understand where you get your info about UDP fetch from. At no point has the Grid Status page given any such information. I must assume that either you are unfamiliar with English or your RL operating system is not compatible with ours.
  8. Plans for the Week of 2018-05-21

    Nal, I repeat what I said to Willow. The parcel in question is only a PART of the sim Wirtz. We have raised the issue of moving the region off LeTigre RC several times and while one of the other parcel owners is with us, one other never responds to our suggestions and as a result we have to stay on LeTigre. And to be pedantic I will repeat: "The problem arose because Wirtz is, at least partly, a commercial region and leaving bugged code running (especially when LL are so tight and secretive about just WHAT is bugged) seems just plain daft." Progress has to be made, of course, but if code is seen to be bugged and they can roll back the other RC channels, to me at least it makes no sense to leave it running on ANY regions.
  9. Plans for the Week of 2018-05-21

    Two small issues there. Firstly I do not own all of the sim and one owner never (and I do mean never) responds to such questions or suggestions. It is a Mainland adult region. I don't have a problem with being on LeTigre, my homestead was moved TO LeTigre a few years back during the "Timewarp" issue. The problem arose because Wirtz is, at least partly, a commercial region and leaving bugged code running (especially when LL are so tight and secretive about just WHAT is bugged) seems just plain daft. Well Maxidox said there'd be no new code but restarts are to be expected (my home on Main Server was restarted today to a new simulator but stayed on the older code) since nothing was rolled to Main last week. Further, Arabella, this is not your first rodeo, you know what LL are like over matters like this... Think Tar-Baby.
  10. Plans for the Week of 2018-05-21

    I second Whirly's question...WHAT Bug and why do those of us on LeTigre have to put up with it while the rest of SL is spared it? If the bug was behind the collapse of sim performance on Wirtz yesterday I am most concerned!
  11. Plans for the Week of 2018-05-21

    Well, I don't think all were rolled back because as of 5 minutes ago Wirtz, on LeTigre was still running which is what it has been since the last roll.
  12. Plans for the Week of 2018-05-21

    I wonder We are to have "Unscheduled Rolling Restarts" on all the RC channels...is this just a simple restart to all those servers or is there different code being rolled out? I ask because we had to have the Wirtz region (LeTigre RC) restarted earlier today after serious performance degradation (TD down to 0.6 and scripts barely able to run). Thanks to prompt action by Theresa Linden and the maintenance crew the sim was restarted after about 10 minutes and was OK as of 10 mins ago.
  13. Plans for the Week of 2018-05-21

    "RC Cruller"! Wow, never heard of that before Maxidox! Any chance of getting those pesky Release notes up for the RC roll of last week?
  14. Deploy Plans for the week of 2018-05-14

    It is now Saturday early in PST terms but late afternoon for me. Still no edit to give the release notes or ID of the software that was rolled to the RC channels on Wednesday. This is pretty poor, even by your standards, Linden Lab.
  15. Sim Crossing far worse since Last Tuesday?

    Well, it might be that some or all of the "problem areas" were not on the RC channels. That was not my point. My point was that there was fairly clearly some sort of problem and without knowing the "why", I speculated that the LL op responsible for such matter might have wished/been told to withhold the actual release notes of what was being rolled to the RCs on Wednesday while the mess was sorted out. Now I am not suggesting any malign intent (I do not routinely wear a tinfoil hat), I am just puzzled by the lack of information that is usually rapidly disseminated on the Release Thread. My phrasing might seem overly strong to some, but I'd say it simply reflected the concern shown by other contributors, who are also not known for their propensity to Tinfoil-hattery.