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  1. Deploy Plans for the week of 2018-05-14

    It is now Saturday early in PST terms but late afternoon for me. Still no edit to give the release notes or ID of the software that was rolled to the RC channels on Wednesday. This is pretty poor, even by your standards, Linden Lab.
  2. Sim Crossing far worse since Last Tuesday?

    Well, it might be that some or all of the "problem areas" were not on the RC channels. That was not my point. My point was that there was fairly clearly some sort of problem and without knowing the "why", I speculated that the LL op responsible for such matter might have wished/been told to withhold the actual release notes of what was being rolled to the RCs on Wednesday while the mess was sorted out. Now I am not suggesting any malign intent (I do not routinely wear a tinfoil hat), I am just puzzled by the lack of information that is usually rapidly disseminated on the Release Thread. My phrasing might seem overly strong to some, but I'd say it simply reflected the concern shown by other contributors, who are also not known for their propensity to Tinfoil-hattery.
  3. Sim Crossing far worse since Last Tuesday?

    I hadn't been paying attention...this unholy FUBAR explains the deafening silence about the RC release notes on the Release thread. It would seem that LL don't want to tell us just what mess they rolled out to the RCs this week at all. Judging from the above posts, I'm not surprised!
  4. Deploy Plans for the week of 2018-05-14

    OK Caleb Can we have some release notes for what was rolled to the RCs today, please. (Yes, it MIGHT just be "internal changes" but at least we would know for sure!) I know new code WAS rolled, at least to Wirtz on LeTigre, can't remember the code but it ended in ...324, I think.
  5. Deploy Plans for the week of 2018-04-23

    Thankyou for posting this Mazidox There's just one problem...it's wrong! Main Server region Woods of Heaven is running is LeTigre region Wirtz. So what has happened? Moreover there are no release notes ANYWHERE for what is on Main and LeTigre (at least on those regions). What on Earth (or SL) is going on, guys?
  6. Deploy Plans for the week of 2018-04-16

    @ Inara I did realise that "messaging" was not posting in here, but thanks for the comment. Well, we have now also had the LeTigre Roll and STILL we have no Release Notes or New Release thread in here. Now many folk will say that it is not important but I disagree. One of the things the Ebbe and previous Linden CEOs have promised us time and again is better more reliable communication. It just isn't happening. If SL was a small operation run on a shoe-string by part-timers this might not be a surprise, but SL is a business... a large PROFITABLE business run by full-time paid professionals! So I must conclude that these professionals either cannot be bothered to communicate with their users, or the chain of command at LL to get permission to post is so tortuous that they just don't bother. Either way it is extremely UNprofessional.
  7. Deploy Plans for the week of 2018-04-16

    Yes well. I wondered what the server version was that we were rolled to, but since there are no release notes even now some 12 hours after the roll, they are anyone's guess. " [2018/04/24 12:04:52] Rider Linden: Ah. Release notes are on the way. We've made some changes on the back end with respect to message reliability that we are hoping makes the transitions a bit more reliable." Yeah sure. FAIL. OK maybe the notes for what is to Roll to Snack will take time, but the notes to what you already rolled cannot be THAT hard to publish. Dear God LL just how disorganised are you going to get? PS Yes. I'm sorry. I'm being critical. Again. With reason this time!
  8. Restarts today Apr 24?? Terrible conditions in Blake Sea.

    Yes it would be nice to say that LL are keeping to their word to communicate better, but it simply isn't true. My region had its third restart in three weeks today! Only one of them announced in the forum. ETA at 5.08pm PDT: It seems that we have new server software on our sim, I had not noticed.. Shame there are no release notes...Gee thanks Rider.
  9. Deploy Plans for the week of 2018-04-16

    Don't suppose LL will bother until the roll to LeTigre is nigh. It won't help those whose Main Server sims (like mine) were restarted for the third time in three weeks. I used to think that LL, which often a bit remote, actually DID know what they were doing. I no longer do.
  10. Long maintenance today

    @Fionalein Restarts to Main Server are usually carried out on a Tuesday, but restarts to the RC(Release Candidate) servers LeTigre, BlueSteel and Magnum are usually Wednesdays, small testing servers, such as Snack and others created for time to time are restarted more irregularly on an as-needed basis. To the OP: to find out which server you are on you can set that in the menu for the top toolbar of your viewer, whichever viewer you use. In Firestorm it can be done from preferences.
  11. Deploy Plans for the week of 2018-03-26

    Caleb Your post regarding RC BlueSteel and the small RC Snack channel is now in conflict with the GSP, which is reporting rolls to these channels tomorrow (Thursday).
  12. Is there anybody...IN THERE?

    That'd be Lil, Oskar and Maestro then.
  13. Is there anybody...IN THERE?

    Well, Whirly, I wish LL would get their internals fixed! That has been like that for three days now, LittleMe, that's why I was wondering if they had gone out and left the lights on.
  14. Lack of support

    Yes, I know Love. It is just that I have done all those things!
  15. Is there anybody...IN THERE?

    Now it may be a mere blip in the service, but has anyone noticed that LL have not bothered to sort out the incorrect banner on the Grid Status Page for three days now? Also no indication of what, if anything will be done server-side this week. No news is usually good news but I'd say this is just a little too quiet for comfort.