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  1. I have never put or seen folders in my inventory apart from occasional outfits that I have discarded and those are only links. HOWEVER, I have noticed on many occasions that when I delete, say, 4 items, none of which have links pointing to them, my inventory count has dropped by more than four, sometimes as many as 200! I have a suspicion (and it is no more than that) that the inventory asset server or one of the SL processes that access it is glitching badly and may be buggy. Maybe this is at the root of these inventory problems?
  2. Callum Your comment puzzles me. Inventory backup doesn't provide any more opportunities to pirate IP than already exist, so far as I can see, so perhaps you see a possibility that I don't but I really do not see any IP problems associated with the concept.
  3. OK Alwin, fair point, it was only about half a dozen people, but that was simply within my sphere of activity. I know more were affected but it was just hearsay. It seems to have stopped for those that I know and certainly up to now I've observed no further incidents, so perhaps whatever it was is past. Klytyna, my personal experience was on Main Server but I have since ascertained that Magnum and LeTigre regions were also affected. Now since LeTig is one of the RC Channels it would seem unlikely that Server software was at fault. Whirly, it isn't that BUG I am certain, but as you say it is completely vague and I have no more info. So we'll see.
  4. I don't really know just how widespread this issue is, but from Tuesday onwards many people, from various parts on the RL globe have been reporting sim freezes and far more lag-spikes than normal. I have observed these "freezes" on my home sim, and while such phenomena are more often than not a result of issues with a client ISP, this issue appears to be different. For one thing many people are seeing them, from several region of the globe and on multiple sims. While it may actually NOT be a Second Life issue as such, it is likely to be an issue with one of LL's service providers. I am curious to know just how many more folk have encountered this. I did a little monitoring of the issue and when the sim-freezes occur the downstream connection to SL is not failing, which is what often occurs when the client ISP is at fault.
  5. @AviumBanker I'm assuming your comment was ironic. That would be a polite thought. Sansar is most assuredly NOT SL2 as others note, it is also in technical trouble thanks to LL's emphasis on "VR" (by which I assume you mean first person 3D). That having been said, there is no reason why, for the expenditure of a little money and a lot of effort, inventory back-up should not be developed. What the lack of it DOES show is how short of programmers LL is. There is a lot of life, and profit, left in SL and investment in inventory backup is a sensible option, if LL will bite the bullet and put some resources on it. You said it yourself...SL is "community driven": the community wants inventory backup.
  6. Prok, Chic This issue has been a feature of Second Life now for as long as I can recall, and has never been satisfactorily been addressed by the Lab. Prok's suggestion is not new and it would be met with the same whiny response from LL that it is just "too hard". Nonsense. It is actually quite easy, it is just something that they do not want to have to do. There are times when I utterly fail to understand the Linden Lab mindset over this. I have lost small amounts of inventory on a couple of occasions due to database errors or corruption, but at worst whole accounts can become corrupted and lost to their user. The simple fact is that LL do not wish to invest in the server storage space that inventory backup would need. It wouldn't be trivial but it IS doable. I would not hold your metaphoric breath for this feature to be introduced, LL have shown scant regard for innovations on other platforms. Unless it's shiny.
  7. Caleb I don't know whether the "Roll finished All Clear" notice went out from the GSP prematurely or what, but my region "Woods of Heaven" was suffering major lagspikes long after 8:20am PDT today. Any reason for that?
  8. Helena, this sounds like a problem with the region you were on when you crashed or possibly your account data got scrambled. If where you crashed was different to your home point try changing your login location to home. If THAT fails, contact LL either via a trouble ticket or if you are Premium, via Live Chat. It was very unlikely to be your viewer, so reinstalling might actually complicate matters, but don't worry that is a minor issue. It is possible that your avatar is "ghosted" on that sim, but LL can sort that for you.
  9. @Jayde That is excellent news. I have been called many things in my SL, but never a genius. Bless You!
  10. Watching this thread with interest. This problem was reportedly solved a couple of years ago by some server code changes. At the time I reported that ghostings were still occurring though thankfully not to me. The only resolution that my friends who did get ghosted (often as a result of failed sim crossings while sailing) was to relog themselves and TP into the sim where their avs were "ghosted". As Marigold says the sim automatically eliminates the "ghost". The issue is remembering where you've been and going to all those places! Really this is an issue that LL technical can solve fairly easily if they can be bothered.
  11. OK, again just my experience. Having wisely given up using the forcing of AA settings on FS, "let the application decide" "should" work, in FS it doesn't. Dunno why but it just doesn't! I'll have a look at Black Dragon but I used one of Niran's earlier iterations and to be perfectly frank I was NOT impressed. Again just me, nothing untoward, just a preference. I'd REALLY like to know why this is because there are a few situations where I do not use ALM even with my 980Ti (I need the frame rate as high as possible since I am moving rapidly and while the sim may not refresh at more that 45FPS, I need the instantaneous control that a high FPS gives me (ping and lag notwithstanding).
  12. Belinda. My experience with a GTX980Ti is that AA in FS out of ALM is just plain broken. I tried using the Nvidia control panel to set up FS when ALM is off and it (FS) just does not recognise the setting. ! know that using the same setting in Antialiasing that ALM uses (FXAA) in the Nvidia control results in blurred text so that's a "no-no". I don't know what causes it but it's been like this for several iterations of FS and another Nvidia GPU (GTX580). So what's going on Whirly?
  13. Patience, Lucia, for myself I'd rather have things that actually work, than new "shinies" that don't.
  14. Mazidox I feel I need to point something out to you. This post just WILL NOT DO. It tells us exactly what we need to know and tells us precisely what information you have. This sort of thing, were it to become regular, could result in us actually believing you!! :smileytongue: All praise and kudos, Mazidox PLEASE keep it up! :smileyvery-happy:
  15. Coo Linden techs are now time travellers! They completed tomorrow's "Maintenance" today! Of course that could just be a ham-fisted way of saying that the "Maintenance" that was due to be done tomorrow was either done today or is no longer needed. Is plain English no longer used here? As an aside, Wirtz, also on LeTigre seems a bit rough too after the restart, so perhaps things are not as they should be. I'm nothing like the authority that Dari is, so I defer there, but it looks like we have a problem, Houston.