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  1. This is strange. Given what Lucia reported above I am wondering just how many restarts and rolls some LeTigre sims actually had, because late last evening UK time, Wirtz, a LeTigre mainland sim was on, the Main Server build. Given all this could we have some clarification about just WHAT WENT WRONG, please Linden Lab? @Qie Niangao: Following some unpleasant spamming of a few JIRAs, the whole shebang was made Read-Only except for new entries or folk commenting on their own JIRAs my guess is that this also has not worked as intended. (!) ETA: Having said that it is working fine for me. I guess LL just don't like you Qie!
  2. Yes, that's all well and good but Saii specifically asked folks on Main Server NOT to update until the DJ boards broke. Now broken DJ boards don't fit my definition of "not much" and it was scant comfort that Oz made great efforts to work out just what WAS happening on Magnum (though we are all grateful that the effort WAS made).
  3. Now this is getting silly. OK Whirly, I forgot about the memory-use advantages of the 64 bit. I ought to have remembered that we made use of it on FS for quite a while and I did indeed see out of memory crashes on 32 bit viewers. Phil, I am puzzled. 512MB is 0.5GB surely. That is a heck of a big drop in a rather small ocean.
  4. I think were are missing the point here. The 64 bit viewer IS going to be useful for those users whose OS operate on a 64 bit bus, but only marginally. The issue of extended VRAM is another matter entirely. Most modern GPUs have over 1GB of VRAM. Many have over 2GB. It is THAT which will make the huge difference to most. Extending the VRAM addressed by the viewer vastly improves the viewer's ability to process and render complex scenes quickly. That much I know from personal experience using both 32 and 64 bit versions of Firestorm and a test build of the LL 64 bit (which did have up to 2048MB texture memory option, Whirly) against the standard default viewer. So let's be clear: a 64bit LL viewer with only 512B addressable VRAM will not give any noticeable improvement, but one that can use more VRAM most assuredly will.
  5. OK I got the wrong message and shouted before I heard the truth. Simply I found it inconceivable that the Alex-Ivy test viewer should have the extended VRAM and an issued version should not. I attributed unreasonable idiocy to LL for no good reason.. My bad, as they say. I hope the 64 bit LL viewer will be released soon. It is sorely needed.
  6. Seriously? LL have issued the 64 bit viewer with a 512MB texture memory limit?? After all the testing we did??? That beggars belief!
  7. Shawn I have two questions: 1) Which viewer are you using? 2) Which type of graphics card? If the answer to 2) is NVidia, which driver version are you on. If 384.76 please roll back the driver and try again to log in.
  8. Ah well, thankYou Caleb and the release notes are up...great. IDID wonder, earlier today!
  9. OK my error I didn't scroll down the new GSP to find the announcement. I clearly have not got used to this yet. Still, the release notes aren't updated so I have no idea exactly WHAT was rolled yet!
  10. Thing is, Whirly I obviously went to bed prior to the posting of the roll announcement and failed to scroll down far enough to see it today, my error, I suppose. And yet....with nothing in this forum and no release notes, this is, I repeat SNAFU.
  11. No Victorian they ARE doing restarts, it seems they just didn't bother to tell anyone...even their own Server Notes agent. *SNAFU*
  12. I am a tad perplexed about today's un announced rolling restart to the Main Server. We at Woods of Heaven are now on, yet the release notes in Help >About xxx show LAST week's server version with no mention of today's software. What is going on and why is there this confusion SNAFU yet again?
  13. Just to close out this issue of cache sharing, Marine Kelley has reacted quickly and has issued an updated RLV which no longer shares its default cache with the Linden SLV. It DOES require that anyone who has previously been using the default viewer to change the cache location from preferences PRIOR to the first login with the new viewer, but once that is done all will be well.
  14. Yes, you are quite correct, Whirly and what is more disturbing is that there appears to be widespread ignorance of this issue inworld from what I can gather. I am surprised and concerned that RLV should use the same Cache location as the SLV. That needs attention, in my view.
  15. Bigmoe you almost make my point for me. The maintenance had commenced several days before I posted (see for yourself). The completion post was several days after I'd tested the site and found it working properly. I am guessing that the completion notice had simply not been posted when the work was completed. ETA: The way the GSP is constructed now makes finding that particular piece impossible so let's just leave it. The work was done but as is so often the case the person responsible for posting the completion notice either didn't bother to do it or for some reason couldn't.