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  1. Deploy Plans for the week of 2017-08-21

    Well I am inclined to say "Better Late than Never", but for some folks it still IS never. It was good to see an explanation of the issue, but I am afraid it is too little and far too late for many. For those folk who had among the content returned broken No-Copy items there is no comfort. Parcel auto-return is notorious for returning content as coalesced objects, which some simply do not understand and cannot recover. Those that do know to use a sandbox have found much broken content. LL's stock response is to hide behind clauses in the ToS, where it is baldly stated that content, irrespective of our investment in it, is theirs and solely theirs to lose or break as they see fit. While I understand this I do NOT consider it a reasonable position for a company to take, especially when it is hoping for inward investment in a new product (Sansar). In the limit although we have an explanation, for most nothing has changed.
  2. Deploy Plans for the week of 2017-09-11

    OK no mileage in pointing out that there has STILL not been any official comment on last week's Magnum SNAFU apart from a single line in one JIRA. Last night my Main Server sim was restarted for a second time in 24 hours from 9746 to 20086, having been 20006 prior to the "official" restart and roll. We are still on, so there wasn't a software issue, but no explanation...and a few simple prims I had been working on earlier that day had re-appeared, despite my having tidied up after myself. Now, as I understand it, it is not LL practice to put regions from different channels on the same server, so it wasn't a Magnum region being rolled back, but I have no idea WHAT the cause was, certainly neither I nor my partner requested or instigated it. The region was running well and still is. Any chance of a constructive reply from LL? I see that there was a change of plan regarding LeTigre and Magnum, which are now staying on 508236, so will there be restarts there or not, this week? Come to think on it, you will have to be restarting Magnum sims 'cos that amounts to a roll back! Not before time for some folk.
  3. Deploy Plans for the week of 2017-09-11

    Not withstanding all the comments made in another thread in this forum, I am saddened by Linden Lab's almost total refusal to comment on the issues that occurred last Wednesday following the roll of server version Second_Life_RC_Magnum/17# . The fact that some sims went over their maximum LI allocation caused many items to be returned to their owners, some as coalesced objects that have proven impossible to rerez, some no mod no copy scripted items simply broken. LL have seen fit to make no comment about this or the simple fact that this problem SHOULD have been seen in QA and either wasn't or the QA due diligence was simply not performed. The change of items from Convex Hull to Prim was first seen and corrected back in 2012. Are your memories SO short? Mine are not. The fact that I and many others PAY to access Second Life and are at the least owed LL's due diligence seems to have been forgotten. This silence is simply not acceptable, Linden Lab.
  4. Mesh physics problems on Magnum Servers

    I say this with some trepidation, since feelings are clearly running high over this: There has been much discussion over this breakage of mesh, and quite frankly to suggest that the Linden response, limited as it has been to an inane comment in the JIRA, was adequate at any level is risible. This Forum is the server forum, supposedly one of the few places where we are given to expect Linden participation. Therefore if not on this thread then certainly on the server thread they should have made some comment that they were aware that there was an issue, if only to quieten the unrest. The issue was with the server software and therefore would be properly commented upon in this Forum. One quite vanilla group in SL is still mystified at the occurrence and several members have lost items. The Linden response to this issue is utterly inadequate.
  5. No Main Server Restarts?

    OK So we have no response to last Wednesday's unfortunate consequences to the Roll on Magnum RC. No real surprise there for those of us who have been around for a while. This week again we have no roll to Main Server and here there IS a problem: Many Main Server sims, certainly the older servers that Mainland seems to run NEED a regular restart to keep them running properly. without them we see poor script-run performance and slow rezzing of prims OR mesh. Not to mention the sims are badly affected by TPs or logins or out. Now I understood that LL realised there was a need for these restarts on at least a fortnightly basis, some need restarts almost daily. So now two weeks will soon have passed since the last Main Server sims were restarted. This is breaking your own set of standards LL. Not good. I won't be the first to yell because my Homestead seems to be on a nice new server and is only lightly loaded anyway, but others, MANY others will not be so fortunate. Again I say, NOT GOOD. Edit to Add: Well well, I log in again at 10:30 pm UK time and I see there WILL be restarts to Main Server after all. A silly error of omission, of course! (I can do you a bulk deal on Shrek ears if you like).
  6. Deploy Plans for the week of 2017-09-04

    OK so I took a bit more time to actually thoroughly read about this issue. I see that so far as the erroneous LI calculations are concerned a simple sim restart returns the values to what they ought to be. Fine. HOWEVER....this does not deal with the situations where folk have had items returned due to the sim/parcel exceeding its LI allocation. In many of those cases the items have been returned as coalesced objects which are often nigh-on impossible to rez, even assuming you know what to do about it. Also in most cases items with no modify perms have broken scripts which cannot be reset. I assume that the forced change from Convex Hull to Prim properties did that. This is resulting in inventory loss which was TOTALLY avoidable if the LL QA department had been awake during the testing on Aditi. Erm, Guys you DID test it I assume? Either way a little explanation of what had happened would have been helpful, and it goes a little way beyond wearing Shrek ears.
  7. Deploy Plans for the week of 2017-09-04

    Well this is nice The software rolled to Magnum sims on Wednesday ( https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Release_Notes/Second_Life_RC_Magnum/17# ) has caused a whole raft of issues (see several other threads, one in this forum and the BUGs BUG-134270 and BUG-134271), and yet there is not a word from Linden Lab on this or any other thread. Folks are having tranches of stuff returned, in some cases with No-Copy ie unique items irreparably broken, which is so often the case with parcel returns. One Magnum RC sim I went to today, Heavenly Views, which is STILL running 328871, looks rather like Hurricane Irma came ashore early. I have two questions. 1) Why has there been NO COMMENT AT ALL from the Lab over this, and 2) Why on earth has Heavenly Views not been rolled back?? There are times when I doubt that LL cares one jot about SL. This is one of them. The failure mode is well documented and similar issues have been seen before (qv), so why the silence and inactivity LL? Are you really waiting on region and parcel owners complaining before you act?
  8. Now I cannot diagnose this reliably but I have two suggestions. One is to open the viewer and wait...see if the terms simply take a long time to load. Or check your Firewall or anti-virus setting to see if one of them is preventing the text from downloading. If that fails to solve the issue raise a ticket with LL via support.
  9. Deploy Plans for the week of 2017-07-24

    Concise would be good. No...anything would be good after 6 hours. But seriously, do you really think ALL of them with communication responsibility are just "too busy right now"? Sorry I don't think that is OK. The "Tarbaby he say nuttin'" approach wore thin over five years ago. I had thought Ebbe had learned something.
  10. Deploy Plans for the week of 2017-07-24

    Just my two penn'orth, but the reason the Main Channel sims are referenced on today's Maintenance is most likely because the hardware being worked on affects all services (login rezzing etc) irrespective of the actual channel that the account is connecting to. The services affected are broad-spectrum across ALL SL, not just the RC channels. Of course it would be good if LL actually bothered to explain such things, to avoid unnecessary speculation and the bulk-selling of tin-foil hats, but we all know how likely that is to happen. We must just "brace for impact" (sorry I just watched "Sully") and wait this out. @Whirly Fizzle that pic of Caleb is just downright scary, with that BIG HAIR!
  11. Deploy Plans for the week of 2017-07-24

    Oh for Heaven's Sake Linden Lab...again?? Scheduled Maintenance RC Channels Investigating - We will be performing scheduled maintenance for regions on the RC Magnum, Blue Steel, Cake and LeTigre server channels beginning at 1PM PST. Please refrain from rezzing no-copy objects, and remember to save all builds. Please check this blog for updates. Jul 26, 13:03 PDT Now perhaps this time you will tell us the rationale IN HERE? ETA: Yep we are back to 548 on LeTigre again. Gosh, isn't this fun!
  12. Deploy Plans for the week of 2017-07-24

    Thankyou Arton. What a pity LL didn't see fit to tell the great unwashed that . I'm still not sure that explains why Wirtz was rolled THREE times though.
  13. Deploy Plans for the week of 2017-07-24

    I suppose it is pointless my asking why there has been no explanation of the multiple restarts experienced by LeTigre RC sims last Wednesday and Thursday? People in the Wirtz sim were turfed out of SL 3 times in all, with the sim ending up on the same server software version as Main Channel. Just once it would be nice to hear SOME rationale behind this (always assuming there WAS some). C'mon LL, a little transparency please over this. Oh, and I AM asking the owner of the sim...it is adult Mainland.
  14. Deploy Plans for the week of 2017-07-17

    This is strange. Given what Lucia reported above I am wondering just how many restarts and rolls some LeTigre sims actually had, because late last evening UK time, Wirtz, a LeTigre mainland sim was on, the Main Server build. Given all this could we have some clarification about just WHAT WENT WRONG, please Linden Lab? @Qie Niangao: Following some unpleasant spamming of a few JIRAs, the whole shebang was made Read-Only except for new entries or folk commenting on their own JIRAs my guess is that this also has not worked as intended. (!) ETA: Having said that it is working fine for me. I guess LL just don't like you Qie!
  15. Deploy Plans for the week of 2017-07-17

    Yes, that's all well and good but Saii specifically asked folks on Main Server NOT to update until the DJ boards broke. Now broken DJ boards don't fit my definition of "not much" and it was scant comfort that Oz made great efforts to work out just what WAS happening on Magnum (though we are all grateful that the effort WAS made).