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  1. Deploy Plans for the week of 2018-02-12

    Further to my post above, I am becoming concerned at the length of this session of restarts. Normally if a Server Channel is being restarted without new code being added, the whole job is over in 3 or 4 hours. When I checked the Grid Status page just now I see that the Main Server Roll is STILL ongoing, after10 hours! Now even if we assume that the server-techs got up late today and didn't start until, say, 8am PDT, at 2pm PDT, this roll should have been long over. So I ask, what's going on, what went wrong or who is wearing their shrek ears THIS week? My own sim on Main Server is normally rolled or restarted well before 10am PDT, and as of just now it had NOT been restarted. ETA at 10:56pm my (UK) time LL announced on the GSP that the Main Server Restarts were complete. NO THEY AREN'T. My home sim of Woods of Heaven is still on sim 9041, which it has been for the past 2 weeks! Live Chat time , I think. FETA: of course now Live chat ceases at 3pm PDT, less than 5 minutes after LL announce the completion of the restarts. Coincidental timing? I wonder. Naturally enough the scope of choices for support tickets is inadequate for this eventuality. Thankyou LL for making our Second lives so much better...NOT
  2. Deploy Plans for the week of 2018-02-12

    Yes, we do! Sometimes I even understand it!
  3. Deploy Plans for the week of 2018-01-08

    On a different topic I see that the Grid Status Page announced belatedly at 6am SLT that there was a Main Server restart in progress. No details are available in this forum, so just what is to be rolled is anyone's guess. An educated guess would be that Main Server is getting the software version rolled to the Release Candidate channels last week. Is it too much to expect a timely announcement of such actions? I know there was a special day on Monday but what was stopping someone putting up the notice in the days prior to it? I think I already know the answer. ETA at c2pm SLT: I see from other posts in this forum on another thread that they were encountering: "Cannot connect to a simulator". well of course that simply means that their destination region was offline being restarted. This is the sort of thing that can occur when no post is made in this forum regarding the rolls and at that time, 3 hours into the normal schedule for a Main Server Restart/Roll there was nothing on the GSP. People are on the whole unaware of the info given out by LL, and the principal reason is that the GSP and even this forum are no longer reliable indicators of what is happening in SL. in SL's 15th year this is very poor customer service.
  4. Deploy Plans for the week of 2018-01-08

    This spiky lag issue is apparently due to "child agent" creation events when changes occur on neighbouring regions. Apparently the adjacent region does not need to be on the same server, which I find remarkable. The phenomenon has been observed on Mainland and there is a JIRA on it , though I don't have the number. Whether the issue is being actively investigated or not I do not know, but raising another JIRA wold soon show that. I would guess that it has been introduced accidentally but it has been observed for some time on SL Ponyplay sims that are not discrete islands.
  5. Deploy Plans for the week of 2018-01-08

    Oh dear Minuet I am sorry that you think me a nag. As to a resolution to nag less, sorry no can do. The Maintenance took priority today and going by the Grid Status page Main server restarts never happened. As I said some (I don't know just how many) occurred last week and the RC channels are, in the case of some regions, in dire need of a restart by LL (being on Mainland). I am surprised that the SBUG was not aware of it. I COULD go through my second life not caring one jot about others and just blithely going about my SL, but I am simply not made that way. Linden Lab set themselves standards. If they fail to meet them I will remark on it, sometimes in a way that irritates others. That is my cross to bear and I bear it.
  6. Deploy Plans for the week of 2018-01-08

    As regards the OP, I guess we all feel the same about the post. I will not add to it. As regards the "scheduled" restarts to Main Server sims, during a period of base service maintenance...IS THIS WISE? I am also minded that some Main Server simulators were restarted last week (mine was), and if that was LL, why are you doing it again this week? You left some RC channel Mainland sims un-restarted for 3 weeks just prior to the end of 2017! Happy New Year, Linden Lab, but please resolve to know where your ass is so that you can find it in the dark with at least ONE hand this year.
  7. Same old same old

    Thanks for the warning It is a shame that LL don't think it is worth a post on the GSP.
  8. Same old same old

    It is probably not going to spark anything by way of a response from LL, but, since there are no restarts advertised this week does that mean that RC regions that have gone for 2 weeks without a restart are to be left on Mainland for another week or even longer? Regions such as Wirtz have been seriously laggy and "rubber-bandy" for a few days already and while the worst there may have been averted by dint of the server actually crashing yesterday, many other Mainland regions will be increasingly difficult (I'm thinking sim crossings while sailing as the most obvious issue) over the holiday period when few LL staff will be on duty. A while ago we were promised that all servers would be restarted on a fortnightly basis if new code was not rolled. Has that "promise" evaporated?
  9. Server or connection malfucntion?

    Chin What you are describing mirrors a problem I had over a year ago. It, in the end, turned out to be inadvertent (they said) throttling of my connection by my ISP. Since I pay a large premium for a fast unlimited connection I suggested that they were joking when they said what they thought the issue was, (ie I was exceeding my allocation of bandwidth). So long as only a few packets were being sent, my ping and line speed were great. As soon as the packet rate went above a really slow cut-off point the connection would grind to a virtual (sic) halt with all the symptoms that you describe, so that even if by chance I logged on anything else was almost impossible. I could not even stream music reliably! How it was fixed I have no idea, but my ISP pleaded "over utilisation"...god knows what they meant! Only after I threatened to move to another ISP did the issue improve. I have no suggestion other than contacting your ISP to see if it is their issue. Good Luck!
  10. Any Restarts this week?

    I know the Linden Lab techs are probably busy getting the MP and Live chat Support issues sorted, but....are there to be any updates at all this week? There appears not to have been one for Main Server sims today, but what of the Release Candidate channels tomorrow? I will no doubt be chastised by those who neither care nor wish to know, but I'd still like some feedback from The Lab. Are the Second Life staff so diminished by Sansar work that restarts have just been abandoned for this week?
  11. Login Failures

    Looks like the elastic broke again. Stats outside SL show a sudden drop and now a slow recovery in online numbers so I guess it is patched if not fixed. We aren't likely to hear anything from LL since it is US Thanksgiving tomorrow. It wasn't like the last outage, since the FS blog was still up. Maybe it was just Europe.
  12. Deploy Plans for the week of 2017-11-06

    Following on from that post, Grumpity, I see that despite the scheduled postponement of the Support Maintenance until next Monday... "Hi Everybody! Well, this is embarrassing. Our support upgrade needs to be postponed yet again. Outside factors have come into play and we will be unable to upgrade our service until next week. What this means is that for our residents: Support access will remain normal until next Monday the 13th at 3:00 pm. We will then move forward with this upgrade which will have the same expected downtime." ...The GSP is showing Support as "Under Maintenance" today! So is that still this "handy feature" fooling us all, or is it more "miscommunication"?
  13. Deploy Plans for the week of 2017-11-06

    Thankyou Grumpity That was just the reassurance we needed after today's oddities, most welcome! I AM a bit perplexed by the now-you-see-it now-you-don't....now-you-do behaviour of the GSP over the support downtime! Never mind, so long as the work get done!
  14. Deploy Plans for the week of 2017-11-06

    So what is so different about today's roll compared to the many other Main Server restarts. Is this a coded message saying that the SL infrastructure is in danger of collapse? Or was it simply a case of kack-handed server operation? That does not explain the unusual restart of the LeTigre RC region.
  15. Deploy Plans for the week of 2017-11-06

    This gets curiouser and curiouser. Wirtz, a mainland LeTigre sim was also restarted today by LL, but while one might reasonably assume some anomaly had been found in 510119 to cause the reversion to 509394, it remained on 510119! Now why on EARTH restart an RC channel region/server today and stay on 510119, if it had been found to have a problem/exploit? This whole restart/roll mess today looks like a complete mix-up, so far totally unexplained or even noted.