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  1. Now...normally when this occurs I ask "why"? but of course: Except that Main Server Regions WERE restarted last week, so they "shouldn't" be more than 7 days old. So, miscommunication or FUBAR?
  2. @ Theresa Yes Mea Culpa I was a week out (I forgot about last week) ? Just don't ask how you forget a whole week!
  3. And yet...... In progress - Scheduled maintenance is currently in progress. We will provide updates as necessary. Feb 19, 04:00 PST Scheduled - We will be performing rolling restarts for regions on the main Second Life Server channel on Tuesday, February 19th. Please refrain from rezzing no copy objects and remember to save all builds. Please check this blog for updates.
  4. Oh dear, I do dislike folk who offer such advice without ever having actually read the OP. We have been waiting patiently for over one YEAR now. Enough already!
  5. @Shudo Firstly, a "simple reboot or two" is not doing anything to fix this problem, nor, as you would see from the JIRA does changing server. Serjourn could give you chapter and verse on that! Secondly, I would not expect Willow to have any influence to change any aspect of the LL triage process (I am puzzled as to why you'd think that). This BUG goes much deeper than simple server crosstalk, though I still believe that something of that nature is affecting Devon. @Willow While I appreciate the prejudicial inference of "entitlement" in other cultures, I do think that when someone has put as much time and money into SL as Serjourn they should be afforded a little more consideration. I also know how much time you and Whirly put into chasing up several of the more irritating BUGs in SL , the TP detachment one being a prime example.
  6. Willow: To the best of my knowledge several of the OPs of the BUG reports have been at user group meetings in the recent past and have, thus far, received no response on this matter, THAT is why so many of us are frustrated! Simon has stonewalled on this issue for over 6 months now. Now I'm just A N Other SL user but Serjourn is a major player and deserves better treatment than the current brush-off.
  7. Over a year ago the owner of the Farthest Shore sim (among many others at the Adult Hub) which is home to Wild PonyGirls, began an LLJIRA , BUG-202882, which refers to the chronic lag-spikes created when avatars arrive on neighbouring sims to Farthest Shore. That action causes the creation of “Child Agents” on Farthest Shore and results in long spikes of virtually zero script run and physics FPS, they can be 3-5 seconds long. This, obviously badly disrupts almost ANY experience of SL, but it destroys ponysport. There are over 40 watchers on that JIRA but so far there has been zero response from LL apart from basic triage and “accepting” it, which makes further comments impossible. In frustration, Serjourn opened a second JIRA this month, BUG-226298, which, thanks to a campaign by Swenyia Chuwen, has now 100 watchers. There is, as yet, no response from LL. A related issue is bedevilling another Pony Stable, Darkwing, on the stand alone Devon Dream sim. Now there is no obvious way that child agent creation can be causing the choppy, spiky running of Devon, which at one time was remarkable for the smoothness of its running. I have put my mind to the issue, and have come up with a possible cause…that there is “cross-talk” of that simulator with others on the same server and this might even extend to other servers on the same power-supply bus. I do not know enough about server interconnection or SL code to know how far-fetched this idea is but I urge anyone who reads this post to visit those JIRAs and read the comments therein and put your views in addition to those already expressed and PLEASE add your names to the watching list! We need to get this issue resolved as soon as possible and at the very least get some response from LL on this issue. I wonder whether these JIRAs will remain unassigned and whether the new one will soon also be “accepted” to stop folk adding to it and showing LL just how much disruption this issue is causing! I would not ordinarily bring a topic such as this to such a forum, but this matter has been going on far too long without any significant action from The Lab. I now feel that this matter, which is undoubtedly a Server issue needs a bit more public airing to promote a response from LL. So I apologise in advance if some take issue with my posting this here but enough is enough. I should also be clear that those two are not the ONLY JIRAs on that subject, there are several, all raised by concerned SL users who are seeing their SL experience significantly degraded by this or closely-related problems.
  8. Candy, to give you sensible advice we need you to post details of your system...OS (64 bit windows 7/10?) also the amount of RAM (you need at least 8GB these days and preferably more. With that information we can more easily advise you, though the inworld Firestorm Support English group (assuming your native language IS English) should be your first priority.
  9. It is now 21.20 BST...13.20hr PDT and according to the Grid Status Page the rolling restart is STILL happening. Is this merely an oversight or is this roll taking far longer than usual?
  10. Having said what I did about your previous post, we still do not know what 519222 actually is!
  11. Sunday Still no comment from either Caleb in this thread, or the Lab on the GSP as to why the published server version was NOT rolled to the RCs this past week, nor any indication of what the content of the actual server version rolled WAS. If this was to circumvent a very late-discovered security exploit I'm not daft enough to ask WHAT, but just some indication of WHY would be nice. Does ANYONE actually know what the reason is?
  12. I can confirm that the LeTigre RC sim Wirtz is also running 519222, so what happened to 519319?
  13. OK BTW , Solar, I never said anything about LL not working to PST/PDT. So your comments make no sense to me, either.
  14. OK firstly the issue ceased after c. 1.5 hr so it did not require a restart. Perhaps it does happen to you that other regions restarting cause TD spikes. It has not been my experience but maybe that's irrelevant. Secondly, it being a US company employing US staff is not disputed. However its customer and user-base is worldwide and THAT is relevant, though a US company might not see beyond its own shores. That is what I meant by "insular". Thirdly I notice that the Grid Status Page has posts supposedly made on the 3rd and at 3am PST on the 4th. I was monitoring the webpage...they were NOT there earlier today. And no it is not a browser-cache issue, I know to check that. Fourthly, the issue is over and considered irrelevant by the majority. I guess that I just have to live with not being on US territory and thus being an irrelevance to some in the USA.
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