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  1. Put your headphones on, turn up the volume and FLY...🤪
  2. 51 years later Same Bassplayer Ruud Jacobs and drums Han Bennink They play a composition of Misha Mengelberg ; "Driekusman Total Loss" The same guys with Piet Noordijk on alto sax were a sensation at the Newport Festival in the 60ties as completely unknown musicians at that time in the USA
  3. Iconic record session and an all Dutch rhythm section. I can listen to it all day ! Piano Pim Jacobs Bass Ruud Jacobs Drums Han Bennink
  4. Miles in the quintet of Charlie Parker I am not sure which year, I think 1947 Moose the Mooche was the nickname of Parker's drugsdealer Last album of Miles. released posthumously on June 30, 1992
  5. NSJF the Hague Netherlands July 5 1988
  6. For anyone interested in Miles Davis, the Miles Davis story on Vimeo. You need a (free) Vimeo account
  7. There are concerts you will never forget. Miles was at his best.
  8. It won't get any better than this.... Brussels 1963
  9. Club Evans in Seoul South Korea. Club Evans was a jazzclub in SL as well for many years. I went there often. Every week live music and mainly a Korean public. The club is gone now. I am still a groupmember but nothing happens anymore. Sound quality is low on their video's
  10. Still not my favourite music but a precious memory of the 78RPM records of my grandfather
  11. Do a search for surf beaches. You will often find a rezz spot there.
  12. The Quest 2M After all those years still one of my favourite boats. She has some interesting features of a RL boat The creator left SL years ago In case you did not know, click the photo to enlarge
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