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  1. Hanging out at the club where I work, watching people play board-games......
  2. I guess I was lucky; when I was in my “stripper phase”, so was my Partner :-) Based on what I saw way back then, some guys like the *idea* of being with an erotic dancer, but when reality sets in - their personal level of possessiveness isn’t open enough to allow it to work. I don’t think people who go jealous and possessive really MEAN to be asshats, they just discover that they themselves can’t trust their lover enough to share viewing her with the world and then turn what my daughter calls “dickish” from there. People have unrealistic expectations about what they want, and very often “want” and “need” don’t overlap. :-( Date other dancers, that works better and you have something in common......unless you tend to get competitive :-)
  3. I agree with you - but SL has a lot of people who confuse SL with FB or Tindr :-)
  4. Harry Dean Stanton was one of my favorites, from his crewman in "Alien" to the security guard who told the Hulk; "Son, you got a condition..." Best wishes to Harry in whatever comes next.....
  5. I'm on SL for a couple of hours every day, and my RL profession prompts me to maintain contact with my much-younger co-workers - and the best way to do that is to use the social media platforms they spend so much time on (Voice calls and work-emails may or may not be answered, but everyone's chatty on social media). I would place SL and social media as "about equal" when it comes to how people behave. Both have small contingents of people who try to use the alleged "anonymity of the internet" to behave badly and both have been invaded by political activism - it just depends on where you go on either platform. I WILL say that SL is the easier place to ditch the Trolls (unless you have a sophisticated Stalker after you, in which case all bets are off), just by going somewhere else and muting people or leaving Groups in which the obnoxious and the "I'm gonna elevate your political awareness" types hang out. Some people see SL as just another platform to advance "whatever personal crusade" they're into, but for me its my vacation from RL. I try to keep it that way :-)
  6. Just covering the basics.... 01..Do you have the airport group up? 02..Do you have the PROPER airport group up ? Many venues have one group for general members and another for those with different privileges. 03..Has some random Owner accidentally un-checked Build rights? This is an issue where you have several people with Owner-rights and who do not interact or communicate well due to differing time-zones or other causes.
  7. and lastly....me having fun at the Forum Cartel Lair......
  8. This was my "Demo" event earlier this week ;-)
  9. Dancing with my Partner at Drama Libre's "Big Top" event :-)
  10. The video for this has a REALLY long instrumental into.....so...lyrics..... The Stranger by Billy Joel Well, we all have a face That we hide away forever And we take them out And show ourselves when everyone has gone Some are satin, some are steel Some are silk and some are leather They're the faces of a stranger But we'd love to try them on Well, we all fall in love But we disregard the danger Though we share so many secrets There are some we never tell Why were you so surprised That you never saw the stranger Did you ever let your lover See the stranger in yourself Don't be afraid to try again Everyone goes south every now and then You've done it Why can't someone else You should know by now You've been there yourself Once I used to believe I was such a great romancer Then I came home to a woman That I could not recognize When I pressed her for a reason She refused to even answer It was then I felt the stranger Kick me right between the eyes Well, we all fall in love But we disregard the danger Though we share so many secrets There are some we never tell Why were you so surprised That you never saw the stranger Did you ever let your lover See the stranger in yourself Don't be afraid to try again Everyone goes south every now and then You've done it Why can't someone else You should know by now You've been there yourself You may never understand How the stranger is inspired But he isn't always evil And he is not always wrong Though you drown in good intentions You will never quench the fire You'll give in to your desire When the stranger comes along
  11. DJing an event where the costume theme is "Demos"...... that was fun :-)
  12. I met my partner in 2005 here in SL.....we're ancient as active SL couples go :-) I was on my original avatar and shopping for more stuff to wear (I was active in the *original* Amazon Nations; Freelon & Themiskaya) and the whole thing started innocently enough with her asking me "where did you find that?" Fast forward almost 12 years and we have been together for a LOT of tumultuous stuff in RL as well as SL - never once making contact in RL outside of the expected email-flood :-) During that time I've chatted her up more than anyone else as life evolved; our RL children both graduated and moved off into the world, RL friends passed away, my little brain-injury and the Recovery, careers changing, being in different countries and from vastly different backgrounds, spending endless hours clubbing, escorting, diving into in the RP community the SL BDSM-scene (we have a very "mature" relationship), building, running a club, helping to manage sims and being pretty much the only constant for each other in a digi-verse that changes at the drop of a pixel-brassiere.... The best way I know to sum it up is by morphing a quote from Deadpool....."Her crazy matches my crazy.."
  13. With GoT........once I heard that it was a Story about people who disliked and feared Winter.....I sort of went "meh"...... I already know all about that; arthritis y'know.....
  14. Linden Lab: "OK, who hired Amanda's cat as a programmer..... dammit? The login server has been "trying to catch the red dot" for two hours now...."
  15. I have happily managed to avoid seeing ANY.... I'm also evil enough to make someone babbling about "White Walkers" uncomfortable by asking; "Excuse me.......but doesn't that sound mildly racist?"
  16. Well, my plan for the day started out like this..... But it ended up more like this..... Kind of a let-down........
  17. Also, avoid giggling on-air a lot......... a little is ok......but a LOT....... ...sounds like this..
  18. Sometimes you have to be forceful to make the thread stop.......like....pepper-spray the settings or something.....
  19. I'll say this; I enjoy chatting with this group :-) The new forums have been a vast improvement over the old free-for-all, and I appreciate the effort that goes into keeping them that way. Y'all are awesome :-)
  20. The latest forum incarnation has been a great improvement from the old ; "let's run off the new people" days, but some of that has still been cropping up occasionally.
  21. My Partner knows all about me as well Skell - I have more focused time spent chatting with her in SL over the last 11 years than probably any other one person in my LIFE (RL or SL). When I had my little health crisis, she was my security blanket and the *only* person I told about how scared I really was (can't let the children pick up on that after all)... But for everyone else, I offer up general details and not many specifics. My reasons relate to a specific incident where someone accidentally DID twig to my RL information (someone I knew in both RL and SL let it slip) and the flowers started showing up at my former workplace..... Couple that with some bothersome stuff I have left over from my time in uniform - and yes, I like to keep some slight distance from anyone who isn't my Partner.....if after 11+ years she was going to show up on my doorstep with a machete and an attitude , it would have happened long ago :-)
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