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  1. Almost everything because I'm only 2.07 meters tall! That said, boats, cars and aircraft are perfect for my size and my feet don't hang out of the vehicles.
  2. Generation Jones is 1954 to 1965 not quite boomers and not quite Xers, I missed that one by two years but I personally tend to get on with them well and I have a lot more in common with them than Xers born after 1975, in my personal experience, must be the "jonesing" to bring rotary phones back haha.
  3. Actually The WHO wrote and played rock, hard rock and power pop. Pete Townshend the founder of The WHO was born in 1945, Roger Daltrey was born in 1944, John Entwistle was born in 1944, Doug Sandom was born in 1930 thus they are all members of the Silent Generation. Keith Moon (1946) and Kenney Jones (1948) were the Boomers in the band. Punk aka street rock is stuff like Patti Smith, the Ramones, the Saints, the Sex Pistols, the Clash, the Damned, Bad Religion and the Buzzcocks, they are boomers. 🙏
  4. 1024 sqm parcel, 237 prims available - Mature region no rules other than Linden Labs Terms of Service. Tenant controls the land group and settings. Includes private dock and floating swimming dock. 1024 sqm parcel, 237 prims available - Mature region no rules other than Linden Labs Terms of Service. Tenant controls the land group and settings. Includes private dock and floating swimming dock.
  5. Ssawadee krub, I'm in Thailand too, feel free to send me a message 🙏
  6. I'm over 50 and I don't do clubs, they are too busy for me and I'm not looking for a hookup. I think most of my friends are over 40, maybe even over 50, I know two are over 70 but this is SL, I tend not to ask mostly because it does not occur to me, I rank people by their maturity not by their age.
  7. I'm in Thailand (UTC/GMT +7) you can look me up and I'll help you if I can.
  8. I'm in Southeast Asia as well, UTC/GMT +7 welcome to message me. 🙏
  9. “If you are depressed you are living in the past. If you are anxious you are living in the future. If you are at peace you are living in the present.” ― Lao Tzu
  10. Have you considered that you not only have to buy the land but you also have to pay the monthly tier fee on the land until it sells? (edit for typo)
  11. 4096sqm Mainland tier allowance, $L500 weekly stipend, multiple partners allowed (at least 3), more space for profile and picks text. Add some basic rules to mainland like no littering, no huge prim walls and no skyboxes below 1000 meters. No offense but I'm not interested in Bellisseria, I'm sick of being a second class citizen because I'm not in the clique. - I'd happily pay $299 a year And just for fun, make a Linux viewer that works out of the box without the obsolete quicktime player and without having to add the i386 structure to my PC -- I'm very unhappy when customer service tells me it's my problem because I'm using a 3rd party viewer.
  12. How many of us count fictional characters, or those we've never met, among our closest friends? My hand's up. - Richard Bach 🙏
  13. The last time I did a survey posted on the forums (thinking it was legitimate) I became pen pals with a Nigerian prince!
  14. I have never put any thought into being a stalker. 🤔
  15. If they could not see you they could not find you to grief you. If you mute/block someone and they are in the same group, you cannot see them or their chat but they can see you and your chat.
  16. I think Second Life should make a system like Facebook, on the forums and in-world. If you block someone you cannot to see them and they cannot see you nor can you see each others activity. I think this would end a lot of problems.
  17. I tried Bellisseria for a few years but it is very limited and I'm so tired of all the intruders and the busy-bodies trying to control everything, you're either in the clique or you're a second class Bellisseria citizen. 😆
  18. At least his dog got fed! Schrödinger did not know the health of his cat! 😆
  19. Screw Descartes, I think therefore I become ... furthermore Schrödinger was an a$$hat for putting a cat in a box!
  20. I'm very much NOT a "y'all'er" but if you would like an international exchange and a global prospective, please feel free to message me ツ
  21. 2048 sqm to share the tier with my partner. I'm happy with my houseboat but we spend more time at our mainland home on 2048 (2128 actually) because we can do so much more with it.
  22. I don't trust people to do the right thing and be responsible and that feeling has doubled in the past two years! Yes, I'd love something like this but my guess is it would crash and burn within a month because someone will decide they don't have to follow the rules and as it is mainland and they actually own the land you cannot enforce any rules unless it's a TOS violation. The only way this may sort of work is if LL set aside an area like this and imposed a covenant.
  23. I'm not much of an artist but I do 3D mesh building and texturing. Feel free to send me a message.
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