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  1. I'm a geezer compared to you, but I'm young at heart. I'm usually sitting on a dock, sailing, wakeboarding or knocking a pint back at my private dive(r) bar and always happy to chat. Feel free to message me, cheers.
  2. I'm with you on ALL accounts, especially the DJ thing!
  3. I'm 2 hours time difference from you (Thailand) If you have interest to sail, wakeboard, tube, hangout at the boat dock pub, etc. welcome to message me. Hanging out not anything nasty, is the same meaning for me (555) haha.
  4. It's quite common for people where I live to just strike up a chat with a complete stranger, we are a very international community; even the police will chat with you and ask you where you're from, what's it like there and are you enjoying being here? I was not born here, I'm an immigrant and when people find out I am now a citizen and I speak the language they almost melt and hug me (pre Covid of course). I once had a woman in a remote area drag me around a market and show me off to everyone, she told them I could speak the local dialect which made them very happy and got me a few drinking buddies for the evening. 😆 That being said, most of the places I have been in the world I have found friendly people who are opened and looking for a cultural exchange. The city I live in was rated the 'Friendliest City in the World" 2020 (I'm assuming they took that data from 2019). The article reads: "Jumping up to the top spot this year is Chiang Mai, the kind of place where, if you stick around for a couple days, locals will start recognizing you and saying hello. (Prepare to become friends with the guy selling bubble tea on the corner outside your Airbnb by day two.) Whether you explore the old town or enjoy street food at a communal table, you will encounter friendly, welcoming people. Little surprise, given that Thailand's entire marketing slogan is the "land of smiles." The last bit is incorrect, the marketing slogan is "Amazing Thailand", visitors call Thailand "The Land of Smiles". READERS' CHOICE AWARDS BY CAITLIN MORTON AND STEFANIE WALDEK December 18, 2020 I'd be happy to send you the link to the article if you like, I'm not sure if I can post it here. The other top 9 cities are: 2. Luang Prabang, Laos 3. Merida, Mexico 4. San Miguel de Allende, Mexico 5. Queenstown, New Zealand 6. Auckland, New Zealand 7. Galway, Ireland 8. Dublin, Ireland 9. Hoi An, Vietnam
  5. Ummm... ya know, stand on my dock and listen to music by myself, but it's a beautiful view! 😁
  6. @Sapphire Dakota as I said I would not be comfortable sharing my credit card info. I think I made my point very clear with that statement. I don't live in a paranoid culture, in fact we were listed as the "friendliest city in the world" 2019 (I'm guessing they are going to skip that title for 2020). It's no big deal for me to make a new friend face to face in a coffee shop and share certain aspects of my life with them right there in person so why would it be a big deal to share in Second Life? I'm not a role player, I'm very social and I am myself in Second Life. Certainly I would not share sensitive information, I would not do that in real life either, it's just common sense. So if people want a cultural exchange and want to know about where I live I'm happy to share that, I wouldn't exactly give my home address, telephone number or mention where my children go to school but I think you get my point.
  7. I'm only 2 hours difference in time zone. I don't RP, RL is all good with me, I will not give you my credit card info or anything but I'm happy to talk about RL, I'm the same person in SL that I am in RL. Message me if you like.
  8. I guess that leaves me out. I have lived in Asia in general since 1985, I was educated in China and Japan and I have lived in Thailand for 24 years. I am a Thai citizen, I can read write and speak Thai and Chinese fluently but I was not born here. You want people to be tolerant (accepting is a better word which we use in Thailand) of LGBTQ but you're intolerant of immigrants, expats and people who have made the choice to live in ASEAN countries. So you're saying you really don't care that they are NOT from ASEAN countries in fact, just that they are Asian and not immigrants, expats or foreigners? I'll stick with the Thai groups, they are opened to everyone even if they have never visited Thailand. mai pen rai, chok dee.
  9. The general consensus is Baby boomers were born between 1946 and 1964. They are currently between the ages of 57 to 75 years old. As far as old looking avatars... well who want's to look 57 or over other than George Clooney perhaps but that was not part of the request in the OP. It seems to me the OP is trying to gather data about how people between 57 and 75 years old used SL to stay connected during the pandemic, I see no harm in that unless they ask for real life info and a credit card.
  10. I'm 54, there are over 50 groups and I know people on SL in their 60's and 70's so I don't know how you came up with the idea that there are no people on SL in that age range. I'm a Bommer in Canada and an Xer in the U.S. (by a year and a few months) but.... I don't live in the U.S. or Canada and the term does not apply. In any event, the OP did give an age range and there are plenty of people in that age range.
  11. Feel free to add me or IM, I mostly explore and sail / boat, I don't have a family per se but I have an oddball off the wall group of friends who are sort of "family" I hangout with on occasion who think everyday is Halloween, it keeps things interesting if nothing else.
  12. I'm in UTC +7 feel free to message me. I do a lot of exploring, sailing, motorcycle, flying, etc.
  13. Thailand here, I have a lot of friends form Asia in general and SE Asia (mostly Thailand and Malaysia) , there are Thai groups but not really any sims per se. Feel free to message me if you like.
  14. Hi there, welcome back! I generally just hangout and chat with people, text not voice. I'm not a fan of laggy or crowded places. Shoot me an IM if you would like to chat. 🙂
  15. I'm the exact opposite of your time zone. My AM is your PM but I'm mostly on in the AM my time which is usually about 5 PM your local time. Shoot me an IM if you would like to chat. 🙂
  16. You can regain your humanity by filling up with blood 100% which will turn you into a vampire and then drink the Nightshade potion. After you drink the Nightshade potion your vampirism will be cured and you will be 100% human again. If you need help feel free to message me.
  17. I'm 53 (1967) most of the 50's groups open the chat and say "hi"... chat finished. Most of the people I meet are between 20 and 45.
  18. 67 here, I'll give it a go. I have been in the 30's then had to switch to the 40's then had to switch to 50's groups, we even age in SL haha
  19. Sawadee krap, I'm Thai, feel free to say hello. I live in Thailand UTC + 7 time zone. IM me any time.
  20. From Latin --- Bellis - Daisy Seria - earthenware jar So we live in a clay pot filled with daisies, I can live with that 😊
  21. My wife and I live in Thailand, that puts us ahead of Linden Labs (PDT) by 14 hours (ITC) whereas you are only 1 to 4 hours ahead of Linden Labs depending on where you are in Brazil. Understanding that while we are usually sleeping is when the good people of Linden Labs are coming to work we made a day out of the launch waiting for the new houseboats that we knew were coming because it was posted everywhere and Patch Linden was keeping everyone up to date on the status. We got up at 05:00 had a coffee and went to watch with the masses on the border where the moles were working on the houseboats. At about 07:00 we switched over to mobile and went to breakfast, which turned into lunch and then into dinner, we finally got home around 21:00 and still no release. We waited until after midnight and finally the houseboats were launched! I understand the houseboats sold out in less than 30 minutes. There has been no guarantee that anyone would get a new home straight away and a good deal of people wanting a new home have been trying for hours, days and months, I and many others feel that's part of the excitement of it all. If you want something bad enough you have to be persistent or someone who does want it bad enough will get it. Smile, join the citizens group and join in the fun of the mad dash. Bellisseria has a lot more to offer than just a house and the community is opened to everyone.
  22. Looking to buy 16,384 sqm 1/4 region on SL protected highway. IM in-world if you have something reasonably priced. Max (wushin resident)
  23. Read the link I provided Note: Pennsylvania differs from the other states in that it says believers cannot be disqualified from holding office for his or her religious sentiments, but that is not extended to atheists. But ya know what it really doesn't matter, I'm tired of justifying my existence and life choices to this group. Have a great Second Life -- sayonara!
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