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  1. https://getrad.co/ Phone app that grabs motion capture from phone footage and can be imported into Blender Stumbled across it through this Youtube Video
  2. This also might be useful if one can get the head mesh into blender
  3. There are loads of tutorials on this topic and videos of how to do similar on youtube. There are also programs that you can use to paint directly onto a 3D model. I'm in the process of gathering information to do my own at the moment. I'm an artist and designer though. Here's an open source program I found literally 5 minutes ago that might be use! https://armorpaint.org/
  4. I don't use photoshop. I use Affinity Photo. I could no longer justify the extra expense for Adobe products. So I'm looking around to find 3D paint programs and I found an open source one called Armor Paint https://armorpaint.org/ I'll have to investigate and see if it's feasible to use for skinning
  5. I'm intrigued to know if the UV Map for these custom heads are anything like the system ones - as per the Robin Wood, as I'd like to try mapping my own skin texture.
  6. I found a whole load of links on that marketplace listing that should keep me busy for a few hours/days/weeks!
  7. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Mesh-Roth-2G-Bento-Hands-Head-Body-Alpha-HUD/16280056 Is this the one you suggest?
  8. Thanks for that @Kweopi I'll take a look and see if I can find the files, but might need some assistance. I'm happy to do some experimenting. I don't really want to pay someone, where's the fun in that!? See you in world at some point.
  9. Hello! I'm an old skool player, of almost 13 years, but I've had a break and have come back this last week to discover mesh is all the rage and bento is a thing and my avatar now looks, well. Old skool. He probably renders quicker tbh? Maybe not with all non mesh sculpty addons... anyways. I've decided it's time to recreate my avatar and weirdly (or not) I'd like to create one that looks more like my RL self (see my profile pic - yes I do have an actual rainbow mohawk in RL) - SO.. I need to find a body that's not ultra ripped (or can be customised - Bento and a less defined skin?)
  10. Old tutorial, still relevant and includes Physics info
  11. I don't see any reason why you can't use Illustrator to create artwork. It will need to be exported as a non vector format though
  12. I stumbled across this yesterday and thought it might be of interest to others. A great way to scan real objects, turn into 3D models along with textures. Now how could one use this to scan ones own head and turn into a Bento? Is it feasible to keep still for long enough? https://alicevision.org/#meshroom
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