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  1. Hi I'm looking for some help in finding the right look for my home and would like to hire a decorator. Message me in world if you can, my name is Guineverah Resident. Thank you so much. I think I'm going to a comfy/glam/family look. I'm not sure that makes any sense, but maybe you can reach out and we can talk if you're interested. It wouldn't be a huge project, but I'm just looking to finally make my SL dream home come true because I want to start a family. Thank you so much in advance for even getting this far. Guin
  2. good afternoon, I am looking for an interior designer for a new store is not big http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Prana/94/50/809 interesados IM totote chun haylenk94
  3. I'm going to be looking for and hiring someone to do a complete region design. When hiring someone to design a region, what should I bring to the discussion besides ability to pay designer appropriately for their work? I don't want to waste anyone's time, including my own (one reason I'm hiring is I figured out I don't have enough time to do what I want). What I've thought of already is below. What am I missing? what am I overthinking? What should I expect to pay(order of magnitude) for high quality work? Should I expect to pay in Lindens or USD? Narrative description of the experiences I hope will be created: mood/atmosphere backstory plot points, if any roles I hope/expect visitors will play and how roles will interact activities I expect visitors to engage in activities I expect residents, if any, to engage in Visual description Rough map as starting point Pictures to use as visual references (used to share office space with video game artists and their internal "Pinterest" was inspiration for conceptual sketches. Day/night The audience for the region maturity level other relevant categories: e.g. roleplayer, tourist, furry, etc number of simultaneous visitors I want to support do I expect/want-to-encourage people to visit individually or in groups? Quality & Reuse Texture Resolution? Mesh object poly detail? Specific objects I want to use (furniture) if any How unique I expect objects, textures, and mesh terrain to be Technical Land Impact budget Ability to pack up region? visible terrain beyond region edge? Skybox and/or other content way above ground level. how practical/doable is it to have a region with multiple region-spanning levels?
  4. The new version of Firestorm is out, caught up with the official viewer and with the usual plethora of other options. But there is a looming change, next version, which may be a problem. I am not 100% sure, but the Starlight skins will be removed if nobody takes on the support work, and they seem to be the only skins that give dark text on a light background. This was rare in the past, but has become fashionable in the past few years. It is getting very common on smartphones and tablets, but it is presented as a choice for use in darker environments. That choice makes sense, but research published in 2018 and later reveals it needs to be a choice. Some people it helps, some it doesn't. Report on the effects of Dark Mode in Wired The source is Professor Susanne Mayr at the University of Passau. Let me be clear, a lot of the Starlight Skin changes are other than colour choices. The buttons are different shapes, some things are arranged differently. I don't need full Starlight, but if Linden Lab and other viewer teams can't make Dark Mode a choice I may have problems. If I have missed the skin choice or setting, Firestorm or any other viewer, which gives me the choice, you can blame me, but I am already grumpy enough about the quality of documentation. "Try the Starlight skin" is not a useful answer.
  5. We are a design studio that wants to start creating and designing clothes for different brands. We need to resolve specific doubts in the different creative processes. (MD, blender, avastar, uvs, etc) please contact: nyko piek
  6. Interior Design for those who are in need of help with: Single / multiple room/s Full house (small, med, large ) Small = 1 bedroom , 1 bathroom , living , dining , kitchen Med = 1 bedroom , 2 bathroom / 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom etc , living , spare room , dining , kitchen Large = 2+ bedroom/bathrooms/spare rooms , 1+ living room , 1 kitchen, 1 dining ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ * if you have furniture yourself and are in need of help * * if you have no furniture but have a house * *if you have some furniture and in need of extra help * For more Info ... ! My IM's Get Capped ! Please send a notecard to billiemk resident
  7. Hey guys I hope you are doing great! I am trying to add a texture on a Tshirt model but not sure if this is the right way to do it? This is my first time and this what I did. I bought a model on MP Downloaded default TGA texture file on my PC from SL Opened up that file in Adobe Illustrator I added a texture on the front of the tshirt Exported as a TGA file Added on the model in SL Thank you in advance
  8. Must have experience in rigging and meshes. Must show prior work experience (photos of work in the past) We will be providing hourly pay rate and agreement upon the artist/rigger. New work each month, starting work will be 5 products this month. Reach out to me inworld or reply to this post I will get back to your requests as soon as possible. Inworld: Roysce (Notecards/Portfolios sent Inworld are highly encouraged) The vision is ready, all examples will be sent to you in a filed document categorized accordingly; including the images of the mesh you will be designing.
  9. Sim/Land design, affordable landscape, only experience for myself and friends, reasonable and affordable prices, you can have a pleasant and nice land. You can contact me inworld Ophelia.kira and by email ophy1971@outlook.it The photos below are taken on a land with only 900 prims you can see it inworld http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ko Yao/147/19/31
  10. السلام عليكم يسرني ان اعلمكم بانني اعددت اكثر من 22 كورس ودورة تعليمية تجعلكم تستفيدون من السكند لايف وامكانياته الان بامكانكم تعلم التصميم بالفوتوشوب والتصميم بثلاثة ابعاد والكثير الكثير من الدروس والدورات يمكنكم التواصل معي اي وقت من داخل السكند لايف Spider Mycron اتمنى من الجميع الاستفادة من السكند لايف والانترنت اقصى استفادة وانا في خدمتكم اي وقت تحياتي
  11. it's based on Kanojo mo Kanojo School Uniform! an Recent Anime in this season! for Maitreya,Legacy and Belleza! Also Kemono Sizes Like Busty Fitted Kemono Torso and Jiggle Puffs @PetiteAnaiis Eleonara@crxsxs@Yumi Pancake
  12. Hi All, I am looking for someone to Build/Design a Home/Mansion the home is to be quite big and a lot of detail put in and hours however i will pay good for the result please help me to have my dream home thank you all <3
  13. I am looking for some great fashion designers. If you are one of them please contact me for further details. THANK YOU!!! DISCORD ID:- Redvine09 #7107 SECOND LIFE NAME :- Venusafton09
  14. Hello, If you are looking for someone to do: - Graphical design, - LSL scripting, - Web development, Please feel free to contact me inworld. Skills: ________________ Graphical design: Full branding design, logos, flyers, banners, event posters, hud designs Web development: - CMS websites - Lightweight, one page websites - Fully custom web applications - Back end system, for LSL - Online database LSL: 9 years of experience; Huds, Systems, Weapons, Magic, Effects, Simple scripts Stack: -Java, angular JS, JS, PHP, LSL, Spring boot, Spring, Oracle, Mysql
  15. Hello, If you are looking for someone to do: - Graphical design, - LSL scripting, - Web development, Please feel free to contact me inworld. Skills: ________________ Graphical design: Full branding design, logos, flyers, banners, event posters, hud designs Web development: - CMS websites - Lightweight, one page websites - Fully custom web applications - Back end system, for LSL - Online database LSL: 9 years of experience; Huds, Systems, Weapons, Magic, Effects, Simple scripts Stack: -Java, angular JS, JS, PHP, LSL, Spring boot, Spring, Oracle, Mysql
  16. Freelancer - Looking to create your dream garden for you -(includes outdoor furniture) very afford able rates available. Please have a look at my portfoilo here: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmN9ypAo - feel free to message me here - but for a quicker reply - send a note card to julieare resident in world. Hope you have a great week /weekend. Regards julieare
  17. Greetings, I am currently competing in the Miss SL Pageant 2021 Miss Italy and am seeking a designer to create a national costume for the event. If at all possible I would like to speak with you further about this commission work regarding prices and design ideas. Thank you very much for your time and consideration. I look forward in hopefully working with you. Sincerely, Siofra Lennon (siofralennon.resident)
  18. Are you in need of promotional marketing material whether this is logos, posters or hiring ads? Look no further. I'm a Marketing & Design Manager in RL with years of experience working with varied clients to create something to represent their brand. I'm now available for hire to create content and promotional materials for your businesses. Feel free to send Skye Haruki (Demi.Verino) a notecard if you have any questions, want to get a quote or see previous creations.
  19. I am a photographer/blogger ( Graphic Designer in RL ) and i have been wanting to work somewhere ( preferably as a photographer ), also i do commissions! ♥ Here is my flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/elisesummer/ ♥ My Instagram https://www.instagram.com/elisamoon.sl/ ♥ do IM me if interested. ( elisesum ) thank you ! ♥
  20. Hi, I am looking for a landscape designer to design my land. It needs updating, but I don’t have any ideas on what I want has of yet, so ideas will be great. Would like someone who is creative, modern and who has an eye for great details. pricing will be spoken about. And would love to see past work. please message me here. Professional and serious designer wanted
  21. I am a graphic/web designer with 4 years of experience. I have ran my freelance company for 3 years as well as working for various companies IRL. I have even worked on projects in SL for a couple of clubs. I am looking for steady work in the ways of: Web design, hosting, & maintenance | Advertising Graphics | T-shirt graphics | Logos | and more. I am available to be hired full time or on a per project basis. I have also worked as a GM, Host, & DJ. My current website is centered around content creators, but here is a link to showcase my quality of work: http://lcemgraphics.com I do have a few examples of graphics I have made for SL specifically. If you would like to see those I can send them to you. As for payment, I accept PayPal & L$ ONLY If you are interested please contact me in world. I prefer a notecard or a reply on here as I switch computers often, but IM's are okay as well. Avatar Name: Zethnos Vanity Name: Zeth Fu-Hok
  22. Im starting a clothing Store but i dont have 3D skills. So im looking for people interested. I was looking to give a percentage to the designer from each sale made! IM me and well talk MelodyMarcella
  23. Hi, I'm a Photographer & Graphic designer looking for a job. I already made some logo's for clubs. Some Photo's from me > https://www.flickr.com/photos/185824170@N04/ Questions? ask me here or send me an IM inworld! You can find me as Emilyfox1 xx
  24. Hi , I like to introduce you too 'Dreamscapes' a Professional Small Team of Landscapers , Builders & Interior Designers/Decorators. Offering Value for money Landscape & Building Services The picture is from one of my last small projects at on a 1/16th of a sim Forset Springs. The requirements detail from the client where low prim garden, with beach (not shown) , water feature & Pier/sun deck (Not shown) - all for under 200 Prims. The 2nd picture below is of one of the Spa Rooms , & 3rd Picture, part of a road way with working traffic lights was this taken from a Full Sim Build project , which was a Luxury Tropical, Residential Suburb, with Role Play Spa & Hair/Beauty , Gas Station /Garage with Shop & Car Service Area , Disco/Club Lounge, Pier with room for Table top games, Roads, paths & underground cave walk to beach. The Last two pictures are of Landscape Projects with Limited prims available the 1st of these is a Classical Garden design taken from a Homestead Project & the 2nd is of a Boho Water feature/pond on a Small parcel. [More pictures of my completed Projects can be found on our Webpage https://elisabethisqueen.wixsite.com/dreamscapes [Coming soon) or direct from my Flikr] Please feel free to contact me in world or via IM via the forms I look forward to hearing from you soon. Dreamscapes Bringing Your Dreams to (Second) Life.
  25. Hi there! After an eight year hiatus, I am once again the owner of the Pando Region. I've spent the last two months prepping it for re-opening, making use of the best mesh architecture out there on the market, and my partner and I are very impressed with the quality of craftmanship that is available today on the grid. While the build we had there for two years starting in the Summer of 2008 was a wonder for its day, and a popular destination for all manner of entertainment, the advances in design and the implementation of mesh have obviously kicked things up to a new level, and we've taken full advantage. There is one remaining prim-based building left over from the old 2012 build that I'm looking to have custom work done to upgrade to a mesh structure, and I'm hereby soliciting for creators to do so. I am quite willing to pay generously at the going rate for mesh work in SL. You will also be featured prominently in the documentation for this new mainland attraction. Please feel free to submit examples of your work. Thanks for your attention!
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