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  1. Hi, if the streams start at all, the problem will not be in the simulator or your scripts. They have a very small role, they only tell your viewer what URL to load. The rest of it is all between your viewer, the Internet, and the server hosting the media. Does the same stream URL play OK outside SL, like in Winamp or iTunes?
  2. Hi, that looks like browser interaction trouble, does it work if you go there with a different one?
  3. Hi, for the Windlight clouds, check your preferences, under the Graphics leaf. Press Advanced, or check the "custom" box on old viewers. Make sure that both "Basic shaders" and "Atmospheric shaders" are checked.
  4. Luc Starsider wrote: That's how I understood they would do it from the same meeting transcript Quinn refered to. Btw. I had a look at the link you gave above, but I have to admit I'm not much wiser. Is the solution you made different than what LL did with the button on the bottom of the page? - Luc - The difference is that the script always generates a reply to the OP. The Lithium button will use the OP sometimes, but it will not if you follow a reply link from the new posts page, or a permalink to a reply.
  5. The low contrast that makes half of them indistinguishable is amusing, right on the heels of a small improvement in the text contrast.
  6. Quinn Morani wrote: I understand from reading transcripts of the recent Community Tools User Group meetings that there a plans to add a Reply button to the BOTTOM of each page for easily replying to an OP without having to scroll to the top. Let's hope that whatever changes are made to implement that also fix this problem. The new button on the bottom is there, but it is a copy of the old top button with the same behavior.
  7. That block to the right of Sansara is mainland, it was developed by ACS but it is LL land. Many of the regions there are named after old SL avatars.
  8. Ohhh yes to be more clear, "they still work... just not in Phoenix" is why I think it is a debug setting and not script trouble.
  9. Dogboat Taurog wrote: mesh on the main grid? what viewers are you using and where? i would be interested to see this. are there non V2 mesh viewers? They are here. The downloads in the brown box have the most up to date tweaks, but they are experimental builds so some could work and others not. Right now the status page says "build results pending" but after that updates, you can try it. If anything is wrong with today's build, there will be links on that page to the last good one, which does work OK for me at least. It will be good to use a separate cache folder for experimental viewers, they already use independent settings files. This viewer is really made for the preview grid, so it defaults to Aditi logins. Remember to change that to Agni. I do not think there will be non-V2 mesh viewers, the 1.x code is too old and slow to adapt it well.
  10. Maybe it is a simple problem. Did Advanced>Rendering>Animate Textures get itself turned off?
  11. For the last few days I have been taking mesh development viewers out on the main grid, on low end modern hardware. The difference in performance is positively stunning, to the good, even with only the main grid's pre-mesh content to see. It is so much brtter that I don't even think mesh will be the big draw for these new viewers, they put the older and present production versions to shame.
  12. It is odd, I made a button for that a month ago and have not found a use for it, except for testing that it works..
  13. Hi, the .obj files, base textures and T pose you want are in the Second Life avatar meshes zip file. It is a small download, about 545K. There are poser CR2 files in there too, I think DAZ can import those.
  14. An interesting change was just made in the development viewers that solves this problem for gestures. It now checks that the assets are in the cache before playback starts, so that they will work right on the first try, but possibly with a delay. The million L$ question: would a viewer change like this help or hurt more if it could be applied to scripted sounds? First I thought "duh yeah", objects should do that too, but would the possble delayed trigger hurt some games or immersion?
  15. Opensource Obscure wrote: Using outdated viewers which don't and won't support new features is not a good way to support the development and advancement of the Second Life platform and its ecosystem. It would be nice if TPVs would make the profile style a toggle and not just disable the web style profiles. On laggy sims the old profiles can be very slow to load or the details do not load at all, while the new style are prtty reliable for me. But that is why SL introduced web profiles in the first place, so like, yeah.
  16. Hi, the message in your picture says the certificate expired but the dates printed look good, so check your computer's date and time.
  17. onyx Marabana wrote: this is an interesting discussion, but i have a problem: i'm about to purchase a new laptop specifically for sl, and the windows7 package comes as 64 rather than 32 bits. any suggestions on what i should do? thank you. om~ Hi, you don't need to worry, even the regular consumer versions of 64 bit Win7 run the 32 bit version just fine.
  18. Hi, I will take a guess that you landed on the preview grid. Is your SL menu bar blue or red instead of the regular black? When you go to the login screen, See if there are two little menus by "Last location." If you press Shift+Ctrl+G, you should see one of them appear and disappear. Make the little menu appear, and make sure it says "Agni" for the main grid. If you use a third party viewer, it could use different names for the grids; make sure it says "SecondLife" and not "Second Life beta" or a thing like that. You might see the login screen shot refresh when you do this. Then try the login again and make sure that menu bar turns the normal color.
  19. I found something interesting, right-click avatar, then edit My outfit, then exit, works better to stop blur than a plain rebake. I do not know why it works better, but I will guess that the little camera reset from appearance mode gets the textures a little priority bump somewhere.
  20. Wow, it looks like textures do not load at all for you, or maybe something is blocking your view. Here are a few things you can look at. Press Ctrl+Alt+Q to show the Develop menu. You can enable it in SL preferences under the Advanced tab too if you prefer. Then, under Develop>Rendering, make sure that there is not a check box next to "Disable Textures". You could need a relog to see any difference. If that does not help, maybe it is a network configuration problem. For a quick test, look again in the Develop menu for "HTTP Textures". Turn it on if it is off, off if it is on. If you find that this change helps, check this page to see if your firewall settings are OK. It could be that you have something attached to your HUD, but I don't think so. On the sidebar, under the outfit (shirt) tab, look under the Wearing column, and take off anything that has a cube icon that you do not recognize. If none of those help, write back, maybe we can think of some other ideas.
  21. Hi, it says on that marketplace page that a note with the skin maker should be in there, if you grab it. Search in world for "free na'vi skins", I know that some places give away free starters, one is at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pegase/168/145/3948 but I am sure you can find more.
  22. leliel Mirihi wrote: No, KDU is missing from the official build. Oh yes, so they didn't build it that way. This will make sense if they are testing the new autobuild with proprietary off.
  23. Hi, I am afraid that what you see is right, for KDU. The license LL has only allows static linking, they cannot redistribute the reusable DLL any more. You will need your own KDU license if you want to build it in, FMOD needs a workaround, you will have to get your own and change some configuration. I think that this osdev message could help you to make it work.
  24. Yes, 2.6.3 appears to have a return of blurry avatar disease. Later builds appear to be OK so I think that maybe the bug was already found and fixed for the next release. This problem has come ad gone since the new renderer appeared in Snowglobe, they are walking a tightrope with those texture priorities and LODs.
  25. Hi, can you describe "plain color" a little more, or even post a screen shot?
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