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  1. Hi, the words like "honored" are not really special, there is a list of titles and icons, and a user climbs them sequentially as different points add up. LL can use formulas for each rank to make the different factors have more or less influence as the ladder progresses. Some of the factors that can increase ranks are account age, number and length of logins, post counts, kudos, tagging activity, answers offered or accepted. Especially on the higher ranks, LL will probably have tweaked the weighting to favor people who might perform the most uncompensated documentation work for them.
  2. Yes, clearing cache increases bandwidth consumption. Since it also forces a full inventory reload, it makes the avatar rez much more slowly on the newer viewers that use outfits and need to see that cached inventory.
  3. Hi, Lithium can support a kind of display name, but they are not really compatible with the SL system. The Lithium ones are separate unique permanent usernames associated with the OpenID logins, and the login name is hidden. Peewee has it totally right, this would make it really hard to match forum users to their inworld selves.
  4. OK, preferences sub-tabs have a highlight now, and yes, some evil melonfarmer sneaked in an inline pixel offset for the big tabs :smileytongue:
  5. Void Singer wrote: IDGI... if they are forcing an update, how can they be supporting v2.4? 2.5.1 was going to be 2.6 but got renumbered to fit a "surprise" merge, 2.5.2 is to fix a high crash rate in 2.5.1.
  6. Hi, on most browsers, you should see the full date in a tooltip when you hover the mouse over it. This only works on browsers that turn title attributes into hover tips, but I think that is fairly standard now.
  7. Carole Franizzi wrote: PS Why are they all so short?? (And uninspiring?) They are short because the system has a simple but effective anti-bump bias in the default sorting. They are uninspiring because negative reinforcement was applied early and strenuously.
  8. A little history - On older versions of Lithium, threads and messages were numbered by board. Later, a second numbering scheme was exposed, this one identifies them globally across the system. Some features like this one have not yet been updated to use the new scheme, so they are not as useful as they could be. On the plus side, now that there are global identifiers, Lithium will be able to fix the problem. I hope they can get to that soon.
  9. Today there is a little update to Blue Goo that makes the highlight feature work. You may have seen that on the post menus and wondered what it was supposed to do, well, it highlights! Because it is 17 March I picked a light green background for highlighted posts. If that color scheme is hard to distinguish for anybody, let me know and I will try a different approach.
  10. The highlight function puzzled me for a while. It turns out that it does do something here, but a flaw in the LL site design keeps us from seeing it. The highlight function should literally highlight posts in a different background color, but the graphical backgrounds used here have been covering up the effect. To see how highlighting works, you can try this in a user style sheet. This example uses a border instead of a background change, that's the easiest way demonstrate. It can be handy to keep your place in a long thread while paging around. For this site, only the first entry makes much of a difference. If works in the forum areas, it does not do much here in the blog area. #lia-body .lia-content .lia-effect-highlight { border: 5px solid #FFFF7F !important;}#lia-body .lia-content .lia-effect-highlight-start { border: 3px solid #FFFF7F !important;}#lia-body .lia-content .lia-effect-highlight-end { border: inherit !important;}
  11. Whispering Hush wrote: This forum is unlike any I have ever posted to. There is no quoting mechanism It is hiding in plain sight! Many people miss it, i think because the default is a dim gray.
  12. Hi, we could not guess why the script does not work without seeing it. Are the permissions OK on the object you want to give, and there are no error icons floating over the object? It is good to know that on some of the viewers that new users will probably have, inventory accept is automatic. They should check their notification popup things or recent inventory, there may not be an accept dialog.
  13. Ima Rang wrote: I have kudos...sniffs...How can I tell if I have kudos? There is no reliable diagnostic, but it is always a risk if a boy tries to kiss you! Ask a friend for a kudos shot if it happens.
  14. Peewee Musytari wrote: Sounds to me like the "bugged" one made the most sense. Surely knowing the Group and the Message Title are the most important details, what does it matter which group member sent it, it was obviously one with group abilities to send notices. The trouble was with group notices like "Hi, anybody who comes to the club in the next 15 minutes gets to kiss me!" Is "me" the really e-hawt group officer, or the other one with the steaming garbage bin avatar? Who wants to log in only to find out that it's garbage guy tonight?
  15. Vania Chaplin wrote: Are you talking about Group notices emails? I've just received one, a few minutes ago. subject: Group notice: FESTA NA SEXYLIFE The body starts with: Group Notice From: SexyLife Naturist Resort, [name of the person who sent it] And than the text of the notice Yes, the messy part is that the From: header is also changed, so mail filters now have to be changed to match.
  16. Hi, this change was to correct bug SVC-5959 introduced last July. On group notices mail before the bug, the subject was "Second Life - Group notice: group-name-goes-here" and the body started with "Group Notice From: resident-name-goes-here" With Server 1.40, LL decided to add the message title. The subject became "Second Life - Group notice: message-title-goes-here" and the body was "Group Notice From: group-name-goes-here". The sender's name was forgotten, that was the bug. The new format has subject "Second Life - Group notice: message-title-goes-here" and the body starts with "Group Notice From: group-name-goes-here, resident-name-goes-here". It would be easier to parse this if the group and sender were on separate lines, but it is better than nothing. I am not sure that the group name has to be in the body, since it could still be in the email From: line.
  17. That is the catch, in Mono NaN is a numeric value. It is part of the IEEE-754 standard.
  18. OK, so it is easy enough to insert the parent messages using the Lithium REST API, but it will be more efficient if the system can add this on the page without a duplicate XMLHttpRequest on the client side. Will put this on the back burner and see if Lithium can come through.
  19. Hi, yes, normally Mono handles unusual results like divide by zero by returning NaN instead of a fatal error. The divide by zero case got a special modification in response to SVC-4805, but NaN still has its special meaning.
  20. Hi, the SL web pilot has been hosted by Gakai, and Gakai itself only went to semi-public beta testing this month. At least for now, Gakai is concentrating on providing online demonstrations for game publishers, so at present this is not the web client for regular use that some people hope for. It will be nice if that changes in the future, using this system or another one like it.
  21. Hi, LL is working with Lithium to add backlinks to message replies, so that the context can be followed if there is a quote or not. Raymond Linden briefly mentioned this at the 2011-03-10 Community Tools User Group meeting.
  22. That is too bad. I will repost the pointer to those scripts in the library forum, so that search can pick it up. This thread should have been read for context before it was moved. Adding: Compensation for the bungle has been applied.
  23. OK, so let's turn this into a library pointer. You can find the scripts here on Google Code. "XS Pets is the source code behind the XS Quail breedable pets on Second Life." Edited the link to point at the trunk because clicking for oneself is too much work.
  24. Hi, there are a few tweaks in today's blue goo update, click the update thing in Stylish if you care about any of these. The white "Halo" shadow is gone on the usernames, replaced by a semitransparent white background. It is a little less kind to the badge images, but much easier to read the names. Some page number and statistics text was the wrong color. On some thread pages, long names collided with the sidebar when the font size was set to large. Now I plaster it over with a sidebar background [ that is what LL does too ].
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