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  1. There must have been a gap in support training for the new release. This kind of change really should have been at the top of the release notes in big neon letters. Surprises like this change will inevitably upset people. It is a new setting, and it defaults to enabled, and that is why this update changed the behavior on existing installations. It is a side effect of the merge of the basic and advanced modes. Future updates should keep your preference now that you have one set.
  2. Preferences, Move & View, there is a "Single click on land" setting. Change to "No action" to disable click-to-walk and the new mouse behavior.
  3. Gadget Portal wrote: Update- I fixed the dashboard by adding amazonaws.com to the trusted sites... Forums are still broken though. Anyone know? Allow secondlife.i.lithium.com for "standard" icons etc., but community.secondlife.com should be enough to allow user uploaded graphics.
  4. Zanara Zenovka wrote: ROFL are you serious? I replied to the last post on the thread - hardly makes it personal lol If you wanted to reply to a different post, the sensible thing would be to reply to that different post. This is how conversations work, you address the person you want to address, not some random other party, and it is exceptionally silly to blame the other party because of your own inability to tell people apart. And yes I told the OP exactly how to do their search - I'm sure they understood, but how about I spell it out for you? Using quotes "green hair" gives you only the results that have both terms. In many commonly used search engines now, eg Google, this is implicit, ie you only have to type green hair, not "green hair" to achieve that result. In SL search this needs to be explicit, you have to type "green hair". Thank you for spelling out your answer (note that the original post included the exact same quotation marks), but you are mistaken, this is not really how to get effective results from the marketplace search. It does not really have exact phrase matching. The quotes will still give an approximate match, with stemming applied, and other text can appear between the keywords within the quotes. This will indeed narrow the results but not in the most useful way. That search term only returns 31 items, missing most of the actual listings for green hair. A much more satisfactory result can be had by including the names of parent categories in the search. For example, the search term avatar accessories hair green currently returns 686 items, with 641 or 93% in the hair category. There is still a garbage in garbage out problem, because of keyword stuffing by merchants, but it still returns hundreds of real matches that the quoted string cannot find. My original post gave all this information for anyone with average reading comprehension skills who's not overly paranoid and looking for personal attacks where there are none. I suggest you develop both these attributes. You are again mistaken. You replied to a different post than the one that asked the question you purported to answer, you did not fully read the original post, you offered a solution that did not yield many good matches, and you reflected blame for your own follies on others. Perhaps you should look closer to home for where corrective measures need application.
  5. There is a limit but it is extremely generous, more than 1024 scripts in a link set or coalesced set will not rez any more after it is taken to inventory. We can wear 38 attachments at once, but it is going to be really hard to log back in or teleport if that stuff is still attached!
  6. Zanara Zenovka wrote: Good grief - it's not all about you. Merely telling the OP how to do their desired search. You replied to my post, so you made it about me. And you did not tell the OP how to do anything, you merely said it can't be done without any explanation, not very helpful at all since it is possible to get better results with better keyword choices and custom query strings.
  7. Hi, the stuff you will have to put in the URL will really depend on what the web site expects, there are standard encodings but the details are application specific. Most times when you have a name-value pair in a web address, the ? goes between the address and the parameters, and & separates parameters. So, your example might look like http://xxxx.com/?d12=1&d22=0 or it could be something very different. It is not really possible to give a "yes this will work" answer without knowing how that web site works.
  8. Hi, the short version -- You can use the new bouncy avatar physics wearables from viewer 2.6.3, they put the code in the enable them. This is a bonus to encourage upgrades. The real fixes are to make sure that you can see avatars running newer viewers correctly when they change their outfits, and to prevent crashes from malicious inworld sound clips. Adding -- Firestorm will have the same crash bug unless there has been a new build in the last week.
  9. That is OK if the position inside the sim changes, you can still cache the base region coordinates to use again, so you can skip the dataserver part. Regions do not move often, so a flush at on_rez or attach time should be good enough to catch stale ones.
  10. Hi, it works just like in the old viewers. Right click on the object, pick Edit. When the edit window opens, click on the content tab. You can Ctrl-click to select multiple scripts, then press the delete key to remove them.
  11. Zanara Zenovka wrote: "green hair" neither SL search or marketplace do this implicitly Right, who said that they did? Not I. the add-on I offered above makes the Marketplace search remember what category it searched last, so that the drilling hurts less, That is all.
  12. Hi, I can think of two things that might cause this, maybe one of them will apply to you. Did you get a new router with your new Internet service? If yes, does it have a feature called SPI (stateful packet inspection)? Some implementations of this are not prepared to deal with Vista and Win7 networking, and they can eventually hang the connection with various errors. If turning off SPI makes the problem stop, check if there is a router firmware update available before you try to switch it back on. Are you using AVG antivirus? It can have a strange interaction when there is a program like SL that makes lots of network connections, eventually Windows will stop being able to make new connections, and Windows will not see any errors; only a PC reboot will unstick it. The cure for this is to not use AVG. Microsoft Security Essentials is a reasonable alternative that is a lot more stable, and it won't fill your browser with useless adware and browser hooks.
  13. Hi, the trick is all in the alignment. Set your hollows on the same axis and rotation, carefully measure the drive shaft to match the hollows, and you should get a good snug fit to power several prims on a single power source. If you need to run more than 3 or 4 prims, it will be good to hire a precision machinist, but smaller loads can handle looser tolerances.
  14. Hi, I have this little browser extension that makes the marketplace search hurt less. It will remember what category you are in, it shows the keywords on the product pages so your search rsults are less mysterious, and lets you show or hide the featured items section. It can install right into Chrome, and it will work in Firefox if you have the Greasemonkey extension. It should still work in Safari with Greasekit or Ninjakit, but I have not tested those in a while. It was working in Opera too the last time I checked, but I have yet to find a user script soluton for IE that does not make me scream in horror. This little script makes me smile, I have to take out more features over time than I add, because sllllllllowwwwwwwllllly LL adds them. With luck, some day they wll add this bit too.
  15. On occasion a third party viewer will still try to do the old style client side compilation, and many viewers have old function tables that will choke on the newer functions. If you are using a TPV, especially one of the less mainstream ones, try a different viewer to make sure the server is performing the compilation. This can also happen on OpenSim servers that do not track LL function changes closely.
  16. Rufio63 wrote: I downloaded the 2009 version viewer 1-23-5-136262. It downdoaded great, but how do you log on with only 1 username? It looks like with that old version you had two names for logon. Hi, if you have a newer account without a last name, use "Resident" as a place holder in the "Last Name:" blank. Be aware that 1.23.5 is very old and unmaintained and has a major bug, it is easy for other people to crash your viewer whenever they want.
  17. money Crannock wrote: yes, but I don't know how to translate that to what I want to do Maybe you can write about what you want to do? Then we can understand what information you are trying to get from these functions.
  18. Yes, the posting script itself, http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/101223 -- that is the part that really needed the fix. The blue goo.Stylish stuff has a secondary workaround, to restore the wrap override we can't do any more at edit time.
  19. hi, it looks from the highlighting that you are using an early version of the posting script, that is the main thing you will want to update. It should be only a matter of picking the download button as userscripts.org again, greasmonkey should overwrite the old one for you
  20. Graphics Card 6150 se Nvidia with updated drivers I am only adding to the chorus, but i can confirm that nVidia 6150SE is really inadequate to run SL in a reasonable way. The following will make the "serious gamer PC" types cringe, but this will be OK for the casual user. A PC with specs like yours probably has a PCIe 16x slot in it. It probably also has a wimpy power supply, around 250 watts. One very inexpensive way out of your conundrum would be a card with an ATI HD 5450. This card is not a good performer compared to the real gaming cards, but it will be plenty adequate for casual SL use and will do quite well for photos, 10-15 fps with 128 draw distance and Windlight enabled, much better than that with basic shaders off. These cards retail for ~US$30 or sometimes less, and their peak wattage is only 20, so you don't need a power supply upgrade. They are quiet too, since they don't need fans. If you have the spare cash for a stronger power supply and a nicer graphic card, by all means get them, but the above is pretty close to the minimum you will want to use with today's SL and not feel the need to scream.
  21. And automatic emoticon substitution inside pre blocks is silly.
  22. (sorry for all the edits if anyone is subscribed, bad morning.) I think that the easiest fix for LL will be to change the style sheet. The trouble we are having is in this sheet, around line 1500, in the section commented "/****** code content */". This part: #lia-body .lia-content .lia-message-body pre, .mceContentBody pre, #lia-body .lia-content .lia-panel-tooltip pre { -ms-word-wrap:sWrap; white-space:-moz-pre-wrap; white-space:-pre-wrap; white-space:-o-pre-wrap; white-space:pre-wrap; } will work better for us if the "#lia-body .lia-content .lia-message-body pre" and ".mceContentBody pre" rules use white-space:pre and not white-space:pre-wrap. pre-wrap is probably sensible for the tooltips.
  23. The script and style sheet have been updated to compensate well enough for now, details here. The new editor does not get along with the white-space:pre override any more.
  24. OK, Blue Goo is updated to force no wrapping. On Firefox, go to http://userstyles.org/styles/44855/community-secondlife-com-blue-goo-theme and it will detect if you need an upadte, and you can press the install button to copmlete it. If you use Chrome's Stylish, the update procedure is different. Right-click on the Stylish icon in the browser toolbar, and pick Options, then press the Check for Update button. If you are newly installing the style sheet, use the same link as for Firefox above. stylish for Firefox is here, the Chrome version is here.
  25. Hi, there is a small update for this today. I have temporarily removed the white-space:pre hack because it does not get along with the new editor. This trouble really needs to be fixed on the site CSS. Copying and pasting the code should still be OK even if it wraps weirdly on the forum, and I will touch up Blue Goo in a few minutes to do the right thing. Hopefully LL can follow suit with the default style sheet.
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