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  1. Blondin Linden wrote: Cerise Sorbet wrote: Persephone Emerald wrote: Btw, I think this thread should be in the Destinations section. It should, but apparently "off topic" only matters if someone thinks the thread is disruptive too. That is a shame, because the forum search will become less and less useful over time. Abbotts Airport is located on the mainland. It is relevant on this thread. It was in community feedback at the time, and it took a month and a half for the thread to be relocated.
  2. Hi, they make that part simple in the community standards. "Remotely monitoring conversations in Second Life, posting conversation logs, or sharing conversation logs without the participants' consent are all prohibited." The content does not matter, you need permission to share conversation logs. The disclaimer things that people put in their profiles are junk, you can ignore them.
  3. Clarissa Lowell wrote: Shelby Silverspar wrote: I don't know if you already use the SLCP (second life clothing previewer) stand-alone program, but it is extremely helpful and simple to use, and free. It won't help you correct the graphic itself, but it is very helpful in previewing seam lines and patterns across them on a 3-D avatar model. I don't think I could design clothes without it. I've used the 3-D capabilities that PS Extended has but I still rely on this simple yet useful tool to help me get things just right before final upload. It is only made for PC though. Hi, there was a Mac version of SLCP, but it is old and will need Rosetta on an Intel Mac. Snow Leopard still has Rosetta but it is an optional install. I saw that it will probably be removed in Lion.
  4. Void Singer wrote: oof, that' not good... those should be saved to user settings anyways... and run as admin might be a workaround, but it's probably more of a security hole than the original problem =( Yes, that is how I commented on the JIRA. I expect that Appearance To XML will have the same trouble, but that is less important because the importer is gone.
  5. Hi, I see what the trouble is, and it appears to be a side effect of tighter security. The "save test day" feature saves the new copy of Default.xml back into the application folder (for example C:\Program Files (x86)\SecondLifeViewer2\app_settings\windlight\days) and the folder permissions do not allow writing to the application folder. If I use "run as administrator" on Second Life, I can save successfully.
  6. I am glad it worked out for you. I threw in a request to change the wording in the skin editor to change the confusing old "tattoo" terminology, maybe it will change some day.
  7. Ohhhhh, so are you using an outside name2key service like the one at w-hat.com? The trouble could be very simple then, that the avatar is not in their database. It has many active avatars, but it is missing many more inactive and very new ones. I just checked at http://w-hat.com/name2key?name=Sheronda+Resident and that name is missing from w-hat. It does like the "Resident" name appended, for example http://w-hat.com/name2key?name=Cerise+Resident works OK. I am guessing that w-hat is the service from the "?terse=1" in your query.
  8. Hi, the easiest way to get to the right place is -- Wear the tattoo item right click the tattoo you just put on in inventory or outfits, and pick Edit. You should see four boxes in the panel. The first three are textures, the lower right one is Color/Tint.
  9. Falcon Linden has a challenge, he is offering a bounty if anyone can crash a region with llCastRay on the Aditi "Mesh Experimental" channel. If it can withstand the challenge after a few weeks, llCastRay will be enabled on the "mesh prep" branch that is on Aditi and soon headed to Agni. Here is the OH transcript, it gets a little messy because there is an argument in the middle.
  10. OK, https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-25644 for this bug, it is still lurking in Snowstorm.
  11. Void Singer wrote: awww missed that... and double drat because I'm anxiously awaiting 2.6.5 so I can finally use --login again =/ It is fixed in the Development branch, if you care to run that. (But, viewer-development carried over the profile bug.)
  12. Darren Scorpio wrote: Second Life 2.6.5 (227385) Apr 22 2011 01:59:28 (Second Life Beta Viewer) OK, I can reproduce it on that last beta version. The current release version is Second Life 2.6.3 (227447) Apr 22 2011 13:46:11 (Second Life Release) and I cannot reproduce it there. Yes the numbers went backwards a little, but 2.6.3 isw the latest.
  13. Hi, I tried different combinations and cannot reproduce this. I found another strange problem with TPVs that have the web profile bypass patch. If a region has broken display names, they will not show profiles at all, but standard 2.6 can on the same region. But this does not really explain the trouble you see!
  14. WolfBaginski Bearsfoot wrote: I don't know the exact details, but one thing that has been introduced was a new way of serving assets, which made use of the Amazon Cloud. And, a week ago, part of the Amazon Cloud had major problems. But whether SL uses the affected Amazon service, I don't know. Hi, the Amazon disaster did affect SL, but it was the web profile system that took the hit. The assets are on a simpler storage service and escaped.
  15. Innula Zenovka wrote: Is llGetDisplayName now reliable enough to merit time working on again? I've not seen loads of ???s above people's heads lately, but I don't know how much to read into that. I think that LL caught up with the load, it could get worse in the future I guess. The only serious DN problems I see now are on regions that are very sick, with ~2 fps and crashing frequently.
  16. Hi, yes, see llGetDisplayname and llRequestDisplayName. llGetDisplayName is easier to use, but not as reliable. It is much more reliable than it was a few months ago! If you want to check the online status, use llRequestAgentData, even those fancy viewers have to cheat and use LSL to get that information. When display names first came out, I make this little example to make the old viewers hurt less.
  17. And enable HTTP textures. I know that the more efficient downloads can hurt the frame rate a little on some computers, but it stops the partial map download trouble that makes sculpties look like piles of rubble.
  18. How is this information to be reported to LL? The contact information is in the KB page, they ask for email to editor@lindenlab.com.
  19. Ron Khondji wrote: And yet, today it is still working. Yes, the old map system and a few other legacy systems got to stay for longer than expected because Viewer 1.23 still uses them.
  20. Hi, there is more camera control if you have a 3D input device like a joystick or space navigator and use the flycam feature. You can do some of this with basic controls too, using a script with followcam (llSetCameraParams).
  21. Vinter Tempest wrote: Auto Pilot? You double click somewhere on the ground and your AV will keep on walking (or running) until they get there. Hi, there is another way to do this now. If you already have double click enabled for teleport, you can make single click be autopilot just like in the basic mode. In the debug settings set ClickToWalk to TRUE.
  22. Hi, there is a known problem on the Windows version, sometimes the cache can become corrupt in a way that will prevent a start. Find %LOCALAPPDATA% in the start menu search bar, Open the SecondLife folder there to double check that it contains cache files, then delete them all. There are pointer so other known startup troubles in the release notes.
  23. Hi, do these vehicles stay physical when there is no driver?
  24. Mischa Tchailenov wrote: I'm working on an item that will send messages back and forth from one avatar to the other. It works fine while using avatars with "two names" ie Mischa Tchailenov but for an avatar with "one name" ie Sheronda I get this message upon touching the object TEST V2.0 - FP: Invalid Key passed to instant message. This only happens when the "owner"- Mischa touches the object and a message should be sent to -Sheronda-, I've included the last name "Resident" but still get this error message. I hope this makes sense as I'm not a seasoned scripter, rather just someone learning by reading and fudging around with things. Any help would be greatly appreciated in this. Please and Thank You Hi, Is the name really -Sheronda- with the hyphens? The display names will not work very well for many script applications. You will need to use her username, or her legacy name (llKey2Name, llDetectedName or llRequestAgentData will give you the "Resident" name with the correct capitalization, they can contain uppercase letters.)
  25. (This ia a repost from the archive. The original was one of the scripts corrupted by the transition from Jive to Lithium.) This only works in Viewer 2.0 or later. It lets you search in Places, People etc. without having to search for All first. This page has the URL documentation. As an aside: If your computer is set up to favor a single processor core (or it has a single core), you could be able to make search, profiles and other pages load much faster with a debug setting. This works well on Windows and OS X for me, your mileage may vary. Press Ctrl+Alt+D to reveal the Advancd menu.Go to Advanced>Show Debug SettingsType PluginInstancesCPULimit in the drop down menu.The default value is 0.9, change it to 0.5. Lower is not always better, in particular 0 disables this feature, so don't use that value. // viewer 2 search helper // // put this in a prim and wear. // Type the commands on chat. // // can use /4search or /4find, they are the same // // Show all the events: // // /4 find events // // Find something in all: // /4 find all "paper airplanes" // // Find something in places -- // /4 find places blue skirt // /4 find places "tiny avatars" // // Pick a search category from a dialog -- // /4 find // // If the second word on your command is not in // gSearchTypes you get an "all" search. // put link in chat if FALSE or in a dialog if TRUE // the dialog is nice if you are in a busy place integer gUseDialog = TRUE; integer gCmdListenChannel = 4; // take commands on this channel integer gDlgListenChannel = -54738920; integer gCmdListener; integer gDlgListener; integer gDlgPending = FALSE; list gSearchTypes = ["all", "people", "places", "events", "groups", "wiki", "destinations", "classifieds"]; Setup() { // to run in no script places llRequestPermissions(llGetOwner(), PERMISSION_TAKE_CONTROLS); llListenRemove(gCmdListener); llListenRemove(gDlgListener); gCmdListener = llListen(gCmdListenChannel, "", llGetOwner(), ""); gDlgListener = llListen(gDlgListenChannel, "", llGetOwner(), ""); llListenControl(gDlgListener, FALSE); } SearchDialog(string where, string what) { if (what == "") what = "*"; string message = "Click below to search in " + where + " for " + what + " :\n" + "secondlife:///app/search/" + where + "/" + llEscapeURL(what); if (gUseDialog) { llDialog(llGetOwner(), message, ["Close"], -346738479); } else { llOwnerSay(message); } } default { state_entry() { if (llGetAttached()) Setup(); } attach(key id) { if (id) Setup(); } listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string str) { if (channel == gCmdListenChannel) { list words = llParseStringKeepNulls(str, [" "], []); if (llListFindList(["search", "find"], [llList2String(words, 0)]) == -1) return; // it is not for me integer wordCount = llGetListLength(words); if (wordCount == 1) { llListenControl(gDlgListener, TRUE); gDlgPending = TRUE; llSetTimerEvent(0.); llSetTimerEvent(30.); llDialog(llGetOwner(), "Search where?", gSearchTypes, gDlgListenChannel); } else { if (llListFindList(gSearchTypes, [llList2String(words, 1)]) == -1) { SearchDialog("all", llDumpList2String(llDeleteSubList(words, 0, 0), " ")); } else { SearchDialog(llList2String(words, 1), llDumpList2String(llDeleteSubList(words, 0, 1), " ")); } } } else if (channel == gDlgListenChannel) { llSetTimerEvent(0.); gDlgPending = FALSE; llListenControl(gDlgListener, FALSE); SearchDialog(str, "*"); } } timer() { llSetTimerEvent(0.); if (gDlgPending) { llOwnerSay("Find category dialog timed out"); llListenControl(gDlgListener, FALSE); } } run_time_permissions(integer p) { if (p & PERMISSION_TAKE_CONTROLS) llTakeControls(CONTROL_FWD, FALSE, TRUE); } }
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