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  1. I signed up 15 years or so ago and have not worn, or this is, become a mesh avatar. Or whatever the newfangled avatars are called.
  2. I'm a fairly long term Second Life resident-user. I started on December 22, 2003. I still had time to get one of the early deals, it's been so long I can't remember, but I think it might have 4192 sm of land and a permanent income of L$500 or something like that. I had no idea I'd stay for as long as did, and money was really tight, so I passed on that offer. Later I was spending over 40 hours a week in SL, on top of an over 40 hour a week job, plus some kids! When I started, The Morris Ahern boardwalk was just that, the sandbox sims' names didn't start with Sandbox, and Cor
  3. As could be expected on a computer as weak as what I have now, Second Life stopped responding. This computer is much worse than my old ones that died.
  4. It's been so long not many people will remember me, but I started SL about 13 years ago. I spent a lot of time as an SL mentor and used to be active in the forums back in the vBulletin days, when Ulrika Zugzwang, Cristiano Midnight, Prokofy Neva, Korg Stygian, Osprey Therian, and others were active tghre. I spent a lot of time as an SL Mentor. My human has changed a lot in that time, and some of those changes partially account for my decreased presence in SL. I hung around the boardwalk when it was at Morris Ahern and there was Stage iV nearby. Sandbox Cordova was just Cordova then. Starax was
  5. I joined SL on December 22, 2003. Thanks to Linden Lab for making it. and best wishes to the people I've met here, what few of them are still around. Sad to hear of Osprey's death. I enjoyed her presence.
  6. Do you know if those use invisiprims? I forgot to mention my wardrobe is so old my shoes all have invisiprims which always were a drag so I'm hoping to get some shows without invisiprims.
  7. If they've made a tall high heel, how much more work can it be to copy it, shorten the heel, and make a slightly different gesture to bend the foot less, and offer both heights for sale? They might make more sales selling both heights than just one.
  8. For those using Firefox, the extension Bookmark Favicon Changer will let you export the SL favicon and assign it to the forums. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/bookmark-favicon-changer/?src=search
  9. I was still able to get AvPainter from the link on the laptop gadget inworld but I see now that it's not in the marketplace anymore. What happened?
  10. Is it harder to make a 1 to 3 inch heel shoe than a 5 to 10 inch one? I'm wondering if that might be why the shorter heels are less abundant than tall ones.
  11. I'm looking for "high heels that aren't very high". 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, or 3 inch heels, not platforms. Not super high. Not ultra high. "High heel" but not very high, not platforms, in round or natural toe contour pumps. "High heel" but not very high, not platforms, in open toe round toe or natural toe contour pumps. "High heel" but not very high, not platforms, in sandals.. I'm not looking for flats. I looked through pages of SL Marketplace and they are all too tall. Here are links to the general idea or the heights at a RL store: http://www.shoes.com/e
  12. First time since starting SL I forgot to log in on my RezDay. 9 years as of 12-22-2012. Greetings to the fossils that still remember me.
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