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  1.  I'm completely new to texturing and I'm just trying to texture this bodysuit for personal use, the top came out perfect but I can't get the bottom to match at all, is there something I'm doing wrong? I'd try stretching and moving the texture but I made this to create appliers for my maitreya body so I can't actually select the texture, can anyone tell me how to do this better?
  2. I have a PDF for a catsuit that I want textured differently, just plain black shiny or leather style texture, all around for the whole catsuit, so nothing hefty, but I need it to look well made so the black would just have to be textured nicely.
  3. I have a bodysuit with PDF files that I want some custom textures for, you won't be able to resell it, but to me it seems like it'd be pretty basic to texture cause its only a top layer and bottom layer that I would like some solid colour textures on or some patterns, will discuss the pay. Send me a message in world.
  4. I'm using singularity 32 Bit, I know that 64 bit doesn't support media but it's always worked until I reformatted my PC. I downloaded quicktime and shockwave player, and reinstalled singularity 32 bit, slplugin is running on my processes and not blocked on my firewall, this is what happens when I try to use media. 
  5. So I really have to apply to use the marketplace viewer to be able to list anything on Marketplace now?? Is this the only way for me to list my items? I signed up to get the viewer but I don't even know how long that takes it's kind of messing my store up
  6. I've been looking around for a hairstyle like this for a little while, figure I post here while I look anybody know where I can find something similar to Rhona Mitra's hairstyle in doomsday? it was awesome
  7. Yeah I sent a NC to Catwa but got nothing, so just seeing if anybody might know.
  8. I rented with you for a while Only reason I left is because I'm looking for something bigger. Thanks though!
  9. I'm looking to rent a nice mesh home, I'd much prefer a skybox because they tend to be cheaper and less laggy. I'm looking for something really good quality, preferably with a pool, willing to spend L$1000 per week on the tier. If anyone knows of any places I can rent, let me know, I've been looking for a couple hours. Thanks.
  10. I'm in search of a custom clothing designer, I need quality, somebody who is smart and stylish. I have a design and a current outfit in SL that it can be based off of. My clothing designer no longer makes customs, so i'm in search of a new one. Price will be discussed, message me in world for details! Non mesh, clothing, by the way!
  11. My friend is having a problem, almost all of her gestures are broken links, she's tried clearing cache, deleting them and getting the same pack of gestures, but they're still broken links, is there a solution?
  12. Looking for someone to take a sample of my LAQ Peach skin and create an applier for my lush boobs.. nothing special, I just want a perfectly matched tone.
  13. Hi, my voice on SL has worked fine since I downloaded Singularity, and now I'm having a problem with voice reconnecting over and over every minute, SL Voice is allowed on my firewall, I tried resetting computer, clearing cache etc and I can't seem to get it to work.. [12:01 PM] Connecting to in-world Voice Chat... [12:01 PM] Connected [12:02 PM] Connecting to in-world Voice Chat... [12:02 PM] Connected [12:03 PM] Connecting to in-world Voice Chat... [12:03 PM] Connected [12:04 PM] Connecting to in-world Voice Chat... [12:04 PM] Connected [12:04 PM] Connecting to in-world Voice Chat... [12:04
  14. You're paying a fair price in my opinion, It would only take me 20 minutes or so to create one pose and I'm not even that experienced, don't let yourself get played.
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