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  1. Czari Zenovka wrote: Yep, I was partnered in 2007 and there was a charge. Now I can't recall if only the partner proposing paid or both people, but absolutely has always been a charge...at least since May 1, 2007. I'm thinking having a partner on each account is a bit odd...or maybe normal for SL...but hey, that's just me. Yes, the fee scheme has been the same since 2004. Back then, things were a little different. There were no free accounts, even basics had a $9.95 startup fee. Old basic accounts included a small stipend for any week that the avatar was logged on, too, so after a year they could make that $10 back. Any more stipend from then to now is basically LL paying them a tiny bit to stick around. I mention all that to put the little charge in context. Those little fees are vestiges of the old style SL economy with lots of little sinks and sources, not some new scheme to collect piles of nicklels.
  2. The L$10 and L$25 fees for partnering were always there, well ever since it was automated.
  3. Here is the big picture. Yes it's tl;dr. It was almost tl;dw too. Assets and inventory are separate systems, even though we need both of them working to use our stuff. Asset storage is basically a gigantic file server, and the UUID serves as a file name of sorts. When the sim pokes the asset system with a UUID, it receives a pointer to the matching file. And that's about all the asset system really does. It's a straightforward task, but the amount of stuff to fetch and store 24/7 is mind boggling. Avatar inventory is stored in a pile of databases. Each database serves a fraction of the users, that's why those "unscheduled maintenance" things often stop some people from logging in, but not others. When your viewer requests inventory, middleware sends a query to "your" inventory database, and then returns a formatted version of this huge list of rows for each of your inventory folders and the items themselves. Each entry carries a lot of information: owner, item name and description, creator, access dates, permissions flags, the folder it belongs in, what kind of asset it is (body part, object, notecard, etc. etc.), and of course, the asset's UUID. Lots of things can make this slow: load from all the other avatars using "your" inventory database at the same time, network traffic inside the grid, load on the middleware services and sims, meddling by the Illuminati.
  4. The inventory security problem is still there. For hypergrid situations, people simply avoid exposing stuff that would cost them a lot. Just about all the independent grids that are trying to build inworld economies have stayed as walled gardens, much like SL. See http://opensimulator.org/wiki/Hypergrid_Security and especially the part about malicious hosts. There are ideas to fix it, but no real resolution so far.
  5. MuffinUnsane wrote: I've seen full bright used for cartoony avatars. It really helps with a 2D looks. Otherwise...I have no idea why people would do it. It's kinda ulgy for anything else. It is good for things that are supposed to look like lights, too. It works nicely with bloom/glow to get the right effect, and the fullbright alone is still passable when bloom isn't supported. Ask any robot, they'll understand.
  6. It is probably for the best to keep any alternative to the public JIRA out of the hands of those who shut down the original.
  7. Meh, so they are kind of making official how it has operated for months. Much stuff already moved to the black box. Viewer changes come in with hidden JIRA issues or none referenced, so one is left to guess why some changes are made, and how important they are. There has also been a more frequent tendency to move public issues to private areas. These changes have already begun to impede even the most active outside projects, so perhaps users can look forward to more such exciting adventures.
  8. Thry stopped deleting inventories a couple years ago. For accounts that lapsed longer ago than that, the inventories were already deleted before the policy change, and are not coming back.
  9. Kwakkelde Kwak wrote: Does anyone know why the texture memory slider in the hardware options under preferences is limited to 512MB? I have a lot more room in there, four times as much. My gpu monitor says the card is using 710MB or something. I have to admit I haven't looked at it very closely, maybe it goes up sometimes. They used to allow higher, but kept running into buggy OpenGL drivers that could not handle higher amounts. This cap was set a few years ago, I hope that those buggy drivers are nearing extinction and the cap can be raised soon. I think that the current limit might start to hurt once people start to use more textures with the materials functionality.
  10. Drongle McMahon wrote: "Now I can get back to work ..." No I can't! Where has Aditi gone? :matte-motes-agape: Login to Sandbox Wanderton worked OK for me just now, maybe you will have luck there too.
  11. Yes, the word is that this will be enforced on the server side, the magic texture entries will be blanked out.
  12. Latest behavior while on the GC Test regions on Aditi -- If you are in the same region as the giving object, nothing at all has changed with llGiveInvenory that I can see. Testing shows me that the IM cap still eats llGiveinventory offers, and the Received Items folder is not used. If you are on a different region from the giving object, Received Items is used, but the IM cap still eats offline inventory offers. The items do not appear in your inventory until you accept, so no you cannot rez them before accept. Once an object is in Received Items, you can rez it from there, but the viewer disallows things like rename until it is moved to a regular folder.
  13. Elle74 Zaftig wrote: Isn't llGiveInventory supposed to give you the items in a folder? If it is, then it's broken for this test, it kept giving me my items in single pieces from one object! llGiveinventory always sent items "bare" without creating a folder. There is another function, llGiveinventoryList, that does create a folder, but it only works if the avatar is online and in the same region.
  14. Pamela Galli wrote: Is this going to be forced on third party viewers as well? Is there a way to escape this? This change is really on the server side. If a TPV writer doesn't like that, they could certainly add something sort items from incoming to match the legacy behavior, just like mail programs can automatically move things from an inbox.
  15. Hi, this is from Oken Hax's profile picks. You will need to login to see the picks and verify this DSD policy. - Sorry but I'm way too busy in RL and SL to accept custom recolors or custom avatars. - I do not transfert avatars to your alt/other account. - I do not exchange color. Be sure of the color you want before buying. - Vendors automatically refund double purchases - You are allowed to grab textures of avatars you bought and modify them for your personal usage. - You are NOT allowed to give textures away, nor sell textures. - You are NOT allowed to give away or sell work based on those textures. - I don't sell parts of avatars separatly. Despite what many seem to believe, it's 100% allowed to sell mods kits for my avatars. BUT if you want to sell such thing, use your own textures, not mine. The textures are not provided as inventory items, so you would need to extract them on your own. The required tools also enable unauthorized texture retrieval, so i won't be detailing how to do it.
  16. Hi, you can visit ITFE at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Karibu/99/202/24 There are three urns with green bows on the floor, for sale at L$1 each. The left two are female and male fauns. Yasum had a faun group gift for a while, I don't know if that offer is still running or not.
  17. Orabelle wrote: Any way to bypass these fly restrictions? Hi, you can do this, but be aware that some land owners really mean it when they say no fly, and they could choose to eject or ban you from their land if you bypass it. You do not need a special viewer to do this, but some of the third party viewers have a shortcut. Here is the long way that works in the official viewers. First look in preferences, under Advanced, and make sure that "Show Advanced Manu" and "Show Develop Menu" are enabled. Next, from the main menu, pick Advanced>Show Debug Settings. Type in AdminMenu and click the TRUE radio button. If you have trouble getting it to switch to TRUE, click FALSE instead then push the up arrow. Then close the debug settings window. In the official viewers, this is reset on each login. Finally, again from the main menu, pick Develop>Show Admin Menu. The no fly check is now bypassed. Do not bother with the Admin menu itself, those features won't really work unless you are a Linden.
  18. Hi, with both the rental box reverted and the table gone, I would think that the server crashed hard and failed to make a final backup. When this happens, the server state reverts to the last good backup, so you get kind of an unintended rollback. You can relate the trouble with dates and times to support. They will not be able to recover the lost table, but sometimes they can help out with reimbursement. Other times, they will shrug and say too bad.
  19. SweetGwendolyne wrote: Or the other way round, is anyone successfully running viewer 3 under Linux ? If yes, in what kind of distribution / setup are you using ? (Maybe I'm just missing a dependency) Yes, I have and still use it successfully with versions a lot like yours, Natty and then Oneiric. I like to use 32 bit kernels because media compatibility is so much easier with SL that way, but was not having display name problems on 64 bit kernels with the 32 bit compatibnility stuff either. These worked OK with gerernic Ubuntu, I did not have to load any special packages. If you switch off display names in the SL preferences, to the lists then work? That should make the names load a different way, and could give some clues about what is wrong.
  20. Freecilla Kuhn wrote: I find most times we land facing East, maybe that's a default thingy, test it out and see if you find this too. Yes, when things are working normally, east is the default for a teleport out to an unconnected region, but same orientation as before for a teleport inside the same area.
  21. Deej Kasshiki wrote: Sorry but, all the current JIRAs say otherwise. How do you explain a major screwup that knocks out most of the current generation Nvidia graphics cards, for example? That's no esoteric or limited case issue. At the very least it points to very poor QA. Hi, that particular bug turned out to be Nvidia's, but LL will be adding a lower limit to work around it. The latest update for the OpenGL modernization project says that it is being sent to QA, so that should be hitting a regular viewer soon too.
  22. The old non-deferred antialiasing still works here in davep_shining-fixes 243593, so it will be good to check all the setup first.
  23. leliel Mirihi wrote: The shining-fixes branch removes the MSAA code and replaces it with FXAA so that's not really a problem anymore. The FXAA stuff is used in deferred rendering ("lighting and shadows") mode. It is a good addition because hardware FSAA did not like to work at all with deferred rendering, but it really does not work as well as the hardware version that is still used when deferred is off.
  24. FSAA still works in SL on Linux, but the fancy effects that recent desktops use can interfere with it. I'm looking at you, compiz. I think recent xfce can interfere too. This is not only an SL problem, it breaks other things like games that use FSAA too. On Ubuntu, you can choose the "classic desktop with no effects" from the login screen menu, and that will free up the resources to allow FSAA. If anybody actually used Unity and got used to it, it is still possible to get similar functionality with a switch to Gnome 3. The little secret is to hold down the Alt key when you right click on the panels, then it is possible to add and remove launchers.
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