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  1. I have been reading about the tokon system and I am looking for some feedback, anybody used it and how is it compared to open collar?
  2. Thanks, I heard about Blue Heron, but wasn't able to find the stream addres, great!!
  3. We, me and my wife, recently changed the theme of our land to a more traditional Japanese style. Anybody know a Japanese Traditional music stream. Would like it for ambience. Thanks for any suggestions
  4. The one thing I am missing from the information is what graphics card do you have? Try this, assuming you are using viewer 2.0. Start up the viewer, don't login, make sure you change the basic to advanced next to the login name, then goto "Me", preferences, graphics and set it to the lowest setting. Then try to login.
  5. I have had very good experience with the Phoenix viewer, they support more graphic cards. http://www.phoenixviewer.com/
  6. Well actually after giving the 2.xxx viewer last chance, I witched back to Phoenix, their latest build works like a charm...Bye Bye and this time for good viewer 2.xxxx
  7. I have a Geforce GT 445 M and actually downloaded the lastest build of the Phoenix viewer. It is optimized for SSE2 and LAA and found my cardwithout no problem. The 2.xxx viewer from Linden couldn't find mine either.
  8. Actually after trying the last build of the 2.0 Viewer, I downloaded the last version of Phoenix. My graphics card was found, it supports SSE2 and LAA. Maybe Linden labs should just STOP delevoping viewers, since 3rd party viewers appenrently do a better job and concentrate on upgrading their infrastructure and keep the servers running smooth. For sure I am completly done with viewer 2.xxxxxx and hopefully someone else then Linden can pick up the slack of developing a viewer which is more in line with the current technology.
  9. I just got a new high end laptop, windows 7 64-bit, 4 core, 8 threads intel i7 CPU, 8 gb of ram, nvidia gt 445m with 3 gb of video memory. I did post a question for support for the graphics card, since it is not recognized by he viewer. But besides that, I really think that linden should concentrate more on developing a real 64-bit viewer for windows. Let's face it, the 32-bit is an old technology and is really faced out. Instead of adding useless gadgets like social network links and web profiles concentrate 1st on a solid viewer which takes advantage of the new technology and graphics cards. If you look at the current system requirements, windows 7 64-bit is not even supported. Give me your thoughts and maybe we can wake up some developers. By the way, there is/was already a jar out for this for 2 years now. Started with a request for Vista 64-bit support.
  10. It is not recognized by the latest viewer, so if goes the default lowest settings. Anybody any recommended settings? Never Mind, I found the right Solution which is: Use the lastest Phoenix viewer. Done for good with viewer 2.xxxx
  11. Could tell the location of the current supported graphics cards? I Just got a new laptop with a nvidia gt 445 m, 3Gb video memory. But when sl starts up it is not recognized. I did install the latest official viewer.
  12. To be honest, we all know that SL is probally the largest cheating place on the internet, but stil I strongly believe in 1 relationship only. A lot of people seem to forget that behind the Avies there are real people with real feelings. But since this is after all our Second Life, the place where you can be who you want to be, maybe there are 2 options: If you like me, cherish a relationship and get real close then treat that relationship as you would in real life. Angel and I have been together for almost a year now, are engaged and our wedding will soon,we will not cheat on eachother. I can hear people thinking, yeah right buddy, thats what you say, but if you know a person in mind and soul, you can tell if they do. For those who like to see Second Life as a hunting ground to get as much relationships as you can, well maybe you should stick with partners who think likewise.
  13. I had really think a lot of you are missing what I am trying to bring to the attention. 1st of all if an object is "sold" with an allow transfer option, of course the object should be no copy. However I think more merchants should consider offer the merchandise as 2 options: 1. No copy, Transfer allowed 2. Copy, No Transfer allowed. Most of the merchants go for the second option, personally i try to buy only from merchants which allow the 1st option. Which allows me to GIVE it away to anyone i want. Don't get me wrong, I don't mean resell.
  14. Of course I don't ask to sell an item as copy and transfer, But yes, maybe more creators shoudl consider having 2 options. A transfer/no copy item and a No Copy/transfer Item.
  15. Thanks for the great input so far. I know that there are merchands who will offer the transfer option. I agree with Angel, maybe we should all concentrate on those merchants who offer their items with " no copy" "allow transfer" option. Most of us have tons of items which we don't use anymore but would be greatly appriciated by others. It is all about helping others who are less fortunate to have a Happy SL life too.
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