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  1. Hi, download Viewer 1.23 for your system and try to log in with that. The old viewers had both a first name and last name for the login screen, use "Resident" for the last name if you have a single word username. Many people have better luck to get past the terms of service screen on that version. Once you get past the terms of service, you can use any viewer you like.
  2. Hi, I get much better performance from the internal browsers if I reduce the debug setting PluginInstancesCPULimit to about 0.5, I think the default is 0.9. This tells SLPlugin to run at a lower priority, so that the viewer gets an opportunity to communicate with it. I have seen this change help on Windows and Mac, I don't know if it would have the same effect on Linux but I suspect it could.
  3. The role for these functions is a little different from llGetFreeMemory, they are for reporting simulator memory use, the prelude to small scripts. The LSO version does not show variable results because it will have a fixed 16K allocation forever.
  4. Yes, when you sit on those, you are sent about 1000 meters away then brought back. The hope is that the sim will notice you moved, and send you fresh update messages about nearby objects when you return. Sometimes it can help, if some updates were lost on the way to your viewer the first time. You can get a similar effect if you change your active group.
  5. Hi, does your new computer have ATI graphics? You probably need to update your drivers. The bug VWR-22404 shows some screen shots so you can see if it is the same problem.
  6. Hi, I have never seen it another way. "View All" on the Recent Posts section is OK, but the link on the "My Questions" and "My Answers" uses the wrong link. This is not browser trouble, that is how the links are sent by the server. I do not think it is a rank thing, the link is wrong on any account I try and even when not logged on.
  7. Qie Niangao wrote: My hunch is that it would replace one big fat rubber band with a whole bunch of little ones, from which there could be no escape. Yes, imagine bullets that have to report their collisions to a remote server before they can react!
  8. Tari Landar wrote: That is my belief too, that avatar to avatar inventory offers don't count in the cap limit. But that's just been based on my own experience. Hi, avatar to avatar transfers count against the cap too, but the consequences are not so bad. They can go to the trash folder if the cap prevents you from accepting, but the trash folder is much nicer than the total loss from capped object inventory transfers!
  9. Rufus Darkfold wrote: You mean the deformer animation doesn't go away when you do llStopAnimation()? Does it leave you deformed? If so, how do you debug something like that without messing up your avatar permanently? Yes, that is a little bug in the animation system, or really a problem that nobody considered. You will want to have a second animation that can restore the positions. There are free undeformer scripts and gestures on the marketplace with the right animationss already loaded, so you do not have to create your own. Relogging will clear the deformations too, but that is not very convenient.
  10. HI, if this is on a mainland region, it should not be there, The signs are not touching the ground. If more than one belongs to the same person, that is a violation too. If they are spinning or more than 8 meters tall, those are against the rules too. The full rules are here.
  11. Hi, here are a few possibilities. If you are on a no scripts area, the AO will not start until move out of it. Most AOs will then keep running after it you get them started. THe no script zone usually only works to 50 meters above the ground, so a quick flight up to the cloud layer will be enough. The scripts could be in a confused state. Most AOs have a menu button, click that and look for a Reset option on the dialog. Press that and see if that helps. Many AOs offered to new residents, and even some for sale, are missing their animations after a crackdown on stolen content. If you bought or received one of these, it won't animate your avatar, but there will be much error message spam that you will only see if you turned on script errors in your viewer preferences. Right click on the AO, edit it, and look in the contents tab, and see if there are animations in there. If there are only one or two, or none at all, you may have one of the dead ones.
  12. Toysoldier Thor wrote: This should be be considered acceptable for SLM ! One of the benefits in theory to SLM is that the shopper can buy products for inworld when they are not online themselves (i.e. shopping while at work) or whomever the persons that is receiving the gift. THAT IS AN UNACCEPTABLE LIMITATION FOR SLM ! Yes, and this kind of trouble is why magic boxes are being replaced by direct delivery. That will take llGiveInventory and its limitations out of the loop. There is an annoucement for the beta program here. It would be nicer if the project was already finished and live, but something definitely is being done about the problem.
  13. Qwalyphi Korpov wrote: Perhaps Linden staffing levels can only deal with a very limited number of comments. Only "high" ranks = few comments? I will call bull on that one. Everyone who added comments to the old knowledge base talk pages say 'aye!' *Three or four timid murmurs emanate from the back row, nearly drowned out by the din of the crickets.* Now, everybody who added edits to revision controlled KB entries on the wiki, your turn 'aye'! *Maybe there was a grumble or two, but those crickets are awfully loud.* And finally, everyone who kept bothering with KB edits after they were left in limbo for months on end, 'aye'! *Even the crickets go silent.*
  14. Hi, you cannot really go to busy mode by script, but you can fake it. llStartAnimation("busy") will add "(Busy)" to your name tag, but it will not defer messages and inventory offers.
  15. Hi, the most common setup for tiny avatars is the tiny-zig Body Crusher. It is a bundle of Francis Chung's Franimation AO script and special animations made by Zig March. There is a free copy of the basic version in our inventory, under Library>Clothing>Cardboard Boxbot. These animations will work OK with most AO scripts, you could need to change the timer a little to reduce glitches. Be careful if you rez this object, it is a very small invisiprim. Open the editor first, so it will already be selected. You can find compatible animations and still poses in the Tiny region, plus the little continent around Raglan Shire.
  16. Changes are uploaded today. 2011-04-17 special case reserved words print, event; special highlights for jump, @, default, state; typos 2011-04-16 move decimal ints to end of list, to capture floats w/trailing period Known problems: The highlighter is not prepared to handle text that has been modified in the rich editor, so don't do that. If you want to edit the contents of a code block that was already pasted in: In rich text mode, press the - LSL button to remove existing highlights. Switch to the HTML tab and edit the code there. Remember to escape less than, greater than, ampersand if you add them. Switch back to the rich text tab and press + LSL I will try to make this less painful in the future if the editor lets me.
  17. a if (gNewChild < 16) { llRezObject(gWorkPrim, llGetPos() + "this is a very very very very very long line" <.5, 0., 0.>, ZERO_VECTOR, ZERO_ROTATION, 0); } c
  18. Hi, I do see the mess that happens when an already inserted pre is edited in TinyMCE, and am working on a fix.
  19. http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/101223 This adds two buttons for the rich text editor (TinyMCE) on community.secondlife.com. pre blocks (like those from the insert code button) will be highlighted assuming LSL. There is also a button to remove the highlights, in case the formatting looks wrong, or the style tags make the post too large. Right now this is an all or nothing operation, all pre blocks in the post or none will be highlighted. That could improve in the future, if I can find a nicer way into the iframe. default { state_entry() { llSay(0, "Hello, Avatar!"); } touch_start(integer total_number) { llSay(0, "Touched."); } }
  20. Let's see what this button does. object_rez(key id) { llCreateLink(id, LINK_ROOT); llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast(2, [ PRIM_POSITION, <0., 0., gCubeSize * (gNewChild + 1)>, PRIM_ROTATION, ZERO_ROTATION, PRIM_SIZE, <gCubeSize, gCubeSize, gCubeSize>, PRIM_TEXTURE, ALL_SIDES, TEXTURE_BLANK, <1., 1., 0.>, ZERO_VECTOR, 0., PRIM_COLOR, ALL_SIDES, ZERO_VECTOR, 0., PRIM_DESC, (string)gNewChild ]); gNewChild++; if (gNewChild < 16) { llRezObject(gWorkPrim, llGetPos() + <.5, 0., 0.>, ZERO_VECTOR, ZERO_ROTATION, 0); } else { llRemoveInventory(gWorkPrim); llSetText("Object created, you can drag in the radar script now.", <0., 1., 0.>, 1.); llRemoveInventory(llGetScriptName()); } }} default{ touch_end(integer a) { state print; }} state event{ state_entry() { llOwnerSay("Hello"); jump upandown; float custard = PI; custard += print; string event; @ // wheeeeeeeeeeee! upanddown ; jump inalake; @inalake; llShout( "*splash*"); jump print; @event; state default; state ofconfusion; } state_exit() { llOwnerSay("Goodbye"); }}
  21. Void. You take these little passive aggressive snipes at me and others every day. You know perfectly well how to use the edit history, and how to edit the wiki, and instead chose to circumvent the "no naming names" policy and get in a little snipe at me by couching it in "they". If you do not like the way I wrote that, put up or shut up, it is a wiki. And no, it is not effective to spin a twisted justification that the "they" was generic, you knew or should have known who did the edits, the information is right there under your nose. You are simply trying to weasel out of the "naming names" rule because it is more fun to routinely insult people. Yes, in isolation this comment could look silly, but you do this daily. You need to stop the aggression.
  22. Void Singer wrote: and they list the low (512^2) res versions as "improved" an the mid (1024^2) res versions as simply "templates" two links down..... I don't know anyone that still has the original supersize 2048^2 ones. kinda annoying. I am not "they". Chip's tempates ARE an giant improvement over the old LL ones, do you disagree with that? Unfortunately the old ones had to be rescued too because the LL copies of the CMFF collection did not cover all body parts. The larger templates are not listed first because they are hosted outside [ this was not always so, they were hosted on the forum until LL destroyed the attachments ], and the description for them has not changed since 2007. If you have a better description for them, you know how to edit the wikii and edits are far more useful than bitter pointless whining.
  23. Ishtara Rothschild wrote: Argus Collingwood wrote: Clothing Templates Clothing Tutorial Templates I see that they've finally added a download link for Chip Midnight's more detailed template files. I highly recommend those over the standard templates. Ha. Really LL deleted the links to those and even the old Linden templates. We are only lucky that the files were forgotten on S3 and not deleted too. I had to find their locations in old download histories and Amazon metadata to recover them.
  24. Hi, this is a duplicate question, first asked in this thread.
  25. Hi, does your MBP have Leopard or Snow leopard on it? Tiger is no longer supported. You can still run the old version 1.23, or try a third party viewer, if the operating system version is in your way. If your MBP does meet the system requirements, can you post more about the system you have?
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