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  1. duLuna Bosatsu

    Baking in Blender with Av Skeletons

    answer found, nvm!
  2. Hello everyone! I recently grabbed the skeletons from the wiki and wanted to know how I can select the uv maps separately? As in, just tapping L to highlight them. I had cut the edges of the mesh to separate it in the second picture, but I ended up with this break in smoothness between parts. So I went back and marked the seams... voila! I can select them individually with L. So now the question is, how do I get it to bake ONLY the highlighted UV mapped area instead of all 3?
  3. duLuna Bosatsu

    Invisible sides?

    thanks for clarifying :3
  4. duLuna Bosatsu

    Invisible sides?

    Hey everyone, using Blender. I started with a Beam to create a thing. I thought if I deleted the extra faces to make it one plane, it would be fine (doing this was an after thought, just experimenting). Instead those newly exposed internals are uploading into SL as invisible. I tried playing with the normals, but my understanding of their true nature is lacking- so I'm assuming I'm just choosing one side over the other instead of getting both. Is it possible to have a plane with a different texture on each side? If so, is it possible to wrangle a beam to do this or should I start over?
  5. duLuna Bosatsu

    Attaching mesh to scripted prims skyrockets LI, why?

    fixed!! thank you!
  6. Hello everyone. I have 8 prims with various rotate scripts inside. I have a mesh that's 2 LI. When I attach the mesh to the prims, the entire object shoots up to 60 LI Logged into Beta Grid to trouble shoot this, didn't get the same problem. Logged into actual grid, still having same problem. why. *I uploaded with the same mesh settings in both grids.
  7. duLuna Bosatsu

    WTB Scripter

    Bumping this because I found one, but lost them. Need someone to help where they left off. Looking for floating behavior, already have base script.
  8. duLuna Bosatsu

    This Alpha Clipping

    Is there a fix for this? It's a large mesh that can't be resized so I'm unable to shrink the box space. Alpha masking is a good alternative, can still see environmental lighting through it with added sheen benefit, but lose gradation of transparency turning the wings opaque.
  9. duLuna Bosatsu

    WTB Scripter

    Looking to pay someone for scripts. Some projects as small as "make this float" or aiding me with HUD production. Send me a note in-world with rates.
  10. duLuna Bosatsu

    Mesh Bodies Dilemma

    here's the response I was given to put that sentence into perspective: "The catch is that while a clothing layer and an applied texture are exactly the same texture, when they were made into a clothing item, they were flagged and cannot be used in any other way. And yes, LL says it was done to prevent theft from some exploit that probably happened 10 years ago but we still have it with us."
  11. duLuna Bosatsu

    Mesh Bodies Dilemma

    Hello everyone. I wanted to toss this concern/discussion-loaded query to you: I'll start by mentioning this recent forum post: Jo Yardley - New Virtual World I've been creating in SL, like many of you, since day 1. It's been my joy to offer what I make to the world in every available format (under layers & over layers seperable both in design and all system clothing types.) When mesh started to evolve in body-object design, I was hesitant to buy in (literally, the prices for an all-mesh avatar were and are worth their costs in arms & legs.) I started to make appliers for my clothing for the more popular parts brands (at the time), but as I've come to check-in on the status of TMP and individually made full bodies, I realize... texture-based clothing makers are having to purchase between 3 and 10 types of appliers for every article of clothing they make in order to keep up with the market/other creators- to the point that the SL body itself and clothing layers are becoming obsolete. (see the aforementioned post for the new-found reasoning) I was thinking, "Why doesn't SL just update it's body so we're not forced to pay-in to several new body types that we're limited on dressing anyways?" and "Does this not create a kind of market-based racket for those who simply want to look good, enjoy the game, and not have to buy new mesh bodies to accomadate a skirt or shirt they like?" It's quickly solved if the article in question was mesh itself, but the texture-based clothing is a whole other consideration. I asked a current popular mesh body creator, "Why has LL made it impossible to copy the UUID off a clothing layer to apply to an object, removing the hassle of multiple appliers and creating the universal ability to wear everything you have, without having to sacrifice body-quality for clothing-quality?" It's especially difficult for older players with hundreds of dollars invested in their wardrobe they no longer feel comfortable in "their defualt body" to wear. Their reply to this, clarifying the confusion, albeit adding to the frustration, are the copyright laws involved, by allowing such a thing it creates susceptibility for theivery to happen. I have no further reccomendations on the matter after realizing/hearing this and am slightly saddened that the texture-based creators are now forced into buying multiple creator kits (even if their shop isn't one of the more popular ones) in order to accomodate their customer base. The context of this sadness is feeling pigeon-holed when there's a legitimate work around and the complexity added to incoming new residents who want to explore the game and it's beauty but are met with this debacle. I'm very curious to see how this new virtual world will playout and how the "non backwards compatible" yet "not obsolete original SL" will work...
  12. duLuna Bosatsu

    SLX Connect?

    Hello everyone. I've been awol from SL for a while, so many changes were happening so quickly- I thought I'd let the tide settle before delving back in. Upon doing so, I came across mention of this site. Google showed a fair bit of discussion on the site, and it actually looked rather promising. So what happened to it?
  13. Is it possible to search for sims with the highest population (at the time of search)? I want to explore places that are experiencing heavy traffic. The current searches only allow for a general traffic-based sorting, not real-time. How can I sort for current population of sim at the time of search? (ie: not typing in a keyword, but rather an undedicated search that I will there-in sort by population. Thus, themes out the window, target = mass hangout regardless of keywords.)
  14. How do I recover a password from an alt that uses an e-mail no longer accessible?
  15. duLuna Bosatsu

    Repeat sound?

    so I have this script... integer SoundCount = 1; default { on_rez(integer n) { llSetSoundQueueing(TRUE); llPlaySound("locket1", 1.0); SoundCount = 1; llSetTimerEvent(9.23); } timer() { SoundCount++; if(SoundCount == 2) { llPlaySound("locket2", 1.0); } else if(SoundCount == 3) { llPlaySound("locket3", 1.0); } } } I don't have a very expansive scripting knowledge, so I've compiled it from two other scripts, Essentially I want it to loop continuously until clicked off/on. I understand the on_touch commands, I'm mostly stuck on getting these three to play in order repeatedly... any helpers? xD;