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  1. I own a Catwa head and am curious how to use/apply materials onto it. I'm making a shiny forehead mark, something barely there unless hit with light. 1. The Catwa dev kit offers Spec & Norm map uploads when you choose skin, but not for the other options(eyeshadow etc). Why is this? Oddly though, when I set the maps for skin during setup, they weren't registered when applied, just the skin texture came through. On the Hud itself I can upload maps so they layer on top of the skin, works and looks exactly as needed. So, is there a way to transfer these files for others to use without giving away the textures themselves? 2. When I was playing with and uploaded the maps to the Omega Applier it was applying the materials to the entire face on my other head, a GA.EG, instead of just where there was the relevant color info. I ended up having to cut out the locations and turning the file to an alpha to keep the whole blush or forehead section from glossing over. I don't have to do this with the Catwa hud applicator though, it reads the maps just fine not alpha'd. Whats the reason for this?
  2. Was this a limited release? I read that it was for the Kawaii project around 2016.
  3. problem solved- WEAR THE HEAD! issue only seems to persist with rezzed items and not attached ones.
  4. I want to hug you. 8| thank you for this! But now the question is... I'm using the texture on one of Catwa's dev kit demo heads and it's causing the error over there as well. If I change to the 1% transparency it doesn't read over to the head where it applied the texture via transmitter. Is there a way around this?
  5. I guess I'll pop in after Chic's comment. The first thing I notice is that the waistline blur is either a combination from your UV map not being dialed in and/or the actual vertices on your mesh are far apart so it's literally stretching the texture. You'll want to close that gap on the actual mesh. As for the rest of the image, make sure you're working in 300 dpi, if you're working with the default 72 it'll look shoddy when resized. You could also try using Smart Sharpen to over sharpen a tiny bit, it's a simple trick but effective.
  6. The alpha mode is set to blend on both of them. They're each the exact same PSD file, each alpha channel was made the exact same way, and saved the same way. Why is one uploading differently than the other? The only difference is I'm adjusting the radius of the glow from one to the other (see second image for psd file). Is there a limit on how small the glow field can be? Video: https://screencast-o-matic.com/watch/cqfvhxZpfm
  7. thanks for the tip! I didn't know she did, that's super helpful. Following now
  8. Hello everyone! I recently grabbed the skeletons from the wiki and wanted to know how I can select the uv maps separately? As in, just tapping L to highlight them. I had cut the edges of the mesh to separate it in the second picture, but I ended up with this break in smoothness between parts. So I went back and marked the seams... voila! I can select them individually with L. So now the question is, how do I get it to bake ONLY the highlighted UV mapped area instead of all 3?
  9. Hey everyone, using Blender. I started with a Beam to create a thing. I thought if I deleted the extra faces to make it one plane, it would be fine (doing this was an after thought, just experimenting). Instead those newly exposed internals are uploading into SL as invisible. I tried playing with the normals, but my understanding of their true nature is lacking- so I'm assuming I'm just choosing one side over the other instead of getting both. Is it possible to have a plane with a different texture on each side? If so, is it possible to wrangle a beam to do this or should I start over?
  10. Hello everyone. I have 8 prims with various rotate scripts inside. I have a mesh that's 2 LI. When I attach the mesh to the prims, the entire object shoots up to 60 LI Logged into Beta Grid to trouble shoot this, didn't get the same problem. Logged into actual grid, still having same problem. why. *I uploaded with the same mesh settings in both grids.
  11. Bumping this because I found one, but lost them. Need someone to help where they left off. Looking for floating behavior, already have base script.
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