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  1. Hello, We are currently looking for LSL and PHP developers for our virtual learning environment development efforts. Please get in touch with us so that we can discuss this opportunity in further details. Send me an IM and we can take it from there. Deep Semaphore
  2. May the metaverse continue to thrive, all platforms coexist peacefully :) For more information, go here: http://rezmelacomp.wordpress.com/ EDIT: For a quick video explaining RezMela, check these clips: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0xVEQajPTBo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y7NxJs_HteA Best wishes
  3. Yes Rolig, you are right. I also missed a llRez statement in this code. I tried playing with it ... for about 10 mins ... then gave up. Was just trying to find out what Philip Rosedale was thinking when he built it.
  4. Hello, I tried but could not get it to work. Anyone wants to try? The code is available here: http://www.foxsan.com/scripts/tag/lego/ above site says: A fun toy and made by Philip Linden! Hours of very fun, and pleasure. Click and drag the block to position. Block will snap into position when near other blocks. Click and quickly release to make a new block above the old. vector pos; vector found_pos; vector start_touch_pos; vector diff; vector scale; string name_detected; vector PULSE_COLOR = <1,1,1>; float GRAB_ALPHA = 0.5; float INC = 2.0; // Grid spacing for s
  5. Thanks Charlotte, yes the solution you proposed works. I installed Flash 64 bit manually. This is what I posted on another list just a few mins back Found a solution. It appears that the Flash Player that Adobe installs is a 32 bit player ... that can run well in Chrome, IE etc... even if they are on a 64 bit OS. But if you manually install the 64 bit version I obtained here ... http://download.cnet.com/Adobe-Flash-Player-11-Beta-64-bit/3000-2378_4-75454063.html streaming work
  6. Thank Thinkerer, Here are my specs Windows 7 Pro, 64 bit Service Pack 1 Gfx card: Nvidia Quadro 1000 M Intel Core i7-2760 QM CPU 2.4 GHz RAM: 8.00 GB Everything renders fine .... 124 FPS without shadows, 24 FPS with every graphics setting maxed out I have friends who also bought a recent laptop from HP ... and they are having similar issues ...., video streaming on a prim does not work, for e.g. the youtube site can be accessed .... but where you are supposed to see a video you have the usual links to install flash which of course when clicked leads to the 'frame cannot be loaded' . A
  7. This just happened to me as well. I cannot fix the issue. Tried everything the previous post suggested. Last year, I remember a few people trying out Second Life and face exactly the same 'video play back' problem. I could not help them thinking that there was something wrong with their machine/install etc... because it was working on mine. Now with a new laptop, I am facing the same problem ... Please HELP
  8. Hey there, was wondering whether anyone has some ideas to share about the best way to find the region coordinates of the center of the surface of a prim (cube, cuboid, pyramid, other regular shaped prims) Thanks
  9. Thanks Thinkerer, Your pointers are really helpful. Am bookmarking them.
  10. Thanks, Kwakkelde there is indeed a heating issue going on, and my CPU is maxed out too ... sticking to Firestorm for now, am almost glad the last official viewer sucked so bad. When I run Phoenix Firestrom in the v3 mode, I really enjoy things, am discovering for the fist time shadows with reasonable frame rates and I LOVE it.
  11. Hello, I am having very strange issues with the latest official Second Life viewer It is freezing after 5 mins or so, then comes back and freezes again .... then after getting a few normal windows 'application not responding' messages, I just have to close it manually. Let me know if anyone else is experiencing this, or may be suggest a few things I can try. Background iinfo: I normally used the official viewer running about 40 FPS on average with draw dist kept min, even had cache on a separate partition with no issues whatsoever. Wondering what is new in this latest build that is so
  12. Hello, Here's what I am trying to achieve. I have a linked object. I want to be able to click anywhere on the linked object and have the root prim move to the clicked point. Caveat: I cannot use llBreakLinks functions etc... or llCreateLink because this will require permission requests and so on which will destroy usability. If you have a solution and you want payment for it, don't hesitate to let me know personally. I am happy to hear ideas or views on the thread about this problem. Regards
  13. Thanks Rolig, I did not know what exactly preloading does, now I do.
  14. Hello, I made a 3D board game but while making it I came across one annoying issue when implementing the sounds. I find that even sounds are preloaded, the first time they are played often they do not play. To fix this issue, I first forced a sound play for all sounds involved in the game so that when they are really required they would work fine. Has anyone else come across this? Let me how to fix this ... I remember this behavior since a few years back ... but this is still there. btw this is the game am working on.
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