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  1. When are we going to see these server improvements? Lately MP has been having more issues than normal, most of sims are hitting 0 spare time and lagging. What can you share about the revamped experience for new users, and will UI changes stay in the same viewer or are we going to see some major update?
  2. Finished an article on female mesh heads. You can find details here: https://www.lure-sl.com/sl-female-mesh-heads/ Quick overview: LeLutka 2704 (29.9%) Catwa 2519 (27.9%) Genus 2171 (24%) none 809 (9%) LAQ 309 (3.4%) Others 521 (5.7%) Others include: Akeruka, Utilizator, GA.EG, LOGO, and Vista. With how many different heads exist out there, it seems that compared to bodies we will have to dig out and categorize some lesser known mesh heads in
  3. Simhopping for 7 days through shopping events, roleplay sims, bdsm sims, mainstores, events, clubs, furry sims, hangouts, 50L weekday, disco, and anything else with high traffic. Total of 542 sims checked. Only unique avatars, no duplicates. While 12k isn't that much compared to SL's population, it is still far more than majority of surveys out there. Lucia's data has a higher count which is helpful to look at as well.
  4. Yeah aiming for 50k is something that would give us great insight. We could note down sims but I don't think that would help much to anyone looking at their names, and figuring out their themes would take too long. Can't really check for continents and countries, unless we go by Second Life's website traffic but that isn't related to mesh bodies. And checking avatar age wouldn't mean much with so many alts existing. Now that is amazing! So you can see some market difference in a single month, but this could also mean we just charted different parts of SL. In the article you can
  5. From a bunch of different SL sims, mostly just using Search and going around simhopping to gather all the data. Legacy (f) (Classic Fit) is Legacy. But their [BODY] Classic (f) which you can get for 1L$ or the Creative version for 2500L$ are labelled as TMP. I'll check and compare if they did any major changes to the body and update the article accordingly. Thanks for pointing that out! Edit: So the BODY Classic is just a minor update of TMP body that's back compatible with most of TMP clothes, which makes it completely TMP. Also you cannot update your old TMP into it, which
  6. It was tied with Belleza Freya before the release of Legacy and Kupra, when they both had much higher percentage of the market. But with Legacy releasing in April 2019 and Kupra in October 2020, both Belleza Freya and Slink Hourglass are dropping in popularity due to the alternatives. Slink Hourglass is with us since March 2016, so pretty much everything had supported it.
  7. Hopefully this is the right category to put this in! With some help of friends we've gathered 12007 unique avatars in order to skip the surveys and provide the most accurate information we can, by seeing what are people actually wearing. Quick thoughts: Female avatars outnumber male avatars at 3:1 ratio. And here are the current top bodies on SL... Female mesh body preview: Maitreya 5189 (57.5%) Legacy 1449 (16%) Inithium 523 (5.8%) Belleza 505 (5.6%) Male mesh body preview:
  8. Oh I got both, no worries there. And LL, please start the transition to Vulkan already.
  9. The FPS drop for implementing EEP is an abomination that sends SL performance years back. Even while using the default skies and not something particularly spectacular, the performance hit is too high. You can spend 10,000$ on a PC and it will still run EEP horribly, barely making any difference between it and a 700$ PC. Please find a way for SL to at least somewhat scale off of GPU performance.
  10. When will we get more information about any changes of direction, or have the new owners (?) addressing the community? People are wondering what they actually plan on changing, adjusting, and such, in the long term.
  11. Nearly all of that, damn that's a nice list. The pricing changes make sense, I hate them on my business side, but they do make sense on their side. Online marketplaces and such tend to have painful fees. Items: Anything older than 10 years should not be on MP, they can still exist in inventory but reduce the spread of it. Let the new take over the ancient and clunky. Of course anyone active can re-post them. Accounts: Apparently I had account older than 16 years that I never used. Send email that all unused old accounts are getting deleted, free up names so you can later use the
  12. Second Life has been improving lately, which I'm always glad to see. However a 2.5% fee with a flat limit would've been fine, or a 1% fee with no limit would maybe be fine depending on who you ask. But 2.5% without limit is a tough punch and something more common for banks to do during the (currency?) exchanges. With the current 3.50% fee on selling L$, plus taxes, and other business fees, it's a bit of a sudden punch to go from 15$>25$>125$.
  13. Contact them, provide great customer service, don't let yourself be 'blackmailed' but try to make your customer end up satisfied. It has been working with me for several years so far, vast majority of people will be glad you contact them and tried to resolve the issue. Double check your product pages to make sure everything is as clear as it can get as well, including product images.
  14. We are currently looking for a 3D artist who is open for commission work to create us a new inworld store for Lure. The general theme of it is aimed at skin and beauty, an open modern sleek look, a single room would be dedicated to fantasy skins also. The whole store is a single floor building, and we have a mockup of our current vision of it. For those interested please IM Nethya Emor with examples of your architectural work and your rates/pricing. Thank you.
  15. My observations: When you search for something specific you get precise results, but you don't get anything that partially fits. Relevance is spammed with L$1 freebies, mostly old ones. My suggestion is to increase value of keywords by reducing number of characters allowed in keywords, that way the products can still come up when you search one of they keywords. Right now they mostly seem completely ignored, but implementing this might be a slight issue. Or just make keywords cause the product to come up last in results if it's relevant enough. Many products can work in several ways after a
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