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  1. Hey I've taken photos in secondlife for years now, and recently with the encouragment of friends have decided to offer my skill set to the public. I charge $L500 per photo, and you are garunteed satisfaction or you pay nothing. Just contact me inworld with any questions you may have, and you may see some examples of my work on my flickr page. http://www.flickr.com/photos/ortigawaco/
  2. Hiring a well rounded coder with at least 1 years experience in secondlife. You must be able to write, edit, and debug your own code. The coder is expected to know how to script most projects that come up. I have worked in secondlife for close to 4 years now doing audio editing, animation, and building. Most projects, that will need scripts, will be fully mesh. Pay will be calculated on a commision basis. Pay will range anywhere from 20-60% depending on how involved the coder is in the project's completion. Must have references and be able to code custom and exclusive scripts for myself. I wil
  3. well Charolotte you obviously fairly new to sl, anyone that has played secondlife for several years now will know linden labs hasn't upgraded their servers in years and infact they are adding more sims to the out of date servers each day stressing them more and more, top on the addition of better graphics higher detailed meshs and physics of those meshs, and those servers will be under even more stress
  4. btw thanks everyone for taking a interest in this post no matter what side you are on, whether linden labs takes this advice or not it is certainly worth looking into
  5. sorry the spell checker isn't the best I probably need to go and edit it
  6. ok either way sculpts are still less poly's then meshs
  7. arton sculpted prims allow a total of 1024 verticies, you would divide this number by 4 to get the number of poly's on a sculpt which is 256. 256x32 (the number of sculpts allowed on a vehicle not 30, that changed a few months ago with havok7) and you get 7680. AKA your suv there has twice as many poly's as a sculpt car would not vise versa.
  8. not only this dogboat but also if the servers become to laggy with the addition of meshs the game will be useless to even those with high end pcs
  9. by upgrading sculpts linden labs would stay with the times with sculpts you can already precisly control the LODs sculpts don't even count trangles they count verticies, big difference
  10. The problem I'm trying to get across is there won't be any content creators in secondlife when meshs arive. The proposed format of 3dmeshs is collada, the same file format as the millions of files that are available free on google's 3dwarehouse. No doubt the content will be richer, but the server performance will be drasticly lower.
  11. Well while there are doubts and concerns on whether or not Linden Labs will allow future third party viewers, the main concern focuses not around whether the user's computer can handle sl, but rather can Linden Lab's servers handle the added stress.
  12. upgrading sculpts with double the verticies would in a sense make sl's content twice as rich and could easily compete with what meshs could offer
  13. Over the past few years as a secondly resident I've seen a lot of changes, some good some bad, in this virtual world many of us have adopted. Whether your a content creator, or just a average citizen, in this virtual world you've probably heard about mesh by now. You've also probably heard about, and personally witnessed, the lag that has plagued secondly. This lag comes from many things. One of these is probably the most well recognized, that being over stressed servers, not to point fingers at any one reason why this lag is occurring. In the recent months I have watched several video's abo
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