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  1. I'd like to see a more urban style with steampunk town-houses. Those are the houseboats; they're already released (and sold out).
  2. The WH does have sounds but you're right; they are very quiet WH cannot sit 3 (unless you're able to modify the sitter system yourself) and even when sitting 2, as far as I can tell you can't pass the reins. I tried the Teegle demo riding around Bellisaria and also rode my WH around the same sims, and honestly did not notice any difference in sim crossings; both were good in my experience. As far as I am aware, Teegle horses are not sold on the MP at all.
  3. Tatsulot? I bet that was the last region in the batch to receive a name (That's your lot).
  4. Having tried both Waterhorse and Teegle, I bought the WH, primarily because it looks more realistic. The teegle horse is a bit too cartoon-like for my taste. But the Teegle animations are far better.
  5. That's because the 512 homes are disproportionately enormous. Try comparing them to a RL house. Or even a RL house that's been scaled up by 20% (to account for avatars being about 20% taller on average). My avatar is a little over 7' tall and the Bellisseria houses, even the little bungalows, are appropriately-sized for me. Here's the downstairs of my Continental, seen from both directions. With me, at exactly 2.2m tall, for scale. As well as the bar, there are five stools and five sets of tables with 2 armchairs each, and there's still plenty of room to walk through (please don't trip over the cat). Upstairs I've divided the bedroom to make a bathroom as well. Still not cramped. If you are experiencing otherwise, your camera settings probably need adjusting to fit the house.
  6. I keep them because I use the Signature Geralt body which not many creators are making for yet. Sometimes the Gianni options fit okay but sometimes the Jake or Slink options fit better, depending on my current shape.. And I change my avatar a lot so the option that fits best today might not be the same tomorrow. But if you're consistently sticking with the same body, there's no need for you to keep all the others.
  7. The houses are actually less cramped than they look, because the ceilings are so high, it gives the impression that the floor is smaller. But you can get a surprisingly large amount in them. And the houseboats are even bigger. But yes, skyboxes are allowed, at 2,000m or higher.
  8. Another way (which will work for you, but won't affect other users) is to change your Windlight (environment) settings. Instead of using a default mid-day, create a new Sky setting, like this. In the World menu click Environment editor, Sky Presets and New preset Give your new preset a name and click the Lighting tab Click on the coloured box under "Sun-Moon color". The colour picker will pop up; choose a dark colour. Do the same for Ambient, but choose a light colour. Finally, tick the box "Make this preset my new sky setting" and click Save. You can play with the levels of darkness and lightness, and the hue, to suit your preference, but colours tending towards grey will work best. All the other settings are up to you; play with them or leave them alone, it won't matter. The key thing is that the Ambient colour is lighter than Sun/Moon colour. If you use Firestorm there are some presets like this already made; try "AnaLutetia - AvatarOpt" or "Nam's Optimal Skin & Prim", but there are a few others as well.
  9. My alt has had old style Linden homes on and off for several years. Usually the A frames but I much preferred the Japanese ones. In both cases with some modification to divide it up into rooms and add an upper level. Only once did I ever see other avs in the same sim as me; they were a collection of bots all crammed into the one house for no apparent reason. Zero community. Absolute zero.
  10. Baby avatars played by people tend to start at about toddler age rather than newborn. So for a newborn you'll need a prim baby like a Zooby.
  11. There's another category; existing basic users who were not already premium and not renting. I went premium for the first time a couple of months ago specifically because of the Linden Homes. I would not have bothered otherwise. I know at least one other person in my small circle of friends who has done the same, for the same reason. And I am absolutely certain we're not unique. Even an uptick of 10% or 20% new basic-to-premium accounts is still a significant increase in revenue.
  12. I do sort of judge other people by their avatar, but not in the way that the OP suggests. Unlike in RL, you have absolute control over how your avatar looks. So I find that the appearance an avatar chooses is a good reflection of their personality and their priorities. What do they choose to spend their money on (however much or little of it they have)? How much imagination do they show? Do they want to blend in with the crowd or stand out as something different? Are they a slave to mainstream fashion or do they rebel against the trends and follow their own style? I'm more interested in the latter, because they usually have much more in common with me. I don't care if they are classic avatars or animals or furries or anime characters or anything else though. In fact I am probably somewhat biased towards these avatar types than away from them. Dare to be different.
  13. It can easily be done of both parties are in the same land group and both houses are set to that group.
  14. Did they actually all go in 5 minutes? 😳
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