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  1. You shouldn't have any need to rez the head on the ground, if that's what you mean. But you can wear it as normal. Rezzing a no-copy item on the ground is fraught with risk; items can often fail to rez; you'll get an error message saying that you don't have permission to do so, even though you do), then the item will disappear, never to be seen again. And if it's a gacha item, you have no chance of getting a re-delivery, either from the creator or from the person who sold it to you. Pro-tip; always rez on bare Linden-ground or on a flat non-mesh prim, never on top of a mesh object. If you're uncertain, rez a copyable item there first to test. As for a petite body, most people wanting this style of avatar will use the Kemono mesh body, which is very petite and very popular for anime-style avatars. However, not all skins are compatible with Kemono. I don't know about the VCO skin (I've never heard of VCO). If you're dead set on that skin and it's not compatible with Kemono, your next best bet would be Maitreya, which can be altered fairly close to the Kemono shape using the shape sliders. Most other bodies are too curvy to get that kind of shape.
  2. I use the Animare hud in SL a lot for the same thing. One of the best gadgets I ever bought.
  3. I log in nearly every day for at least a couple of hours. Longer, on my days off work.
  4. Thank you! They annoyed me no end cos the mist made an annoying alpha "halo" around my hair, took me ages to get rid of it, and I'm still not really satisfied with it.
  5. Oh. My. God. I have been in SL 13 years and I never knew this!
  6. There are.... (counts)... about fifteen take-away or delivery places within a mile of my house. I can get Chinese, Indian, English (Fish & chips etc), burgers, pizzas, Kentucky-style fried chicken, Jamaican, Thai or Turkish. Increase that distance to 3 miles and I can add Japanese, Greek, Korean and Persian. It's no wonder I cook so rarely.
  7. My partner and I refer to certain people as "Richard Cranium" all the time Especially idiot drivers.
  8. Knowing that whenever I arrive in a new place, other people see me naked for a few seconds or minutes, even if I don't. The massive unemployment rate. Spampires.
  9. A lot of private "newbie" areas also often have a space available to set home at. The Shelter has one, as does Caledon Oxbridge and Helping Haven. Unlike a Linden-owned one, you have to join their group to use it. Back when I was SL-homeless, I got into the habit of accepting all group invites when prompted and checking to see if Set Home is enabled; you'd be surprised how many places it is. Often in hang-out spots like beaches, clubs etc.
  10. Often but not always. It's open if I'm sailing or travelling by some other means, and zoomed out to maximum and I use it to show the beacons of where I'm headed. When I arrive at a party or event , I zoom it in as far as it will go so I can find an empty space to stand in whilst everyone else is still a sea of orange clouds and floating body-parts. Once I'm settled into a particular place, or if I'm staying at home, I turn it off because I like my screen as clutter-free as possible. I find that the minimap isn't as useful in SL as it is in other games because it doesn't show the actual terrain; everything is just grey, which makes it harder to use for navigation, so when I'm sailing I use the minimap in conjunction with the world map and setting of waypoints.
  11. Try a support ticket. They'll likely ask you a bunch of questions to establish that the account is really yours, and it'll take a few days instead of a few minutes, but it will be cheaper than a phone call. Some of the things they ask are what email address is attached to your account (you might remember it even if you don't have access to it), what region your home is set to, the names of some people on your friends list, what payment info you have on file, when you last bought L$ and how much, etc.
  12. Crab Rangoon sounds delicious, I wish they'd serve it in the UK. I guess it's an American thing only. My go-to choice for Chinese food is salt and pepper beancurd (tofu) with noodles. The spicier the better. Not all Chinese takeaways round here serve beancurd though; if they don't, I'll have salt and pepper prawns instead. I tend to avoid Szechuan; while it's usually spicy enough for me, it's also much too sweet.
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