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  1. Events for Sunday 22nd: 12 Noon: Romperdales (think Chippendales) - a classic show of men with added spice! 1.30 - 3.30PM - DJ Bailey Saxmundham - Mer-Dance in Susyn's Sparkling Sea 4.00PM - Amazon Dancers - Tour Around the World show
  2. A hired gun in the funeral industry? What are you doing, creating your own clients? 🤣
  3. I love this idea but you lost me at "Discord". 😕 What's wrong with using an in-world group for chat?
  4. Funny thing, yesterday I (in-world) bumped into the very same Linden who dealt with my support ticket on this, and I thanked her for dealing with it so efficiently and quickly. She said, "Well, we try to deal with them within 48 hours but it's not always possible," and I was like... "wow, mine was fixed in less than two!" In all my 11 years in SL that's the first time I've ever used a support ticket and I am thoroughly impressed.
  5. Events for Saturday 21st: 7AM - Meditation in the Inner Peace Garden 10:30 AM -Beach Shack Theatre - Last Mermaid (play) 12: - 1:30PM Oasis Dancers 2 - 3PM Semina Le Fer - Live piano recital http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fantasy Gay Pride/150/148/80
  6. I have two Waterhorse horses (Clydesdale and English Warmblood) but another one not mentioned yet is Teegle. In comparing the two, I find Teegles a bit less realistic when compared to Waterhorse; they've got a slight cartoony feel to them, however I do think the animations for them are head-and-shoulders better than the animations for Waterhorse. Teegles are also cheaper. Here is me with one of my Waterhorses:
  7. Fantasy Gay Pride is now open! From now up to Sunday September 29th with daily events and 2 whole regions to explore. SLURL to Welcome area http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fantasy Gay Pride/150/148/80, look for the Teleporters all over the region.
  8. You can't do those things with Linden Homes, but it is exactly what Mainland is for. There is an upfront purchase cost but most land is stupidly cheap right now, so if you aren't dead set on waterfront or adult land you can pick up a 1024 sq m parcel for the equivalent of about 50 cents, and aside from the cost of your premium membership, there will be no additional monthly fees for that size of land. Factor in the weekly stipend (they give you back L$300 per week), and if you pay annually at L$99; the whole thing will add up to a net cost of about 15 bucks a year. You can't rent anything in SL for that cheap.
  9. Even so there should have been more than 3000 Residents by 2016.
  10. I don't think that data is accurate. Here's what they have for Resident...
  11. Resi is exactly right. This is why when you see couples dancing together, one of them is often hovering too much, or has their feet sunk in the ground. They are set so that the avatar centre is at a certain height, regardless of how tall they are above/below that centre. Those pose stands are exactly the same. Measure the two avatars at their centre, a little above the belly-button, and they are "hovering" the same distance above the pad as each other.
  12. For a while, several years ago, I did tell people that I was a few years younger than I really am. I guess I was a bit embarrassed by the idea that I was closer to the age of the parents of some of the people I was hanging out with, than I was to them. 😳 It got a bit annoying though, not because I couldn't remember my fake birth-date, but because I could never figure out how old I was supposed to be when certain songs I liked were released. I also always use a false name for my RL partner when I'm talking about him. His personal data is not mine to share.
  13. Funnily enough, all the Lumin...aires I've met have been DJs or club hosts or club owners. I am none of those things at present but I have been, and I am usually IN a club somewhere, when I'm online. So I guess we ARE a party crowd.
  14. And it worked - region has been re-started and I can have pretty nails again!
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