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  1. heard this on the radio this afternoon while I was working. It seemed somehow appropriate.
  2. You have a better set of clothes for homeworking. It's warm and snuggly and it's the most comfortable thing you've ever worn. It's also a bright pink bunny onesie and it's now the only clothing you own, so you have to wear it when you go out for groceries too. I wish I could upgrade my PC so SL would perform better in busy clubs.
  3. Are you using Firestorm? Taking high-resolution (bigger than your screen size) pics? If so, I'd guess it's that Firestorm tiling bug, can be fixed by either taking pics at the same resolution as your screen, or by switching to a different viewer.
  4. Wasn't your fault, I just wasn't familiar with anything from Minecraft in the last 15 years or more.
  5. Wow, that's pretty impressive. I haven't looked at Minecraft in about 15 years so I had no idea they'd done all that stuff. Is the Genus head really that much better than Catwa? Though I'm seeing a difference in the face shape, I'm not really seeing any difference in render quality compared to Catwa.
  6. I think I need to stay far, far away from this thread. It's too depressing.
  7. Oh I hope it's not really like Minecraft at all...! 😲
  8. My guess, based on my experience so far, is that items are added in the order you wore them when you saved the outfit. I have outfits saved with numerous tattoo layers, and when I switch to that outfit, the layers always add in the correct order. For attachments like mesh or prims, it doesn't matter what order they're added.
  9. Maybe try for a redelivery then, could be that the one you have has been broken during a teleport or something. You can still pick up a fresh copy from the group notices. If it still doesn't work, please post here exactly what steps you are doing.
  10. The face skin will have a brand name, likely in the picture somewhere, or in the title of the item being sold. That will tell you what store it originated from. You'll most likely be able to purchase body skins from the same store.
  11. If you buy the Genus Omega installer from Omega Systems, and also pick up this little gadget... https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Omega-Add-Ons-Applier-Tools/10734638... you can make the eyes BOM as well. That's what I've done with mine.
  12. From my top window I see the birds are flying Above empty streets
  13. I think SL's theme song is this one:
  14. Disco-schmisco. 80s rock is where it's at.
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