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  1. I don't know about paddle-boats, but swimming from the coast of Jeogeot up to the last region in the channel at Salt Breeze took me just under half an hour. And god, it's boring under there (the pic above was taken somewhere else; it does NOT look like that in the new channel).
  2. Matty Luminos

    Not in Second Life

    These pictures all remind me of the Scottish Highlands, or the Lake District in England. Then again, all your houses remind me of that too.
  3. Matty Luminos

    The Home and Garden thread

    Whilst waiting for the new Linden Homes to come available, I snagged one of the old ones, and I picked the Japanese theme. Following on from some of the suggestions in the SSP thread about making modifications to the interior of the home, I did the same with this one. This is how it starts; just an empty square box. So I added a dividing wall and a loft bedroom, and ended up with this. Living area facing the new dividing wall, with kitchen & dining area at the back. Bathroom, would you believe I managed to fit my massive hot-tub in here? Bedroom is in the loft
  4. Matty Luminos

    How does your avatar look today ?

    Dressed (or undressed?) for a pagan/fae Spring Equinox party. Wings are from Faeline, flower tattoo from Natti, flower belt is a gacha item made by Caverna Obscura, silks made by me.
  5. Matty Luminos

    How does your avatar look today ?

    Fixing up my shiny new, but temporary, Linden Home while I wait patiently impatiently for the new ones...
  6. Matty Luminos


    Sailing, Billijo, SAILING! Having a houseboat will (probably) be the only way to rez a sailing boat to make use of all that lovely water.
  7. Matty Luminos

    What Happened to the World?

    The Firestorm Wiki has a page about this, including how to fix it if you're on a non-EEP viewer https://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/fs_eep_issues To be fair though, I'm also on a non-eep viewer and the sky looks nothing like that for me, even on Estate Time on regular mainland. This is Stillman, using regional default settings at about noon. Nothing wrong with that - I suspect there's something else going on with your system there.
  8. Matty Luminos

    Linden Homes Preview

    @Patch Linden totally needs to use these pics as promotional material (assuming you'd let him). They look awesome.
  9. Matty Luminos

    What are you listening right know.

    A friend introduced me to this band yesterday; The Hu are a Mongolian metal band featuring throat-singing and traditional Mongolian instruments.
  10. Matty Luminos

    Please let us see bots.

    This thread needs kittens.
  11. Matty Luminos

    Premium membership

    Provided that you downgrade your account on the website before cancelling payments, you don't get blocked. You only get blocked if Linden Lab are expecting to take payment from you, and fail.
  12. Matty Luminos


    Twelve years in SL and I didn't know this until today.
  13. Matty Luminos

    Linden Homes Preview

    It won't matter if that one particular design is too small, (clearly at least one of the others isn't). The control panel in the mailbox allows you to choose which of the four houses you want on your parcel, and anyone who doesn't like the tiny one can rez one of the others instead.
  14. Matty Luminos

    Conversation wtih Dance.

    haha I've been doing this for years. You never notice how many shades of black there are until you have a drawer full of black socks from different places.
  15. Matty Luminos


    But presumably we can only rez the car on our own parcel; how do we then get it out of the parcel and onto the road? It doesn't seem like they would fit through the gate.