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  1. friendships all one of a kind old style loyal partnership thought exploring guidelines first time conversation ALL...the ones you missed..in case you had a point to make ?..I'll come back later to check on your answer still about those you outlined and hopefully to the rest...as they were all put together under one roof..smiles to you politely...and adds ( Hi..how are you ? )
  2. I never said..it was the only approach I used...there are many more I know that and I use them in the appropriate place with the appropriate person that I ((intend)) on following up on a different road..shying away from a simple ..yes simple Hi ..how are you ?
  3. because it's pretty much the same "Hi -> Flirt/Intimate Question" routine. Same for any adult themed stores. I don't agree with the word [Hi }and having it associated with flirting ...please for goodness make a different between it.
  4. Thank you for your comment ..all have weight to them now and will for long times ahead.It makes complete sense to me everything you mentioned. I will be adapting it to my NEW way of interacting with people in second life..Thank's again..I hope you continue to enjoy second life and with your friend also...smiles
  5. I believe this is the first answer to a long conversation about a ..Hi ..how are you ?...I have ever seen...I MUST SAY..you have put a smiles on my face and made me truly laugh out..all in a good way..very refreshing what you have written ..and MOST of ALL..strait to the point..Thank you very much for the excellent eye opener I needed to try and get across with all the rest of what I've written on this subject...I honestly never thought much about Blogs before..but believe me now ..I will remember this one for ages to come..thanks for the cheering up and graceful interpretation on your understanding about this whole ..Hi ...How are you...smiles**** and still laughing.
  6. I see that some confusion came out of this subject due to the way I have written my thought/question/interrogation I had on this subject...I have not explained myself properly witch has lead to some confusion..I may not have the "perfect words "as many of you have..I missed some finesse to what I posted...I appreciate that you have answered back to me. I also have difficulty to answer a simple [ how are you ] because mostly in this fast paste world called sl..many don't really want to know How You Are..there just being polite to ask...I come from a background that has instated in me ..don't ask if you don't care to know...so when people ask ..how are you ? and i'm down in the dumps ..I want to be able to tell them exactly how I feel...I see where your coming from on that matter...maybe it could be a whole different subject to talk about in a different Blog..laughs...this was my first blog ever..I'm glad I've lives through it to still be alive to have had the opportunity to speak with you. I see how kind heartted you are I kindly appreciate your honesty.
  7. Troll | Definition of Troll by Merriam-Webster https://www.merriam-webster.com › dictionary › troll 2 : a person who intentionally antagonizes others online by posting inflammatory, irrelevant, or offensive comments or other disruptive content Internet trolls In the late 1980s, Internet users adopted the word "troll" to denote someone who intentionally disrupts online communities.— Calling another a Troll to me is offensive ...please do show me after reading the meaning of TROLL...where and when you believe I have been all this to you and every other person here..thank you and do take care.
  8. I thank you for your thought on this subject and also appreciate your honesty.I have started a conversation with Hi and how are you cause there wasn't anything to be read in a profile...another time I did read the profile and without bombarding the person with full of questions I started with Hi ..how are you ? wanting to follow up with ..the reason I was messaging in the first place....and I was told by this woman ...do I have F... me written all over my forehead ? I stayed polite and excused myself from having messaged followed by ..I only wanted to know where in Canada you come from as I have lived their myself!..I didn't close the conversation right after she kinda told me to go F.. myself for the simple reason that I did understand and still do understand that many women will think Oh ! and he probably wants sex !!...I must say ladies that I have seen many woman who answered to this simple thought I had about "what women think " only with the thought of { if a man says Hi to me, immediately you think they all want to make love to you "..I find it somewhat sad that men and women have lost a connection between them without involving any sexual thoughts to it.Yes I ..... said.... both.. Men and Woman/not only women. I do apologize to all of you for the bad experiences you may of had from all the jerks in and out of Second Life...smiles to you all..without thinking of nothing more then a smile to you all.
  9. True ..I do agree with you..local chat could be better..but when your in a sim with many people around and local chat is non stop boiling up and I want to talk to person next to me ,I felt it was easier to send an IM..I guess maybe I'll continue in the local chat in the near future seeing that it could be seen as you put it...thank you for that suggestion.🙂
  10. If I understand what your saying ..and please do correct me if I'm wrong..your saying you have never opened up a conversation by saying Hi..how are you ?
  11. Let's admit though that a conversation does start with a nice HI ..followed by How are you ?..can we agree on that..smiles
  12. yes ..I can imagine that...smiles...that's where I find it hard to chat with people here in sl...I like chatting and getting to know people from all around the world and especially the different culture
  13. May I ask you something seriously here...if you meet someone in sl...do you start your conversation with ...Hi im not after you for sex but I simply wanted to start a simple get to know you conversatios ?
  14. I do have to admit to your saying ..on it doesn't matter if I was with my partner or not...but it matters to me ..cause I have the most respect for my partner and would never do such a thing...call me old fashion I guess
  15. When my friend asked me to join sl ..he said once you join ..you will crave for it more...silly thought came to my mind as I was choosing a name..that's how I came up with Krave4it...I tried Krave4it simply with that thought in mind...smiles..thanks for asking..it was kind of you to want to know the definition behind the name.
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