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Found 19 results

  1. People flooding the land forum with weekly thread bumps makes the forum unread tab unreadable. I'm not in the market for land. I don't want to see all this. Please make it stop.
  2. New trend ... using a bot to scape a list of IM targets from a group membership, and then deliberately messaging while they are offline. Reporting the offender is a waste of time presumably because LL believe you can prevent this by turning off IM->email for everyone or don't understand the limitations of blocking an avatar. This is now happening at least once per day. SL is now is an email spam platform.
  3. I get spam every single day from a gaming region that I have never visited. I've never heard of the place until I started receiving it, I never signed up for it, and I can't find a way to make it stop. It's in the form of a text message in local chat which appears to be from an object. I can't select it in chat to block it, I can't identify the owner, and when I try to visit the place where it comes from (as listed in my email), to find a subscriber machine that I can unsubscribe from, I do not have access. I have never used any gaming region and I have no desire to do so. I have tried IMing the land owner but without success. Is there anything I can do or am I just stuck with it?
  4. When you block an object (or person), it/they should not be able to get its crap into your chat box, and it should be banned to find a way around a block like that. A pair of merchants share a bot that spams me by inserting text into my chat box however it is done; and it's more feeling angry that they can do that when blocked than the actual content, which can be ignored. But I get angry that they can do it because I don't want to get their ads, have blocked the object and its owners, and they still get their ads for items into my chat box. I've used the abuse form, and LL seems not to do much, though I do come on and see messages "X has been added to the block list" so perhaps they are trying to help me keep the spam out. But they still get their ads into my chat box, and really, finding tricks to communicate in any way around a block should be a bannable offense. If I want to hear from a merchant, I'll join their group and read their notices, and I do. Getting ads into someone's chat box unsolicited, or any other way around a block, should be banned and/or made impossible.
  5. Has anyone received spam email notifications Message from Second life this object has sent you a message- access denied cause you are out of range. My friend is getting these continuously with multiple collars that he has never had access to and is not trying to access. Just wondering how to stop this. Or is it an issue with the collars?
  6. I don't know about anyone else, but getting flooded with inventory offers and scripted IM's from stores (half of which I have never purchased anything from) is really aggravating. It seems to get slightly worse after every event I visit. Can we have some enforceable rules governing unsolicited commercial messaging sent via the SL service added to the ToS please. Existing abuse report option for "Repetitive Spam" is vague and seems to be unenforced, probably because it's impossible to correctly report.
  7. Why does this get by? With many previous users coming back into SL, it's a pure shame that this kind of stuff happens in Event Search! How does this get by? Come on LL, please fix search.
  8. Hallo everyone! - but especially SL experts who can actually help with this topic! Since Feb, 2008 my inventory has been reporting this problem: every now and then my avatar would receive a "New Pant" item, wearing it at log in. Basically, a "New Pant" is randomly created while I'm offline, it appears in "Lost and Found" folder, and it is worn on my avatar while offline. It does not happen every time I log inWorld, but it is somehow annoying and I've decided to take action. I've found no issue like that posted in any of the recently opened Forums, so hopefully this topic will have some followings. How can I do to remove this spamming pajama from my avatar? Does anybody else has the same issue?
  9. Hello everyone, something odd just happened to me. I recieved an object, more precisely one of those invitations you wear and they give out a landmark. I usually recieve that kind of item when I hit the subscribers in an in-world store, I'm sure you know what I mean. Now, the odd thing is, this object/invitation comes from some club owner my daughter knows in-world, but how did this guy got my name? We never met, my daughter never mentioned me, our profiles are not connected and our groups are private. My daughter recieved the same object and, like me, she didn't hit any subscriber on this guy's land. She mentioned he knows a very skilled scripter who did work for him, could it be that this person developed some subscriber that automatically adds the person, their friends or someone who uses the same computer to connect to SL? I mean, I totally understand if my daughter's name was added since she knows him. Not cool to add people without asking, but whatever. What about me, tho? I care about my privacy and that was kind of unsettling tbh.
  10. I visited a location, once. I now get object IM's, inventory offers of notecards and the same landmark over and over. Forever. There is no way to unsubscribe and stay unsubscribed.
  11. I've found my main and several of my alts added to a store subscriber kiosk, and now receive lots of spammy notices from the store owner on my accounts. I did not sign up for this, have never been to the store before, never purchased so much as a demo or freebie of theirs from the marketplace on any of my accounts, the stuff the store sells is terrible. I went to the store and found the kiosk and from the hovertext I can see there are literally thousands of names being sent notices but there is no way to unsubscribe. I guess I could send owner a notecard asking them to unsubscribe me but I just blocked them instead because it was faster and someone who conducts their business in such a questionable way may not care to remove me anyway. But anyway, as per the title, is the person doing this breaching the TOS in any way? Thanks.
  12. I set my browser shortcut to this forum as the Unread Content, like this: - https://community.secondlife.com/discover/118/?&view=condensed I much prefer this as I see what is new etc., rather than having to subsequently enter each section I am interested in. However, there are always threads from sections I really do not want to see, commonly the Land Forum, where a relentless barrage of spam-style land adverts are a constant. I have tried 'Ignoring' that particular user, but that doesn't work. Could someone share the technique/settings for a peaceful life within the Unread Content minus the ones I don't want?
  13. Right now, five of the "most popular" sims listed under "Destinations" are "skill gaming regions." An entire sim of slot machines. "Skill gaming". Yeah, right. Two floors of gambling machines. You can play Solitare for money here. L$150 per game. 3 entire sims of slot machines. Two for the general public, and a more exclusive area for high rollers. Is this the future of SL?
  14. Hi all, I have having a bit of trouble with other avatars who put listings on Marketplace and then use my brand name (and other brands) in their keywords to skew results. I checked the TOS carefully and it reads: Per TOS: "Keyword spam is the use of words (such as brand names, item names, or other terms) that have nothing to do with the item listed so that the listing will appear in search results. Keyword spam is not allowed because it clutters the SL Marketplace and makes buying and selling more difficult. In addition" so I duly flagged the items some time back (months not weeks from memory) for keyword spam as the products were not mine, nor any relation to my work or authorised by me etc. Anyway nothing happened for a long time, so I thought to raise a support ticket to ask them to check. They response I got was to flag the listings. I explained they are already flagged (so I can't reflag). Support then pasted again to flag the item and that they can't comment on the issue due to privacy concerns. I have now as a last ditch attempt asked if support can escalate to Dakota as I don't really know what else to do and I don't believe they understand (or more fairly are equipped to deal with this sort of support request). Have I approached this the right way? Or should I be doing a DMCA as technically my brand name is a copyright work product. Now this is where I start to think I should pay the 400 USD for the US trademark on the brand (it's 12 years old) as perhaps that would help? Bit confused - welcome any suggestions or whether really if you flag and it doesn't resolve it's just a write off.
  15. Events listings seem to be getting worse with spamming from the same clubs on a daily basis. It's useless to try to look for events these days due to all this spam. What happened? The lab used to be pretty strict on this issue but now it seems no one is minding the store.
  16. In general, my apathy towards all things here has continued to rise but I have a grease monkey script installed in firefox that shows the Marketplace keywords right there on the listing and it's just sad when you see respected merchants utterly spamming their listings with just about anything. Examples for completely different products from the same merchant:- Top: Keywords: sexy,top,sheer,beach,holidays,twisted,satin,folds,lycra,ruched,fun,metals,shiny,soft,lara.body,bust,gorgeous,breast,attractive,glamour,flirt,fashion,style,beautiful,seductive,pretty,erotic,50 shades, Bra: Keywords: sexy,top,sheer,party,holidays,valentines day,satin,,lycra,ruched,fun,metals,shiny,soft,lara.body,bust,gorgeous,breast,attractive,glamour,flirt,fashion,style,beautiful,seductive,pretty,erotic,50 shades Coat: Keywords: sexy,top,sheer,beach,holidays,twisted,satin,folds,lycra,ruched,fun,metals,shiny,soft,lara.body,bust,gorgeous,breast,attractive,glamour,flirt,fashion,style,beautiful,seductive,pretty,erotic,50 shades, Sweater: Keywords: clothes,clubwear,fashion,female,flashy,funky,hot,neon,outfit,block,print,seamless,sexy,stylish,teen,mesh,casual,chic,loose,off shoulder,country,top,sweater,pullover,color block, Shorts: Keywords: sporty,sport,skirt,fabric,zipper,gold,colors.colorful,nice,comfortable,shorts,fabric,jeans,denim Occasionally, they actually get a word in there that matches the product but other than that the rest is just utter spam. Any suggestion that all that has to be done is to flag the item for keyword spam is pointless because for most items, the MP created problem of multiple listings for different colours exists. So, you would have to go through a dozen listings and flag each one, for each product. Anyone got time to go through 1685 listings which is the number in the store? Maybe that's the solution to getting products DE-LISTED for keyword spam, just spam the MP with multiple items (variation in only the texture). I don't even suspect that most merchants do this deliberately, they're genuinely trying to get items returned in search but the above just illustrates how pointless keywords are. Consolidation of related listings should have happened a long time ago, maybe limiting each item to say 4 keywords would require merchants to focus somewhat more?
  17. How do I make the sender "Second Life Community" to stop sending me messages to my Gmail account? Each day, I get spammed with a lot of messages saying that a person posted on the forums. Those posts are not about me nor about people replying to me or anything. They are random posts that people create and say to other commentaires. I don't know how to make the sender stop sending messages and I don't want to spend the whole day deleting messages that never talk about me. I'm sure I didn't hit a subscribe button. Whenever I post in a new forum, I always check that switch telling me to "remind me of replies" in this community when someone posted something in one of my forums or replied to one of my posts. I didn't ask for "sending an email to my Gmail account." How do I fix this problem? How do I make Second Life Community stop sending things to Gmail?
  18. I cant see where to report spam Maybe they dont need us to report?
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